Chapter 1520 - Spirit Soul!

Chapter 1520 - Spirit Soul!

The cultivators of the Cloud Sea arrived!

Tens of thousands of cultivators, countless rays of red light. Mortals couldn’t see this, only the cultivators that were participating in this battle could, and it was an unforgettable scene!

Some mortals might be lucky to see a meteor shower in their hundred years of life. However, at this moment, the cultivators of the Cloud Sea were 100 times more spectacular than a meteor storm as they rushed over!

It was impossible to see the face of each cultivator, but one could feel their determination to die and their will to protect the Cloud Sea!

At this moment, the unbreakable heavenly mountain was before them, and it would have to retreat and tremble!

Glory to the Cloud Sea!

At this moment, these five words became alive! This became an aura of the Cloud Sea! It was tragic but blood-boiling!

No one could remain unaffected by this aura. Even if they were evil and vile, if there was a trace of sentiment toward their hometown, this sentiment would be amplified indefinitely and their blood would boil!

Master Hong Shan arrived in his red robe, his expression solemn. Although the golden storm from Daoist Water had been devoured by the Nether Beast, preventing the Realm Sealing Formation from being destroyed, his mentality had changed at that moment. The war had already begun in his mind, and he had been prepared to fight to the death ever since!

Although the battle against the Outer Realm had suddenly begun,Master Hong Shan wasn’t scared at all. He walked forward with a smile!

There was an unspeakable haughtiness and majesty in his laughter. It contained the fearless aura of a third step cultivator!

There was also Master South Cloud. This person was very mysterious, and Wang Lin didn’t know much about him. However, at this moment, his eyes were cold and he quickly arrived with Master Hong Shan!

All of this happened in an instant. The moment the Cloud Sea cultivators arrived, Wang Lin was facing a great crisis. This danger didn’t come from the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor, but from Esteemed Nan Zhao, who was at the Spirit Void stage!

The gaps between the four Void Realms were great. Not only could a Spirit Void cultivator use more Joss Flames, they could use the Joss Flames to form their own spirit!

In truth, the power of Joss Flames was also called Nirvana Power in the first Void Realm!

Nirvana Power, the power of nirvana, was endless and thus formed endless Joss Flames! Nirvana Void cultivator controlled the Nirvana Power inside Joss Flames to use various heaven-shaking spells!

Spirit Void. This stage was an evolution of the soul. Anyone who reached the Spirit Void stage would undergo a change where their soul would fuse with their origin soul. Their origin soul could no longer be called an origin soul, it would become a spirit soul!

Similarly, the Joss Flame realm would fuse with their soul, becoming one with them! Of course, there were some cultivators, like Miao Yin, that didn’t do this due to special reasons. This was why Wang Lin and Great Desolation had the great fortune of robbing a portion of his Joss Flames!

As a result, in the bodies of Spirit Void cultivators, the Nirvana Power would transform into a spiritual force!

This spiritual force was very different from the spiritual energy of first step cultivators. It involved converting the Joss Flames into Nirvana Power, then fusing it with their will, and finally changing their origin soul into their own world. The Joss Flame souls would become the residents of this world, and they would give birth to this spiritual force!

That is to say, each Spirit Void cultivator was like a world! They were each their own separate worlds!

A blow from a Spirit Void cultivator, even one at the early stage, was not something a Nirvana Void cultivator could handle. Although Esteemed Nan Zhao’s blow seemed simple, it contained his spiritual force. One palm was like a world smashing down on you!

At this moment, Esteemed Nan Zhao seemed to disappear from Wang Lin’s eyes. Everything, including the formation and all the cultivators, seemed to disappear without a trace!

It was as if he had been forcibly pulled into an illusion, into a world he had never seen before! Space itself was gone and there wasn’t a trace of anything!

The sky here was black and the earth was also black. A stench filled this area, and he saw endless people in black sitting on the earth. At a glance, these people were endless!

One hundred thousand, one million, ten million, one hundred million, one billion, ten billion!!

This world was boundless, and the amount of people in black was shocking!

These were Esteemed Nan Zhao’s Joss Flame souls, and this place was Esteemed Nan Zhao’s Joss Flame Realm!

The attack of a Spirit Void cultivator could take their target into their Joss Flame Realm. The Joss Flame Realm was fused with the Spirit Void cultivator’s soul, and this was where Joss Flames were created!

Wang Lin was shocked. After all, he didn’t know much about third step cultivators, especially the Spirit Void stage. Not even Ling Dong or Zhou Jin knew much about this. Unless one personally experienced it, no one could explain it!

Wang Lin even felt a hint of contempt for Spirit Void cultivators in his heart. After all, in the Outer Realm, he had met Dao Master Blue Dream and battled the Sovereign!

He had even worked together with Great Desolation!

However, at this moment, that hint of contempt disappeared without a trace. Wang Lin understood!

He was now inside Esteemed Nan Zhao’s Joss Flame Realm. The world rumbled and a giant palm appeared in the sky!

This palm was also black and gave off a stench. As the sky rumbled, the entire sky became the palm and smashed down on Wang Lin!

The earth trembled and buzzing sounds echoed. The countless people in black muttered toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin didn’t know what they were saying, but this sound caused a hint of irritation in his heart.

Saying this was all an illusion was both right and wrong!

What was right was that the cultivators from the Outer Realm still existed and were rushing in. The cultivators of the Cloud Sea were also rushing over!

Wang Lin’s body didn’t disappear; he was still floating there. However, the sharpness in his eyes was replaced with a void. Before him, the black firebird was closing in along with Esteemed Nan Zhao’s palm.

The palm became larger and larger in Wang Lin’s hollow pupils, until it was about to replace everything in his eyes and charge to the spot between his eyebrows!

What was wrong was that everything felt too real to Wang Lin. In Esteemed Nan Zhao’s Joss Flame Realm, he saw the palm that filled the whole sky descending upon him!

All of this happened in an instant!

It was impossible to dodge or avoid. The endless buzzing from the people in black caused Wang Lin to become restless. He also had the urge to sit down and chant with them!

This impulse became stronger and stronger and instantly reached a peak. This caused Wang Lin’s eyes to become bloodshot and the veins on his face to swell. At this moment, the palm was getting closer and closer, pushing a powerful pressure down on Wang Lin’s body.

It caused his white hair to flutter backward. Not it was less than 10,000 feet away!

“I am an ancient god, I am dao!” Wang Lin’s head jerked up and he waved his right hand. The ancient god gauntlet appeared. At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin chose to use this life-saving spell without hesitation!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, a giant ancient god appeared before Wang Lin and used its back to block the palm that was like the sky collapsing!

The sky collapsed and the palm descended. The black palm landed on the ancient god’s back!

A thunderous rumble echoed like crazy when the black palm landed on the ancient god’s back. The back collapsed but no flesh or blood scattered. The ancient god’s back continued to sink as if not even it could withstand it!

“How can I worship someone like you?!” Wang Lin roared with a fierce expression on his face. The ancient god holding him suddenly turned around and threw a punch!

Another thunderous rumble echoed when the ancient god’s fist collided with the black palm. A powerful shockwave spread and the black palm was knocked back 100,000 feet!

The ancient god seemed to let out a sigh and gradually dissipated. It turned back into a gauntlet on Wang Lin’s right arm. There was a cracking sound and several more cracks appeared on the gauntlet!

When the ancient god punch knocked the dark palm away, Wang Lin charged forward. He formed a fist and threw a punch as well! The phantom head appeared and fused with this punch!

“Break for me!!” Wang Lin’s body seemed to fuse with this punch. There was a flash of lightning and burning fire as he shot forward like a meteor. He collided with the dark palm once more!

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and the black palm trembled. Wang Lin’s body pierced through the center of the palm!

Wang Lin’s hollow eyes instantly recovered as if he had awakened. In truth, it had only been an instant. After he recovered, his face turned pale and he coughed out blood as he quickly retreated!

Esteemed Nan Zhao’s right hand trembled when it was less than 30 feet from Wang Lin. At this moment, blood came out of the center of his palm as if he had been hurt by something invisible. His eyes were filled with shock and his body was hit by a powerful force. He could no longer chase, and retreated a few steps away from the black firebird!

“What a powerful body!!!” Esteemed Nan Zhao’s expression was gloomy. He understood why this Wang Lin was ranked first in the must-kill list!

“He hasn’t even reached the third step, yet he could escape and fight back against my palm. If he reaches the third step, he will be extremely terrifying!! This child can’t be allowed to survive!!”

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