Chapter 152 - Carving a Bloody Path

Chapter 152 - Carving a Bloody Path

As the drop of golden blood floated out of Shang Guanmo’s forehead, it released a gentle glow. Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he reached out and grabbed the drop of blood.

After scanning it, Wang Lin swallowed it without any hesitation. The drop of blood was now inside his consciousness and surrounded by his Ji Realm. Right now, all he needed was one thought to kill Shang Guanmo.

Similarly, if Wang Lin were to die, then Shang Guanmo would die as well.

The soul essence blood is kind of like a restriction, only much more direct. Although a person’s consciousness looks sturdy, it’s actually very fragile. Once one holds too many drops of soul essence blood, it will cause one’s own consciousness to enter a state of chaos, resulting in unimaginable consequences.

Therefore, taking someone’s soul essence blood is only a temporary measure, and many cultivators don’t like doing so. After all, there are thousands of restrictions that do the exact same thing.

There is also another point: soul essence blood can only be extracted if the cultivator willingly gives it. Otherwise, unless one possesses a very powerful technique, it is impossible to force it out.

Shang Guanmo was also forced into a corner. He knew that Wang Lin wouldn’t easily forgive him and would most likely place some kind of restriction on him. The reason he pleaded for Wang Lin to accept him as a disciple was to simply give Wang Lin a reason to let him live.

But he could never have guessed that Wang Lin wouldn’t care at all. Only then was he forced to hand over his soul essence blood. Only after seeing Wang Lin accept the soul essence blood did his heart finally calm down a little.

Wang Lin coldly looked at him before turning around and coldly saiying to Mu Nan, “Continue to lead the way.”

After Wang Lin killed the first elder of the Fighting Evil Sect, he knew that he would have to wipe them out. If he had only killed a disciple, it wouldn’t have been an issue, but since he killed an elder, they will definitely come looking for him. He was no longer the naive village boy from back then; he had grown a lot.

All of the things that happened after he killed Teng Li taught Wang Lin many things. Since he already killed one, then he might as well kill ten. Since he already killed ten, then he might as well wipe out the Fighting Evil Sect.

Only by wiping out the entire Fighting Evil Sect can he prevent any more problems in the future. With this in mind, he grabbed Li Muwan and quickly flew forward. At the same time, the attraction force technique formed two large hands, grabbed Mu Nan and Mu Bei, and threw them forward.

The two brothers’ faces were pale, but they didn’t dare to complain at all as they quickly stabilized themselves and led the way with their heads down.

As for Shang Guanmo, he wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and quickly followed behind. He cursed bitterly in his heart but didn’t dare to show it as he was afraid that that fiend would think of killing him again.

“Death spell… the technique he used must be the death spell! To be able to master a technique as vicious as that, he isn’t simple.” Shang Guangmo kept measuring Wang Lin in his heart as he secretly looked at him.

Li Muwan felt a very complex emotion. She never thought that Wang Lin would really reach the Core Formation stage. He also proved what he had said the entire way so far.

“Against cultivators below the Nascent Soul stage, he is invincible.”

She felt like she was dreaming when she thought about the last several years she had spent in the Sea of Devils. Everything was just too different from what her normal life was before.

The Li Muwan from before she would only cultivate or refine pills. Whenever she went out, her brother would also go with her. With her brother around, there wasn’t any real danger.

Due to her talent in pill refining and formations, she was loved by the elders and was very popular in her sect. There were many people in her generation that chased her, but none of them had managed to make her heart move.

The first time she met Wang Lin, they mistook him for Sun Youcai and had a misunderstanding. Thinking about it now, if they had really fought back then, then not even her brother would have been his match. With her understanding of Wang Lin now, she knew that if they had fought, the only result would have been them being slaughtered by Wang Lin. Even her, with her beauty, would have died, as it wouldn’t have any effect on Wang Lin.

“He is a heartless person…” Li Muwan watched Wang Lin and sighed. After all these years, she knew that he wouldn’t have any perverted ideas about her. After all, in his eyes, she was only a pill furnace.

Li Muwan felt bitter in her heart. This bitterness became stronger and stronger until it spread across her whole body. Wang Lin frowned as he looked at Li Muwan and coldly said, “Don’t worry. Once I finish dealing with the matters here, I’ll return you to the Hou Fen Alliance.”

Li Muwan’s face became even paler as she bit her lower lip and nodded.

The two of them became silent. Soon, the two that were leading the way suddenly stopped. Their expressions were very gloomy and unsettling as more than one hundred cultivators’ shadows appeared from the fog before them. Each of them stared at the large, red “punish” above Wang Lin’s head. Greed filled their eyes, but within that greed there was a sliver of dread.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the group and calmly said, “Continue leading the way. If anyone dares to block our way, kill them!”

Shang Guanmo realized that this was his chance and that he must do a good job. He jumped out and landed before Mu Nan and Mu Bei. He smiled at them and said, “A group of trash Foundation Establishment cultivators. Listen well: anyone that dares to block our path will die!”

As they continued forward, all of the cultivators moved out of the way. None of them planned to act in the first place; they all just wanted to see what kind of person had activated the Ten Thousand Devil Hundred Day Kill Order.

The ten bodies trapped by the dragon tendon behind Wang Lin caused their bodies to shiver. Even if they wanted to act, they would hesitate after seeing those bodies.

However, the news of the Ten Thousand Devil Hundred Day Kill Order spread too fast. Soon, everyone within ten million kilometers of Nan Dou knew about it and started asking around. Gradually, more and more cultivators appeared in the sky.

Along the way, Wang Lin met these kinds of cultivators every now and then. Due to all the cultivators showing up, their speed was affected. Wang Lin became impatient. After seeing all the greed in their eyes, he wanted to kill them all.

There were also a lot of cultivators following behind them with ill intent.

Mu Nan and Mu Bei’s hearts trembled. Along the way, they met many people with higher cultivation level than them. Even some of the old guys who normally would never showed their faces were following behind them.

This caused them to become very unsettled. Forget them, even Shang Guanmo became nervous. If this were to continue, then it would start attracting the attention of cultivators outside of Na Dou’s area. After that, it would be hard to say whether or not a Nascent Soul cultivator would appear.

He felt very worried and secretly wondered why that fiend hadn’t started killing yet. If it was him, he would have started killing and used sheer power to suppress this situation. If more people gather, it will get complicated.

The countless cultivators surrounding them caused Li Muwan to feel a bit scared, but after looking at Wang Lin, she calmed down a bit.

Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder as he suddenly stopped and looked at the surrounding cultivators with a cold smile on his face. His cold voice spread out to the crowd surrounding them. “Anyone who is still here after three breaths will die!”

With that, he closed his eyes. After one breath, he opened his eyes. They were filled with red lightning. He switch from holding Li Muwan by her arm to her waist. With no time to enjoy that soft feeling, he suddenly charged backwards.

The Ji Realm Divine Sense spread out like crazy and a golden light shot out from his mouth that disappeared after a few flashes. This was the first time Wang Lin had began a large scale killing spree.

Killing Foundation Establishment cultivators within the range of the Ji Realm was as easy as crushing ants. After hearing countless miserable screams, the remaining cultivators became terrified and quickly backed away.

Eventually, a majority of the cultivators used up all of their spiritual energy to run, but before most would get far, there would be a flash of golden light and their heads would explode.

Wang Lin’s face was very cold and ruthless. As his cold gaze swept passed each cultivator, they would bleed out of their orifices and die miserably.

Every time a body fell from the sky, the dragon tendon behind him would make a new branch and bring the body back.

Wang Lin’s speed didn’t slow down. Instead, he became even faster. His main targets were the Core Formation cultivators. As for the Foundation Establishment cultivators, they were merely hit by the aftermath.

At this moment, none of the surrounding cultivators had any greed left in their heads. The greed had been replaced with terror. With every kill, the word “Punish” became a bit more red until it was like a bright candle in the darkness. It was so red that it looked like it could bleed.

In addition to all of this, all of the escaping cultivators were terrified of the golden light. Every time it appeared, someone would die a mysterious death.

In only one short hour, a majority of the escaping cultivators were killed by the crystal sword, and an unfathomable number of people had died to Wang Lin’s Ji Realm.

There were already more than 1,000 corpses entangled in the dragon tendon behind Wang Lin. The tendon was like a cape of death flowing behind Wang Lin.

At this moment, in the fog 1,000 kilometers away, stood seven or eight old demonic cultivators. None of them talked, but the dread in their eyes became more and more apparent.

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