Chapter 1518 - Can’t Retreat!!

Chapter 1518 - Can’t Retreat!!

The location of the first battle against the Inner Realm was the Cloud Sea Star System!! The location they were going to break through was exactly where Wang Lin was passing by!

The trembling of the Realm Sealing Formation transferred into the Inner Realm. Wang Lin clearly saw the net that was the formation became chaotic, as if a power was trying to pierce through!

Seeing this, Wang Lin’s expression changed greatly!

At this moment, the Inner Realm wasn’t ready for battle, and the Seven-Colored Realms had not been found. But the war was here. Wang Lin could immediately tell that the strange change to the formation was the Outer Realm using various methods to tear open the formation!

The Realm Sealing Formation was a double-edged sword! It sealed the Joss Flames from the Inner Realm so that the Inner Realm cultivators couldn’t compare with the culativators of the Outer Realm at all. It was equal to cutting off their roots!

However, it directly created a protective role; it was very difficult to enter or exit!

Just at this moment, the Realm Sealing Formation trembled violently as if the formation spirits were about to be extracted. This was even more clear from the Outer Realm!

However, Wang Lin didn’t have time to waste. There was no need for him to notify the others, as the other third step cultivators must have noticed this. However, he was the closest person here, and while he couldn’t stop them from breaking the formation, he had to prepare for the worst!

There was a flash of killing intent in his eyes. The killing intent he showed when he killed Daoist Water had dissipated a bit, but it surged once more here. His slaughter essence increased rapidly!

Kill! Kill anyone who invades!

This was a war, and there was no morality in this war!

He could leave right now, but he couldn’t!

This was an invasion, the invasion of his homeland. For his home, for his homeland, for the glory of the cultivators of the Inner Realm. Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot. He had killed throughout his life for himself, and only outside the God Sect did he finally feel the glory of being an Inner Realm cultivator!

This war would last for an unknown amount of time. Perhaps he would die, perhaps he would lose the chance to revive Wan Er, but right now he wasn’t fighting for himself but for his home!

For the sake of the greater good, he had to fight!! This was why Master Hong Shan had asked him if he was ready to battle to the death. This was war!

Wang Lin was prepared to die in battle!

Although this was sudden, he was from the Inner Realm. Even though the Inner Realm was filled with danger and schemes against him, he was still a cultivator of the Inner Realm!!

In his own home, it was survival of the fittest, but what did it all count as when facing an invasion?

This was for the greater good!

The fire of war was already at the door, and if he still thought only of his own gains and losses in this matter, then he didn’t deserve to be called a person! To be called a cultivator!

His slaughter essence increased like crazy as various moods flashed through Wang Lin’s mind. Just killing wasn’t enough; that wasn’t slaughter but mere butchering!

Real slaughter was killing with a reason. To resist like crazy for a certain ideal, or for people and things you want to protect!

This kind of slaughter was the source of this essence! It was not for one’s own lust, to rob others, or to kill for the sake of killing!

At this moment, Wang Lin gained enlightenment! He waved his right hand and ten million rays of sword energy appeared and flew toward the formation. Esteemed Ling Dong and Zhou Jin also appeared. It didn’t matter if they were willing or not, they had to listen to Wang Lin!

Even if they died, their souls had to listen to this order!

After the two appeared, Wang Lin’s right hand formed a seal and pointed above. Countless restrictions flew out and began to seal the area!

At the same time, Wang Lin waved his hand and the blood sword appeared with a monstrous blood light!

Under this blood light, Wang Lin waved his arm and his body was surrounded by a white light. He absorbed all the light to from the Light and Shadow Shield!

The nine-colored fire in his left eye formed a storm that was ready to erupt!

The thunder tattoo in his right eye started rotating rapidly and thunderous rumbles echoed!

Fight, fight, fight!!

Since he had encountered them, he would battle the 100,000 invading cultivators from the Outer Realm!! Wang Lin stood there like a battle god!

His flowing, white hair and his fluttering, white robe made his figure look infinitely large!

A sense of glory slowly spread from his body, the glory of being an Inner Realm cultivator!

The Realm Sealing Formation seemed to turn into a giant well in the eyes of the Outer Realm cultivators. A force was coming from the Ancient Star System, and it wanted to fish out the souls inside this well!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the formation trembled violently and the formation spirits all appeared, ready to launch a counter attack. However, at this moment, an ancient voice came from the giant, black palace!

“Break the formation!”

After this voice appeared, the world trembled. The crystal sword shot out with a shocking howl and the surrounding treasures all charged out with it.

It wasn’t just one person trying to break this formation, but the full force of six people. Two celestial imperial concubines, three third step powerhouses, and the Sovereign!

The moment the formation’s soul was about to be pulled out by the Sovereign and the formation spirits appeared to attack, these five treasures rushed in. They launched a frenzied attack on the formation spirits!

Lightning-like silvers appeared all over the formation, turning the entire formation into a lightning formation. The endless silver snakes gathered to form a lance filled with endless lightning power that shot toward the crystal sword!

The resulting thunderous rumbles were heaven-shaking. When the crystal sword collided with the lance, endless Joss Flame power rushed out to resist the lance!

As the sword and lance fought, there was a flash of purple. The monstrous, purple light filled the stars. Both the Inner and Outer Realms could clearly see it!

Within this purple light, a giant whip formed. When it lashed out, popping sounds echoed and it shot toward Dao Master Blue Dream’s zither string!

The two closed in and began to collide violently!

After the purple light, there was a red light that spread out like fresh blood. Waves of miserable roars filled with indescribable pain spread out as well. A nine-headed meteor hammer suddenly appeared!

As the nine heads shook, the hammer seemed like it was going to shatter space itself, and it shot toward the nine pedals!

Just as the red light appeared, a monstrous heat wave washed over the formation. A large chariot formed and an extremely hot aura spread out!

This was a giant catapult. The moment it appeared, it gave off an earth-shattering aura. There was a monstrous flame on its arm that was hot enough to burn anything, and it suddenly launched it forward!

It shot toward the three-pupil eye made of ice!

Behind the chariot, there was a flash of darkness that seemed to devour all light. A giant staff silently appeared!

This staff was covered in thorns and was stained with large amount of black blood. It gave off a fierce aura and shot toward the three ghosts formed by the imperial celestial concubine’s three drops of blood essence!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The entire Realm Sealing Formation rumbled violently. Wang Lin’s pupils shrank, but his expression was fierce!

The war had begun!!

The Realm Sealing Formation trembled as the formation spirits appeared one by one, and soon the rest all appeared. However, just as they appeared, the mysterious power coming from the Ancient Star System formed a hand and pulled up!

The Realm Sealing Formation trembled and the soul that that was born in the formation over tens of thousands of years was pulled out. This soul was invisible, but the cultivators outside could feel its ancient aura!

The soul was extremely large. As it was pulled out, it seemed like this mysterious power couldn’t withstand it. It only lifted it a few feet before it weakened!

A sigh echoed across the Ancient Star System. The mysterious force suddenly tore to the side! A thunderous rumble echoed and a gap was ripped open in the soul!

The moment this gap appeared, a crack appeared on the Realm Sealing Formation!

The appearance of this crack seemed to cause the Realm Sealing Formation to stop. The moment it stopped, an ancient and hoarse voice echoed across the stars.

“This old man has done his best…”

After he spoke, the five treasures fighting the five formation spirits trembled at the same time!

In the spatial crack filled with celestial spiritual energy in the Ancient Star System, there was a flash of coldness in the middle-aged woman’s eyes as she stood on top of the mountain. Her hands formed a seal and she softly said, “Explode!”

In the Blue Silk Clan, on top of Mount Blue, Dao Master Blue Dream looked at the hairpin in a daze. He raised his right hand, formed a seal, and he helplessly said, “Explode!”

In the extreme west part of the Ancient Star System, on the nine frozen planets, the boy raised his right hand and muttered, “Explode!”

In a spatial crack filled with celestial spiritual energy, a woman in red was sitting on a continent. Her eyes shined and she revealed a smile that wasn’t a smile as she softly said, “Explode!”

Outside the Realm Sealing Formation, inside the Heaven Punishment Palace, a roar echoed out!


There were five treasures, and each of these treasures alone could cause a catastrophe. At this moment, they all exploded inside the Realm Sealing Formation. The destructive force entered the crack and began to tear it open, causing both the Inner and Outer Realms to tremble!

A large gap was opened in the Realm Sealing Formation for a brief period of time!!

The war had begun!

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