Chapter 1516 - First Battle in the Inner Realm!

Chapter 1516 - First Battle in the Inner Realm!

The sound was like a wave that spread out across the God Sect. It became even louder and louder until it was earth-shattering!

Wang Lin looked at the cultivators before him and remained calm. After he returned, he knew that since he had obtained the inheritance of the Lord of the Sealed Realm, he would have to continue its tradition!

He felt the glory of the Cloud Sea from before. He clasped his hands at everyone as he silently pondered.

Esteemed Ling Dong and Zhou Jin returned to standing behind Wang Lin. Zhou Jin had a complicated expression and there was shock in his eyes. He didn’t expect Wang Lin to have such a noble status in the Inner Realm!

“Lord of the Sealed Realm…”

Esteemed Ling Dong’s thoughts were the most simple. He had been completely refined by Wang Lin, and the seal was ingrained deep within him. He calmly looked ahead.

“The Summoned River Star System’s Zhou De greets the Lord of the Sealed Realm!” The old man in black bitterly smiled as he clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

“The Summoned River Star System’s Cloud Edge greets the Lord of the Sealed Realm. What happened earlier was a misunderstanding, I hope the Lord of the Sealed Realm won’t mind.” The middle-aged man smiled bitterly as he clasped his hands.

“This old man is Master Hong Shan. I had an agreement with the Lord of the Sealed Realm. Now that you have killed that slave and saved the Cloud Sea, you’re qualified to be this generation’s Lord of the Sealed Realm! However, the Outer Realm’s invasion is imminent, and it will be difficult to resist with our strength, but we have to fight! You have two third step cultivators with you and your own strength, but it’s still not enough!

“Since you are this generation’s Lord of the Sealed Realm, are you ready to battle to the death with me and the entire Inner Realm?” Master Hong Shan’s eyes were like lightning as he looked at Wang Lin and gave off a pressure comparable to Dao Master Blue Dream’s.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then nodded.

The old man from the Corpse Sect slowly said, “This old man is Master South Cloud. I heard from fellow cultivator Hong Shan that you went to the Outer Realm. How is the strength of the Outer Realm?”

Time slowly passed, and the cultivators of the God Sect gradually scattered. The Cloud Sea returned to their intense war preparations.

Master Hong Shan and Master South Cloud became silent after hearing everything Wang Lin said. There was worry in their eyes. The strength of the Outer Realm was greater than what they expected.

“By trapping Great Desolation and two of the five masters of the Ancient Star System, you have contributed greatly to this war! If you hadn’t, the battle against the Outer Realm would be even more difficult!” Master Hong Shan sighed.

“This Nether Beast seems a little different from my memory. It has devoured the golden storm, so you should observe it more. That golden bell was obviously sent by the Ancient Celestial Realm for this battle, but it was destroyed by Daoist Water!”

“Also, there are the Seven-Colored Realms that Master Lu Fu mentioned. Since you asked, you can take care of the one in the Alliance Headquarters in the Brilliant Void Star System. As for the rest, we will search for them carefully and destroy them!” Master South Clouth said with a heavy tone.

“As for Tai Aluo, half of your seal can be released. Once the war with the Outer Realm is finished, the other half can be released!” Master Hong Shan’s gaze fell on the barefoot man.

Tai Aluo frowned. After pondering a bit, he nodded.

Wang Lin clasped his hands at everyone and then looked at Mu Bingmei, who was cultivating inside the distortion. He then put away the Nether Beast, Ling Dong, and Zhou Jin before leaving.

As he stepped forward, he didn’t stop outside the God Sect before he left. However, as he left, his divine sense spread out across the world.

“The God Sect was created by the last Lord of the Sealed Realm. I’m this generation of Lord of the Sealed Realm. I order the God Sect to listen to Mu Bingmei. I give Mu Bingmei the position of the God Sect’s sect master!

“The cultivators of the Origin Sect will merge into the God Sect!”

“As the Lord of the Sealed Realm orders!” the cultivators in the God Sect replied when they heard this.

The dissipated fog gradually reappeared, but it wasn’t as dense as before. It couldn’t hide the Realm Sealing Formation that had appeared after the golden storm swept by!

This formation was like a net, and it could be seen by every cultivator.

Wang Lin appeared among the stars and silently walked forward. Killing Daoist Water had settled a big matter in his heart. Right now he was going to go home!

Looking at the direction of his hometown, Wang Lin’s face gradually softened. Neither Allheaven nor the Cloud Sea were his home. He only had one home, and that was the Brilliant Void Star System!

“Senior Brother Qing Shui, I didn’t have the strength to save you before, but now I have come!” Wang Lin stepped forward and charged toward the Brilliant Void Star System!

However, just at this moment, a shocking change occurred int the ancient star system!!

Outside the Realm Sealing Formation, a ray of shocking sword energy was rushing toward the star domain that was being occupied by the remaining members of the Moon Clan!

Before the sword energy closed in, a thunderous rumble echoed. It was heard by all the members of the Moon Clan branches.

When they raised their heads, the sword energy exploded and surrounded the area. An ancient voice echoed across the world.

“The Sovereign Council summons all of the Moon Clan members to gather at the eastern part of the Realm Sealing Formation for the first battle against the Inner Realm!”

All the cultivators in the Moon Clan were shaken. After a moment of silence, a roar echoed across the entire clan. They had waited a very long time for this day!

Ancient Star System, Heavenly Soul Clan. At this moment, the same ray of sword energy arrived and that ancient voice echoed.

“The Sovereign Council summons the Heavenly Soul Clan to gather outside the Realm Sealing Formation for the first battle against the Inner Realm!”

“The Sovereign Council summons the Tai Cloud Clan for the first battle against the Inner Realm!”

“The Sovereign Council summons the remnants of the Fire Sparrow Clan to gather at the eastern part of the Realm Sealing Formation for the first battle against the Inner Realm!”

“The Sovereign Council summons Demon Dragon Clan to gather at the eastern part of the Realm Sealing Formation for the first battle against the Inner Realm!”

More than 10 Ancient Star System clans received the summon of the Sovereign Council at the same time, and they all moved out!

“This old man, the Sovereign Council’s Master Enlighten East, will oversee the first battle against the Inner Realm!” 

“This old man, Esteemed Nan Zhao, will oversee the battle with Master Enlighten East!”

“The Sovereign Council’s Grandmaster Yun Luo will be the strategist of this battle…”

The last line echoed across the entire Ancient Star System and fell into the ears of every cultivator in the Ancient Star System. This caused the entire Ancient Star System to be filled with battle intent.

“Slaughter your way into the Inner Realm and kill all living things inside!! Let those ants in the Inner Realm know the might of the Ancient Star System. Let those ant-like cultivators know the true might of the Ancient Star System!”

“The ant-like cultivators in the Inner Realm are extremely cruel and are without salvation. We must use slaughter to enlighten them of the truth!”

“Slaughter your way into the Inner Realm!”

“Slaughter all the ant-like cultivators!”

“Steal all treasures. Only winning matters. In this battle, anything you take belongs to you!”

“Reopen the Ancient Star System ranking!! The top 1,000 can receive the fortune of the Ancient Celestial Realm. The top 100 can become the disciples of the celestial concubines. The top 10 can each control a realm!

“The top three, if they are third step cultivators, will be given 10 rank 3 dao spirits each! If they are not third step cultivators, they will become disciples of the Sovereign!

“In accordance to the ancient agreement, the rank 1 person can become a cultivation couple with the celestial princess!! And will be named the Celestial Sovereign!”

These messages echoed across the Ancient Star System, stimulating the cruel battle intent of the Ancient Star System. Low roars echoed within each clan, shaking the entire Ancient Star System!

For the scattered Ancient Star System that contained countless clans, the only reason to battle was to rob!!

Rob anything they like, rob anything they think they need, rob any female cultivators they fancy as cultivation furnaces! Rob! Rob! Rob!

“There is a person among the ant-like cultivators of the Inner Realm named Wang Lin. He slaughtered the Scattered Thunder Clan, destroyed a branch of the Moon Clan, and killed countless cultivators of the Outer Realm!

“When the Ancient Star System ranking opens, the must-kill list of the Inner Realm will also open. Whoever kills him will receive credit for killing ten thousand cultivators.”

“Kill, kill, kill, kill!”

As the roars for war echoed across the Outer Realm, the 13 clans summoned for the first battle gathered on the eastern side of the Realm Sealing Formation. There were nearly 90,000 cultivators present, and at a glance it was impossible to see any end. They all revealed cruel smiles as they stared at the formation before them. They were going to charge in the moment it opened!

There was a mark between each person’s eyebrows. Within this cruel killing intent, a strange aura began to appear. These 90,0000 cultivators’ blood began to boil and they gradually became agitated and crazy.

They were like fierce beasts that had been starving for a long time and were going to devour everything!

There were four people floating in the distance. The person in front was an old man wearing a daoist robe. His eyes shined and the mark between his eyebrows was a black snake!

Master Enlighten East!

Although he wasn’t one of the five masters, he was at the early stage of Arcane Void!

Beside him stood a young man. This young man was very handsome, but his eyes were narrow. When he squinted, they became lines that gave off a cold glint.

There was a layer of mist around his body, making him look strange. The mark between his eyebrows was a rotating black mist!

Esteemed Nan Zhao! Although his cultivation level wasn’t as high as Great Desolation’s, only early stage Spirit Void, his poison was as famous as Great Desolation’s!

Beside the two of them was the gloomy ancestor of the Fire Sparrow clan. He stared at the formation before him, revealing crazed killing intent!

Before the three of them was a woman wearing cloud silk. Her head was lowered. It was Grandmaster Yun Luo. Her hands were quickly moving as if she was divinating something, and there was a flash of worry in her eyes.

“I have to thank Grandmaster Yun Luo for figuring out that the third step cultivators of the Inner Realm have found out about the Seven-Colored Realms the Sovereign set up. However, how could the ants of the Inner Realm have figured out the real plan the Sovereign had set?” Master Enlighten East smiled.

Grandmaster Yun Luo raised her beautiful hand and slowly said, “The purpose of this battle is not to kill but to set down that transfer array, keep that in mind! In addition to that, Wang Lin must be killed as soon as possible; he can’t be allowed to survive!” 

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