Chapter 1514 - A Mantis Trying to Stop a Chariot!

Chapter 1514 - A Mantis Trying to Stop a Chariot!

The roar from the Nether Beast became even more intense and the fear in its eyes became even stronger. It was terrified. In its whole life it had never been stared at by so many people it was afraid of. These gazes made it tremble in fear.

With its dull mind, the Nether Beast felt like something was wrong. It was as if these people wanted to pierce it with their gazes.

After being frightened, its roar was like thunder and spread out far away. To others, it felt like a roar of anger, but in reality it was scared, really scared… If it was in the past, it would escape as fast as possible, but now that it had become Wang Lin’s life essence beast, it felt intimacy toward Wang Lin. Like how a child would rush into their parents arms when scared, the giant Nether Beast charged toward Wang Lin.

However, this action was extremely terrifying to anyone but Wang Lin. Even if they knew the beast’s personality, after seeing it devour the golden storm, they couldn’t help but feel fear.

Even those third step cultivators retreated in terror. However, envy and greed appeared in the eyes of some people.

“If this old man gets one of these beasts, my strength will increase greatly!” The old man in black from the Summoned River, Zhou De, stared at the Nether Beast and licked his lips.

“This Nether Beast devoured the golden storm… This… This seems different from the rumors! If this beast becomes mine, then…” There was a faint hint of greed in Master Cloud Edge’s eyes.

“With this beast by their side, even if one is not a third step cultivator, it is enough for them to become famous!!” The rest of the cultivators from the Ghost and Demon Sects all looked at the Nether Beast. While they were horrified by the beast, the beast also held great attraction for them!

“Life essence beast! This Wang Lin was actually able to take this beast… The Lord of the Sealed Realm’s choice was not wrong…” Master Hong Shan looked at the old man from the Corpse Sect.

As everyone retreated, only Wang Lin stepped forward, and his right and gently pressed down on the Nether Beast. The fear in the Nether Beast’s eyes gradually disappeared. It felt very warm at Wang Lin’s side, and even most if its fear dissipated.

In particular, the reassurance that came from Wang Lin’s mind settled its fear greatly. Like a little kitten, it used its giant head to gently rub against Wang Lin!

However, even this action was terrifying to the other cultivators. The Nether Beast was simply too large, and even though its actions were gentle, it was like a mountain bombarding you. When it landed on Wang Lin, a thunderous rumble echoed!

The power of this impact was extremely terrifying. The resulting rumble was no weaker than the full blow of a third step cultivator! It has to be known that back in Allheaven, even Wang Lin was pushed back by the full power of the Nether Beast. This shows just how strong the Nether Beast was!

Old man Zhou De from the Summoned River gasped. All his thoughts of having a fierce beast like this immediately dissipated without a trace.

“Although this old man’s body is not weak, it can’t withstand such force… If the fierce beast gets imitate like this often, then… won’t  I have to change my body often… This is not raising a fierce beast, but raising an ancestor!”

Master Cloud Edge’s eyes bulged and he took a deep breath. He hook his head with a wry smile and thought, “This old man can’t afford to raise this beast. If it became happy one day and hit me during battle, I…” Master Cloud Edge’s eyes were filled with terror as he thought about what would happen.

Not only those two, but everyone who felt greed for the Nether Beast was terrified. This shock was no less than when they saw the beast devour the golden storm.

“The impact from the Nether Beast is simply too frightening!!”

“If I had this beast, I wouldn’t live for long!”

“Only someone with Wang Lin’s powerful body would dare to raise this beast and dare to let it act like a spoiled child… This is simply too terrifying!”

The cruel reality immediately disintegrated all sense of greed and caused the surrounding cultivators to become sober.

With Wang Lin’s reassurance, the Nether Beast would no longer be afraid. Outside of Wang Lin’s expectations, now that it no longer felt fear, its strange habit would appear… It gently shook its tail, its expression turned ferocious, and it began to roar again. However, this time it was roaring at the cultivators that terrified it. Its roar combined with its fierce expression made it feel like it would rush out without hesitation as soon as Wang Lin gave the command!

Even more exaggerated was that a large amount of hair appeared on its smooth skin. This hair was supposed to be soft, but right now it was standing straight, giving it a powerful appearance.

Its eyes widened and its roar became even more intense as it stared at the other cultivators like it was angry! This was completely different than before, and even Wang Lin couldn’t help but be startled for a moment.

It also made the action of charging forward, but it was as if an invisible rope was holding it back, so it could not charge past Wang Lin and could only roar louder.

The appearance of the Nether Beast being angry was very frightening. At this moment, Daoist Water was filled with despair. He could have never expected that all his plans would fail due to this strange Nether Beast!

While everyone’s attention was attracted by the Nether Beast that had gone from timid to fierce, Daoist Water suddenly retreated.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Others might forget about Daoist Water, but he wouldn’t forget. Wang Lin took a step forward, and the world rumbled as he charged after Daoist Water!

Daoist Water’s eyes were filled with despair. As he retreated, his hands formed a seal and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. This blood was blackish purple, and a cold energy immediately spread out.

However, just as this cold energy spread out, an intense heat surged out as well. It continued to alternate between cold and hot until it formed a dark purple vortex that shot toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin closed in. The moment the purple vortex approached him, his right hand formed a fist and he threw out the second punch he had withdrawn earlier!

This punch was earth-shattering, and the giant, phantom fist collided with the purple vortex. A thunderous rumble rapidly spread across the Cloud Sea.

When the purple vortex touched the phantom fist, cracking sounds came from the fist and ice began to spread across it. In a flash, Wang Lin’s phantom fist was covered in ice, looking like an ice sculpture!

The moment the ice sculpture formed, the intense heat erupted from the ice. The heat was extremely powerful, so before the ice could melt, it shattered into pieces!

“Explode for me!!” Daoist Waster’s eyes were bloodshot as he retreated, and he let out a crazed roar.

Thunderous rumbles sounded once more and the ice collapsed. However, Wang Lin’s fist didn’t collapse and wasn’t blocked at all. It rushed toward Daoist Water with the power to destroy the world!

All of this happened too fast. In a flash, Wang Lin’s fist smashed into Daoist Water. The veins on Daoist Water’s face swelled up and he let out a roar that was almost a hiss. He raised his hand in an attempt to resist this punch!

However, as soon as his arms pressed against the giant fist, popping sounds echoed and his arms collapsed. As his flesh and blood exploded, even his bones shattered inch by inch!

He coughed out blood and felt an irresistible force coming from the phantom fist. Under this intense pain, his arms collapsed!

This scene was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. After his arms collapsed, Wang Lin’s phantom fist smashed into Daoist Water’s body.

His flesh and blood splattered everywhere and a miserable scream echoed. Daoist Water’s body collapsed just like Wang Lin had said!

His origin soul escaped before his body collapsed. He ran away like crazy with monstrous fear in his eyes!

Wang Lin floated in the air and watched with an indifferent gaze. He had waited a very long time for this, and no one could stop him! This battle had attracted too much attention. All the surrounding cultivators were watching them, and in their eyes, Wang Lin was like a battle god!

The white hair that fluttered in the wind along with the dancing white figure was something that everyone would find hard to forget in their entire lives!

“Daoist Water, you forced me to the brink of death when I didn’t have the ability to fight back before. Did you think that one day you would become like a homeless dog before me?

“This is karma! Now I’ll take you life!” The past resurfaced before Wang Lin’s eyes and he stepped forward filled with killing intent!

“You can’t kill me!! I’m the elder of the God Sect, I’m the third step cultivator of the Cloud Sea, I’m the slave of the Lord of the Sealed Realm! You can’t kill me!! I’ll achieve merit for the inner realm. I know information about the outer realm. If you let me go, I’m willing to become a slave!!”

Although Daoist Water was a third step cultivator, his heart was far worse. At the moment of life and death, he gave up all face and roared loudly, “I’m willing to become your slave, don’t kill me!!” 

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