Chapter 1513 - Golden Storm!

Chapter 1513 - Golden Storm!

However, all of this was too late!

Daoist Water had summoned the ancient celestial and was given the golden bell through a secret spell he knew that involved using the tortoise shell he had obtained from the Lord of the Sealed Realm. The aura of the Ancient Celestial Realm was something only he could sense when he summoned the ancient celestial.

As a result, everyone was surprised when he took out the bell to resist against Wang Lin’s punch!

Even Master Hong Shen and company wanted to rush over, but they were too late to stop it!

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. The appearance of this extremely rich celestial spiritual energy and the Realm Sealing Formation caused Wang Lin’s expression to become solemn. Although he didn’t know what it was, with his wisdom, he immediately was able to guess a few things.

At this critical moment, Wang Lin withdrew his hand without hesitation so his hand barely missed the golden bell!

“Explode for me!! Explode!! Explode!!” Daoist Water revealed a crazed look and coughed out blood onto the golden bell. Only he could control it, and right now he roared with all the hatred he had toward Wang Lin!

As he roared, the golden bell that wasn’t damaged trembled and shined brightly. A destructive aura spread out along with a sound that became increasingly more powerful!

Countless cracks appeared on the golden bell, and as the destructive aura spread, it exploded!

The bell that came from the Ancient Celestial Realm and could hold the Outer Realm off for 100 years suddenly collapsed!

Daoist Water was mad. His mad and twisted laughter echoed. A golden storm formed from the collapse of the golden bell and flew at Wang Lin!

Although the bell was fragile, the power inside it was unimaginable. Once it integrated with the Realm Sealing Formation, it would be enough to strengthen the formation that was like a double-edged sword to both sides, allowing it to last 100 more years!

However, right now Daoist Water was using all of this power to attack Wang Lin!

If this power exploded, forget Wang Lin, even the cultivator in black, Zhou De; the middle-aged man, Cloud Edge; Esteemed Ling Dong; Zhou Jin; all of the God Sect; and the entire Cloud Sea Star System would be destroyed!

No one would survive. Only the owner of the golden bell, Daoist Water, could remain unscathed!

This was Daoist Water’s madness, to bury the entire Cloud Sea to kill Wang Lin!!

“Who dares to kill me?! Who can kill me!?” Daoist Water’s laugh was crazy. He was qualified to laugh. As a third step cultivator, no one was weak! Although he hadn’t foreseen every step, he had a rough plan. He was going to explode the golden bell to destroy the entire Cloud Sea. He was sure that this golden storm would cause a great impact on the Realm Sealing Formation!

It was likely for a hole to appear in the Realm Sealing Formation. Then he could escape to the Ancient Star System. With his great merit, he could do as he wished in the Ancient Star System!

The golden storm rumbled. It was about to spread and collapse the entire Cloud Sea. All the floating continents trembled. This trembling was the sign of a star system collapsing!

The star fog had already scattered and the countless fierce beasts issued out mournful cries. They had gained intelligence and were aware that an irresistible force was about to erupt. No matter how powerful their bodies were, they would still be destroyed!

Many cultivations planets trembled. The countless mortals in the Cloud Sea would die in an instant!

All the cultivators’ faces turned pale. It was like the apocalypse, and their minds were completely blank!

Cracks tens of millions of feet long appeared all over the Cloud Sea. Even the Realm Sealing Formation trembled, and the formation spirits were about to appear!

All of this happened in an instant!

In the God Sect, the man in red appeared behind Wang Lin. He stepped forward and his hand landed on the monstrous storm.

Shortly after, opposite of him, the old man from the Corpse Sect in the Alliance also appeared. His expression was serious as his hand formed a seal and he pressed down!

Zhou De and Master Cloud Edge’s faces were pale. They ignored their battles and rushed over. Their hands moved like crazy in an attempt to stop this power from erupting!

Ling Dong and Zhou Jin also arrived under Wang Lin’s command. Six third step cultivators were going to attempt to stop this terrifying storm!!

“It’s useless, no one can stop me, none of you can stop it! You want to kill me? Not even that old man, the Lord of the Sealed Realm, could, and you guys can’t either!” Daoist Water laughed wildly. He was filled with excitement.

“Wang Lin, you want to kill me, but you have dragged down the entire Cloud Sea. Even if you somehow live, I want to see if no flaw will appear in your dao heart!! I want to see how you can stay in the Inner Realm!! You are the eternal sinner of the Inner Realm!!”

The Heaven’s Blight cultivators from the Demon Sect appeared. Their faces became pale and they were going to contribute their full force!

Inside the God Sect, even the elders that were on Daoist Water’s side all rushed over to desperately stop the explosion of the golden storm!

There was also Ta Aluo, who was floating there. His expression changed greatly as he pressed his hand down to resist this storm!

At this instant, the world distorted and the people of the Ghost Sect arrived. The Ghost Sect’s Esteemed Great Void had a gloomy expression and immediately joined everyone to resist the storm.

The moment Esteemed Great Void came, a monstrous demonic energy spread out and a giant face appeared in the sky!

This face was that of an ancient demon! Nine ancient demon stars appeared in his left eye and flew out. These nine stars spread out in nine directions and were attempting to seal this storm!

However, the golden storm was very difficult to control. Even with so many people acting at once, they could only watch this storm grow larger and larger!!

The old man from the Corpse Sect that was on the opposite side of Master Hong Shan said in a grim tone, “Master Hong Shan, give up the Cloud Sea…” 

Master Hong Shan didn’t speak. He clenched his teeth and cycled his essence energy like crazy, struggling to control the ballooning, golden storm! Everyone was being constantly pushed back as the storm intensified. It had already reached the point of no return!

If they didn’t leave now, there would be no chance to leave!

Wang Lin silently watched all of this. He had originally come to find Daoist Water for personal revenge, but as Daoist Water had said, this now affected the entire Cloud Sea. This price made Wang Lin ponder in silence!

“It shouldn’t be like this…” Looking at the rapidly expanding golden storm, Wang Lin pointed at the spot between his eyebrows.

“Forget it, forget it. Take away as many people as you can. The Cloud Sea… is finished… Once the Realm Sealing Formation is open, the war will begin!! But before that, I’m going to kill this Daoist Water!!” Master Hong Shan revealed a miserable grin knowing he could no longer resist this. He charged at Daoist Water!

Everyone else retreated bitterly. They knew it was over for the Cloud Sea!

The large amount of Cloud Sea cultivators and endless creatures were finished! From now on, there would no longer be four great star systems in the Inner Realm, only three… Wang Lin’s right hand slowly pointed to the spot between his eyebrows as everyone retreated, and the golden storm began to expand at a rapid pace now that the resisting force was gone!

“Nether Beast!” Wang Lin’s second ancient god star flashed rapidly and the sky suddenly darkened. A giant Nether Beast suddenly appeared!

The Nether Beast appeared to be in a daze as it stared at the golden storm. It was as if it was wondering what this thing was… The appearance of the Nether Beast immediately caught the attention of the surrounding cultivators! Even Master Hong Shan was shocked to see it. Not everyone had the time to pay attention to Wang Lin’s every move. No one here knew he had obtained the Nether Beast!

“Nether Beast, devour!!” Wang Lin waved his hand and let out a shocking roar as everyone retreated from the golden storm!!

The Nether Beast was still in a daze and it blinked as if it was slowly recovering. It slowly opened its big mouth, and at this instant, the large soul mouth appeared!

The soul mouth was large enough to devour the star domain. Under Wang Lin’s command, the mouth inhaled!

“The Nether Beast is useless here. It can devour the heavens and earth, but it can’t devour this golden storm!! This golden storm…” Daoist Water laughed like crazy, but his laughter suddenly stopped and fear appeared in his eyes!

The world trembled. The expanding golden storm was too small compared to the mouth of the Nether Beast. Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared at the Nether Beast devouring the golden storm!

After it swallowed, it actually chewed a few times as if it was savoring the aftertaste, then it stared at Wang Lin in a daze… The surroundings were completely silent, and everyone, including Daoist Water, wanted to see what kind of reaction the Nether Beast would have after devouring the golden storm containing unimaginable power.

Even Wang Lin stared at the Nether Beast. However, after a very long time, the Nether Beast still stared at Wang Lin in a daze. At some point, confusion gradually started to appear in its eyes. It didn’t understand why all these people that terrified him were looking at him like this.

Its body trembled and it was afraid… It was terrified… Its eyes were filled with fear. Muffled roars came from its body; it sounded like thunder shaking the world.

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