Chapter 151 - Ten Thousand Devil Hundred Day Kill Order (Teaser)

Chapter 151 - Ten Thousand Devil Hundred Day Kill Order

Wang Lin stopped. He glanced at the token before his cold gaze locked onto Qian Kun. After Li Muwan saw the token, she hesitated before taking a closer look and was startled. She said, “That is the Ten Thousand Devil Hundred Day Kill Order. I can’t believe the Sea of Devils has this kind of treasure. I have only seen it in ancient records.”

Li Muwan quickly explained the details of the token to Wang Lin. Her breathing was ragged by the time she was finished and there was a sense of dread in her eyes when she looked at the token.

Qian Kun was really afraid that Wang Lin wouldn’t recognize the token. If Wang Lin didn’t believe him and killed him anyways, it would be really bad.

However, after seeing the girl explaining it, he finally relaxed. He didn’t believe that there would be someone who would be willing to kill after learning of the effect of the kill order. He relaxed in his heart and said, “Fellow cultivator, what do you think of my proposal? Don’t be too stubborn. If you were to really kill me, you would be marked by the kill order...

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