Chapter 1508 - Despicable!!

Chapter 1508 - Despicable!!

In the God Sect of the Cloud Sea, the head elder, Daoist Water, was sitting at the top of the highest mountain on the planet. He had the appearance of a child as he sat there, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.  

There were four mountains around him. If one looked from the sky, they would see that these five mountains were like five fingers that pierced into the heavens!

Like the hand of a giant that wanted to extend out from the planet and crush the world.

Looking at the sky, Daoist Water’s expression was extremely gloomy and he felt a hint of uneasiness. After feeling Wang Lin’s aura, Daoist Water had a bad feeling. Back then, Wang Lin’s essences had brought him a great deal of shock. Now that he knew that Wang Lin was back, the shock in his heart was great.

In particular, Esteemed Ling Dong and Zhou Jin’s auras made him restless. He didn’t know the truth, but he had a guess. However, this guess was just too shocking, and not even he dared to believe it, he was unwilling to believe it.

“Damn it, this person’s luck is too good. I leaked the news of him going to the Outer Realm to Miao Yin, but he actually came back alive…” Daoist Water had a hideous expression and his right hand formed a seal. The world changed colors and the clouds scattered. A cloud flew toward him and turned into three cloud cranes.

These three cloud cranes had domineering auras and spread their wings. They circled around before Daoist Water.

Staring at the three cloud cranes, Daoist Water clenched his teeth and spat out blood. The blood split into three parts and entered each of the cloud cranes before they flew off in three different directions.

The cranes’ cries were heaven-shaking and broke through the world. They disappeared without a trace.

Looking at where the cloud cranes disappeared, Daoist Water pondered for a bit and still felt uneasy. His right hand reached at the void and another cloud flew toward him. This cloud turned into seven jades that floated before him.

Holding a jade, killing intent appeared in Daoist Water’s eyes.

“With my status as the head elder of the God Sect, I summon all cultivators preparing for battle to set up the Nine Heaven Destruction formation outside the God Sect!” He waved his hand and the jade disappeared.

He held up the second jade. His expression became ferocious and he sent out a divine sense message.

“Order from the God Sect: all rank 7 sects will quickly go capture all members of the Origin Sect. Under my order, all members of the Origin Sect will be killed not one will be allowed to live!”

The jade that contained his killing intent disappeared into the world. Daoist Water didn’t stop here. He grabbed the third jade.

“Mu Bingmei, this old man has helped you heal, helped you restore your cultivation, and helped your cultivation level increase. I need you to repay my kindness. I want you to devour that pill and come out to help me!”

He waved his right hand and the third jade disappeared.

“Heaven Breaking Sect’s Sect Master, come to see this old man and I’ll grant you death. If you don’t come, the Heaven Breaking Sect will be wiped out!”

The fourth jade fused with the world.

“Tai Eluo, as the king of the fierce beasts, you have already taken human form. You were sealed countless years ago. I can release the seal the Lord of the Sealed Realm placed on you, but you have to kill a person!”

The fifth jade collapsed and fused with the void with a silver of Daoist Water’s will.

After Daoist Water had sent out five orders in a row, the uneasiness dissipated a bit. However, he still felt uneasy and grabbed the sixth jade. After a moment, killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“Cloud Sea, Summoned River, Allheaven, and the Alliance. This old man is this the head elder of the God Sect and servant of the Lord of the Sealed Realm. For tens of thousands of years, I have looked after the God Sect, and I have achieved great merits in second war against the Outer Realm!

“Today, this old man received accurate news that a cultivator from the Alliance named Wang Lin is a pawn of the Outer Realm’s Sovereign! This person is hidden well and has also obtained my master’s treasure from the Ancient Celestial Realm, the Heaven Defying Bead. He has bewitched the Demon Sect, but he can’t hide from this old man!

“He has returned from the Outer Realm with the intent of messing with the Inner Realm and is a spy for the invading army!

“Today, this old man is issuing a Sealed Realm order for my master. All cultivators in the Inner Realm must kill this person!

“The one who kills him can obtain the Heaven Defying bead!

“The one who kills him will resolve a calamity for my Inner Realm!

“The one who kills this person will become the sect master of my God Sect!!

“The one who kills this person can have this old man as a slave for 1,000 years!!!”

Daoist Water had a hideous expression and waved his hand. The jade containing his crazy message flew out and disappeared among the stars!

“You want to kill me, you little bastard? I want to see how you will kill me!” Daoist Water picked up the seventh jade and sent out the last divine sense message.

“Ancient Celestial, my lord’s remnant soul has predicted that the Outer Realm will invade soon, but the Sealed Realm doesn’t have enough power. I fear we will find it difficult to resist. Facing this danger, I hope the Ancient Celestial will descend!!” Daoist Water formed a seal and spat out a mouthful of blood. He waved his right hand and the blood turned into a blood-colored rune.

This jade gave off burst of blood light and charged into the sky. As the blood light flashed, the entire sky was shrouded in it.

Even the earth was covered in this blood-colored light!

A giant vortex vaguely appeared in the blood-colored sky. It seemed to lead to another world!

Daoist Water knelt down and raised his hand to reach out at the sky. His storage space appeared, and with a flash, a tortoise shell appeared in his hand!

This tortoise shell contained an ancient aura and was filled with extremely dense celestial spiritual energy!

“This tortoise is my identity mark. I’m the servant of the Lord of the Sealed Realm. Ancient Celestial, please descend and bestow a treasure!!” Daoist Water knelt on the ground while raising up the tortoise shell.

Roars came from the blood-colored sky and a gaze appeared from the vortex. It slowly stared at the tortoise shell Daoist Water had raised up.

“Cultivator of the lower realm, this tortoise is indeed a treasure from the Lord of the Sealed Realm. I’ll give you a treasure. Take this and fuse it with the Realm Sealing Formation and it can stop the invasion for 100 years… 100 years should be enough for several messengers to awaken, so there will be no problem…” As the majestic words came from the vortex in the blood sky, a golden treasure descended!

This was a bell, a golden bell!!

As it descended, the crisp sounds of a bell ringing echoed across the sky.

“Remember, it is extremely important to integrate this with the Realm Sealing Formation to delay for 100 years… For these 100 years, the Ancient Celestial Realm will be completely sealed and not give you any help…”

The bell slowly arrived before Daoist Water. Daoist Water waved his hand and the golden bell arrived before him. He revealed a look of ecstasy as he grabbed the bell.

Thunderous rumbles echoed in his mind and he formed a connection with this bell.

The blood color in the sky gradually dissipated and the sky slowly restored to normal. He grinned and stood up and muttered, “The item that old thing left sure is useful… With the treasure from the Ancient Celestial Realm, I want to see how that Wang Lin can kill me!

“After I kill Wang Lin, I can exchange this bell for great merits. The Sovereign will give me boundless Joss Flames!” As for fusing the bell with the Realm Sealing Formation to stall for 100 years, Daoist Water never intended to do such a thing!!

In the Summoned River Star System under the Lightning Celestial Realm, there was a large vortex. This vortex had existed for a long time and was a forbidden land in the Summoned River. Any cultivator that got close would be sucked in and trapped inside. 

Deep within the vortex, there was a cultivation planet. This planet wasn’t large and was completely black.

There was a large amount of swamps on this planet, and they were filled with poison gas. The whole planet was swamp and mud, and deep within the planet sat an old man in black.

This old man had a hideous expression and there were many poison bumps on his face. Traces of black gas arose from the swamp and were inhaled by this old man.

Just at this moment, the old man suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a cold and indifferent gaze. At this moment, smoke appeared before him and turned into a cloud crane.

“Calling Fellow Cultivator Zhou De. I’m willing to gift you a rank 6 dao spirit if you help me once!”

Daoist Water’s voice came from the cloud crane and echoed inside the planet.

The old man in black’s eyes lit up. He raised his hand and grabbed the cloud crane, then he began to ponder.

“Daoist Water is always stingy. To give this old man a rank 6 dao spirit to help, I wonder what kind of enemy he encountered… Helping once… is fine!”

In the Summoned River, on a half-abandoned planet in one of the mortal capitals, there was a pawn shop, and the owner was a gentle-looking middle-aged man. Although he looked gentle, everyone knew that this middle-aged man would haggle for every penny!

On this day, he was sitting inside his pawn shop while holding a jade in his hand. While carefully looking at it, he was carefully observing the person that had come in to sell.

The middle-aged man rolled his eyes and embarrassingly said, “This is not a good jade…” 

“Shopkeeper, this is…”

The middle-aged man frowned. Just as he was about to speak, his expression changed and he looked outside.

“12 pieces of silver!” The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up and he took out 12 pieces of silver to hand over to the surprised customer. After he left, he pointed at the air.

A cloud crane appeared before him.

“Calling Fellow Cultivator Master Cloud Edge. I’ll give you the Lord of the Sealed Realm’s Stop spell if you help me once!” Daoist Water’s voice echoed inside the middle-aged man’s mind.

The man’s eyes lit up as he rubbed his chin and began to ponder.

“Stop spell… Interesting, interesting.”

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