Chapter 1507 - Seal Extermination Clan Altar

Chapter 1507 -  Seal Extermination Clan Altar

Even Wang Lin found it a bit uncomfortable being stared by the Nether Beast like this. He thought of that poor man that was scared to death twice by the Nether Beast.

That pitiful person was still inside the Nether Beast’s realm, and it was unknown how he was doing… Wang Lin didn’t have time to take care of someone he didn’t know. His right hand formed a seal and he pointed at the Nether Beast. The Nether Beast turned into a ray of ghostly light and flew into his body.

It fused with Wang Lin’s second star and disappeared.

Looking into the distance, looking at the Allheaven, Wang Lin had completed the four tasks. He had completed some karma and also saw some old friends.

Wang Lin could not ask for more and went into the distance with a sigh.

The realm inside the Nether Beast was boundless; it was chaotic and could be big or small. At this moment, it was chaotic inside, and the sorry-looking cultivator had been exploring its insides for hundreds of years… “That beast was really patient. It waited for hundreds for years, but in the end I couldn’t wait any longer and left. However, after the Seven-Colored Realm collapsed, where the hell did I end up…”

This cultivator was confused and bewildered. He had thought about this for hundreds of years.... “Damn it, what star domain is this place? I haven’t met a single living thing in hundreds of years. Could I be in a spatial rift? I don’t believe it! There must be a way out!” The old cultivator had encouraged himself like this over the last hundreds of years in order to keep himself sane as he continued to search…

In Allheaven, there was a bloodstained planet floating among the stars. Among the stars, this planet gave off a monsterous blood light that lit up the area. One could feel its powerful blood aura even with their eyes closed.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared outside this blood-colored planet.

Staring at the blood planet, Wang Lin waved his right hand and his storage space opened. The ancient demon appeared and Wang Lin grabbed its neck.

“Speak, what secret?”

The ancient demon was filled with fear and struggle. He quickly said, “I’ll talk, but you have to let me go!”

Wang Lin calmly said, “If this secret is useful for me, I can give you a chance.”

Although the ancient demon was scared, he still screamed, “A chance isn’t enough. If you don’t let me go, I won’t speak! Even if you search my soul, it is useless. As a member of the ancient demon clan, I have my own method against it!”

Wang Lin coldly stared at the ancient demon in his hand, but he didn’t speak. However, under his gaze, the ancient demon became even more frightened.

After a long time, Wang Lin said, “If you don’t want to speak then forget it.” He then moved his right hand. He was about to put the ancient demon back in his storage space.

The ancient demon was terrified and screamed, “I’ll speak!! I’ll speak!!

“You have to promise that you won’t lie to me and give me a chance in the end!”

Wang Lin frowned and became impatient. The ancient demon felt his heart drop and didn’t dare to waste any more time. He quickly said, “In this blood planet, there is a spatial rift that only I can open. Inside is an altar that contains a powerful spell. It comes from the Ancient Celestial Realm, and if one is fortunate, they can comprehend the three life spell!

“Once it succeeds, you will have three lives!!”

“Go open it!” Wang Lin waved his right hand and the ancient demon regained his freedom. However, he didn’t dare to resist and quickly flew toward the blood planet.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he followed the ancient demon toward the blood planet.

The ancient demon was ahead, and there was a hidden trace of coldness in his eyes. When he got close to the blood planet, he pointed at it.

The entire blood planet trembled and a giant crack appeared on it!

This crack went through the entire blood planet. It was as if someone was slicing the planet with a giant sword. As the thunderous rumbles echoed, Wang Lin watched this giant blood planet split down the middle and become two half-spheres.

Strands of blood covered the area between the two half-spheres, enough to distort one’s gaze. One could faintly see a 100-feet-long spatial rift in the middle of these endless lines of blood.

This spatial rift was like a large mouth with a large amount of restrictions sealing the edge so it wouldn’t close.

The ancient demon respectfully stood there with fear in his eyes and softly said, “This is it… These blood lines contain Yao family blood and also my life essence demonic energy. Unless I’m leading the way, no one can enter. The rift is also very fragile; if one tries to enter by force, it will collapse.”

Wang Lin’s gaze swept past the lines of blood and he slowly said, “Lead the way.”

The ancient demon quickly nodded and carefully walked forward. Those blood lines seemed to have noticed him and slowly withdrew to open up a path.

Wang Lin slowly followed the ancient demon.

The ancient demon was very nervous. He knew that whether he could escape or not all depended on this. The blood lines gradually retreated and now he was 100 feet from the spatial rift. His tension had reached a peak, but he didn’t reveal any of it.

The ancient demon stopped outside spatial rift and whispered, “This is the place, the altar is inside…” He was waiting, waiting for the other to enter, for him to enter, for Wang Lin to enter with him, or even for a slave to enter.

No matter what happened, as long as someone entered, it didn’t matter who, he was confident in escaping. At this critical moment, the tension in his mind was insanely strong and he couldn’t reveal any flaws.

Wang Lin looked at the 100 foot rift. He could faintly see an altar inside a pool of blood-colored water. He slowly said, “You’re very nervous.” 

The ancient demon’s mind trembled and he squeezed out a smile. Before he could speak, he was almost scared out of his wits by what Wang Lin said next.

“The missing altar of the Sealing Extermination Clan from the Ancient Star System seemed different from this!” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and looked at the ancient demon with a smile.

“You… You…” The ancient demon revealed a look of disbelief and his heart trembled. He could have never imagined that Wang Lin would already know about this!!

“My patience has its limits. Since I promised you a chance, I won’t break my promise. I’ll give you one last chance! Take out the real altar.” Wang Lin calmly looked at the ancient demon. The more calm Wang Lin was, the more mysterious he looked to the ancient demon.

“How much does he know!?” The ancient demon’s mind trembled. He couldn’t see through Wang Lin’s thoughts. However, what Wang Lin said terrified him.

Wang Lin slowly said, “I’ll give you three breaths of time! One, two…”

“Just inside the rift, but not the one you see. If you don’t believe me, I can go get it for you! Or you can go in with me.” The ancient demon was filled with despair, as if he had been seen through and given up all resistance. His face was filled with bitterness.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the ancient demon and his voice became cold. “You go inside.”

The ancient demon’s heart trembled and he slowly walked toward the rift. Just as he was about to enter, he seemed to see a trace of mockery in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“Why is he so confident… He dares to let me enter. Could it be that he has placed a restriction on me… Once I enter this rift, he will trigger the restriction and kill me before I can escape …” The rift was only one step away from the ancient demon, but it felt like it was infinitely far away. His right foot was already in the air, but he hesitated.

All of this happened in a flash. As the ancient demon looked at the rift before him, the hesitation disappeared. Just as his right foot was about to fall, he heard a sigh. The ancient demon’s mind collapsed, he didn’t dare to gamble!

If he won, it was unknown if he would live or die!

If he lost, he would without a doubt die!

If he didn’t gamble, there was a sliver of hope!

Feeling bitter, the ancient demon withdrew his right foot and retreated a few steps. He reached at the rift and the altar inside collapsed. Then a blood-colored pavilion flew out from the rift.

At the same time, the rift closed and quickly disappeared.

“There are three Sealing Extermination Clan altars. Each can be found inside a blood pavilion. There is only one here and the other two are missing. I hope you keep your promise and give me a chance!” The ancient demon smiled wryly and closed his eyes. He didn’t know how much Wang Lin knew, but at the last moment he didn’t have the courage to gamble.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and sealed the ancient demon inside his storage space. He then silently looked at the blood pavilion. He had one too… After a moment of silence, Wang Lin put it away and disappeared among the stars with a step. Wang Lin’s mind was like that of a demon, and although the ancient demon was cunning, he was no match for Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s actions and speech were all part of a mental battle, and the ancient demon had lost.

At the edge of the Allheaven Star System, where it connected with the Cloud Sea Star System, Wang Lin appeared. He looked at the void now that the barrier between the two star systems had disappeared.

“Daoist Water!! I’ll get revenge for the past!”

Outer Realm, Ancient Star System.

The Sovereign Council order was sent all over the star system into every clan and every member of the Ancient Star System!

“This is the will of the Ancient Celestial Realm! It has been tens of thousands of years and the power of the Sealed Realm has awakened. The third battle against the Sealed Realm will begin. Various clans of the Ancient Star System, obey the order of the Sovereign Council to dye the Inner Realm in blood!”

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