Chapter 1505 - Refine!

Chapter 1505 - Refine!

All of this happened in a flash. When the Enlightened Ones appeared and began chanting, the giant stone tablet appeared above the Nether Beast Soul.

The blood red words contained crazed intent. Under this intent, the Enlightened Ones seemed to have gone crazy and their chanting became shouts. They seemed to be under control and rotated rapidly to form a vortex.

This vortex contained a destructive force that spread out in all directions. Wang Lin was pushed back three steps. Just as he was about to move forward, the dao scripture on the stone tablet flew out and charged at Wang Lin!

The dao scripture instantly closed in on Wang Lin. Wang Lin had been to the Seven-Colored Realm and knew how terrifying it was. As the dao scripture closed in, he began to hear a faint voice murmuring the contents of the dao scripture!

“Enlightened, prisoner of the dao of heaven…” As the vortex rotated, the crazed intent spread out like crazy. At this moment, out of the four remaining stars on the Nether Beast’s soul, two more extinguished.

At the same time, the Nether Beast’s soul’s mouth returned back into its body. As the vortex rotated, the Nether Beast retreated rapidly with fear in its eyes.

It was scared!

The Seven-Colored Realm’s might had changed its personality, but it was difficult to forget its originally timid nature. Also, the seal on its soul hadn’t dissipated, and this brought it intense fear.

As the dao scripture pushed Wang Lin back, the giant Nether Beast used its other spell!

Ethereal Mode!

The Nether Beast’s body became blurry, and in just a few thousand feet, it completely disappeared! The Enlightened Ones, the vortex, and the dao scripture that was charging at Wang Lin disappeared with it!

Everything disappeared along with the Nether Beast!

Wang Lin’s eyes became blood red and he let out a roar of anger. Ling Dong, Zhou Jin, the Moongazer Serpent, and the Ancient Leaves were all inside the Nether Beast. If it escaped, the cost would be too great!

A sudden change occurred in this hunt for the Nether Beast due to it devouring the Seven-Colored Realm. Although Wang Lin had calculated this, he still couldn’t have expected such a ridiculous thing to happen!

A Seven-Colored Realm had appeared inside this foggy region and was devoured by the Nether Beast!

“I can’t let it escape!!” Madness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. He stepped forward and appeared above the star domain. He then waved his hand at the star domain below!

In an instant, the thunder tattoo flew out from his right eye and covered the surrounding area! The nine accompanying thunders rotated rapidly around it.

The world rumbled and endless thunder appeared out of nowhere, forming a thunder hell!

“Bigger, bigger, bigger!!” Wang Lin roared with monstrous anger. The thunder essence rushed out of his body and expanded rapidly!

10,000 feet, 100,000 feet, 1 million feet, 10 million feet!!

In a flash, the thunder tattoo covered the surrounding 10 million foot area. There was madness in Wang Lin’s eyes as he pointed to the spot between his eyebrows and ancient god power filled his body.

“Expand for me!!”

10 million feet, 30 million feet, 50 million feet… 100 million feet!

Wang Lin let out a roar and the Emperor Furnace flew out of this first star. The furnace fused with the thunder tattoo.

“Expand once more!!”

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The thunder tattoo that had reached 100 million feet expand once more!!

200 million feet, 300 million feet, 500 million feet… Until 800 million feet!!

 The endless star domain was shrouded in thunder and became a large thunder lake!

“Even if you devour the Seven-Colored Realm, you will still become my life essence beast!! You may have escaped and now I can’t find you, but I’ll refine this entire 800 million space into a grain of dust to force you out!!”

Although the Nether Beast had turned ethereal and escaped rapidly, Wang Lin’s seal was still on it. Wang Lin could feel that it was rapidly escaping, but it hadn’t left this 800 million foot area!

Wang Lin could clearly feel that his seals on its body and soul were rapidly dissipating. Soon, they would dissipate completely and his connection with it would be gone!

Thunder rumbled and a nine-colored flame appeared in his left eye and shot out. At the same time, a Vermillion Bird phantom appeared behind him and let out a cry!

The appearance of the Vermillion Bird meant Wang Lin had activated all the fire inside his body. The Vermillion Bird shot out to the 800 million feet of space below.

In a flash, the world was a sea of fire! There was thunder inside the fire and fire inside the thunder. The Emperor Furnace’s aura began refining these 800 million feet of star domain!

Wang Lin waved his hand and roared ferociously, “Refine, refine, refine!!” The 800 million feet star domain began to refine rapidly!

If one looked from high above, this 800 million feet area seem to broke off from the surrounding space if it was cut out and was being refined by the thunder and fire.

Wang Lin had already gone crazy. His hands continued to move, placing restrictions inside this 800 million feet of space, causing the refining to become faster and faster!

Time was urgent and he couldn’t delay anymore. Once the seals on the Nether Beast dissipated, everything would be lost! Wang Lin didn’t have a second Moongazer Serpent, a second Ling Dong, a second Zhou Jin to let him hunt the Nether Beast again!

However, the 800 million foot area was too large and couldn’t be refined in a short period of time. At this moment, Wang Lin could clearly feel his connection with the Nether Beast weaken a lot!

Although he couldn’t see it, he could imagine that that out of the two stars left, only one remained!

During this urgent situation, Wang Lin calmed down. He coldly stared at the 800 million foot space that was rapidly being refined. In a short period of time, only 700 million feet remained.

This wasn’t a flat 700 million feet of space, it went as high as the heavens and as low as hell itself!

The part that had disappeared revealed the Realm Sealing Formation! As for the part that was refined, it became a hole that would last for an eternity in Allheaven!

While pondering, Wang Lin waved his right hand and hundreds of thousands of restrictions appeared. His left hand moved as well, creating countless afterimages. He used his fastest speed and created endless restrictions!

A powerful ancient umbrella that could burn the world appeared above the reining space. A boundless sense of majesty spread out!

“Realm Burning Umbrella, destroy the realm!” Wang Lin raised his right hand as if he was catching the giant umbrella and his left hand pushed it open!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The ancient umbrella trembled and opened up 10%!

Monstrous flames came out of the umbrella and rushed down at the 700 million feet of star domain being refined.

From afar, the star domain looked like an endless sea of fire. A powerful pressure spread out from the raging flames. The 700 million feet of space began to refine like crazy when the fire from the ancient umbrella rushed in! 

The 700 million foot area began to shake and shrink rapidly. 600 million, 400 million, 300 million, 100 million…. Until it was only 60 million feet. The refining process was accelerated greatly.

The empty area revealed the net that was the Sealing Realm Formation, and many holes appeared.

“Still not coming out?” Wang Lin could feel that the Nether Beast was within this 6 million feet area. He waved his hand and the Emperor Furnace appeared. The nine drops of poison merged with the fire and thunder.

This method wouldn’t waste the precious poison, but it would give Wang Lin the time to force out the ethereal Nether Beast!

The thunderous rumbles continued, and so did the refining. The 60 million foot space became only 30 million feet wide. At the same time, a poisonous black fog rapidly spread through the area.

Just at this moment, an anxious roar came out. The Nether Beast’s body suddenly appeared in an area that the poison fog was about to submerge.

The moment it appeared, Wang Lin stepped forward and closed in. Before the Nether Beast could open its mouth, his hand slammed down on the sliver of seal that remained on the Nether Beast’s head.

Muffled groans came out of the Nether Beast’s unopened mouth.

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