Chapter 1503 - Hunting Nether Beast (3)

Chapter 1503 - Hunting Nether Beast (3)

There was no fear at all, everything before was just to confuse its enemy, to let them think it was escaping and chase so they would fall into its trap!

What kind of Nether Beast was this? It was clearly a beast spirit that had cultivated to a certain degree!!

The moment he turned around, a muffled roar came from the Nether Beast’s mouth and a gap opened!

The Nether Beast hadn’t opened its mouth for tens of thousands of years!

For the Nether Beast, just a small gap was thousands of feet large. The moment it opened, the roar that it seemed to have been holding back for tens of thousands of years rushed out like crazy!


It was impossible to describe the power of this roar. As it spread out, space it self shook. All of Allheaven heard it clearly!

As the roar echoed, a power erupted from the Nether Beast’s body, forcing that gap to open wide. 1,000 feet, 3,000 feet, 8,000 feet, 10,000 feet!!

The roar contained an impact that could collapse space, and it charged out at Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s hair fluttered back, his body felt like it was being torned, and his ears rumbled.

The Nether Beast’s mouth opened even more from 10,000 feet, 30,000 feet, 60,000 feet, until it was opened 80,000 feet!!!

At a glance, the Nether Beast’s mouth seemed to lead to the netherworld. The roars that were coming out seemed to be the roars of the gods!

Inside the fog, Wang Lin’s expression became gloomy. The surrounding fog spread like crazy under the roar from the Nether Beast. Looking around now, there was no fog remaining.

Even his body was being pushed back by the Nether Beast’s roar, and tearing sounds could be heard from his body. If he wasn’t a 7-star ancient god and an ordinary cultivator, he could have collapsed before this roar.

As he retreated, he waved his hand and more than 10 Ancient Leaves appeared. They didn’t seal the Nether Beast’s mouth but surrounded Wang Lin.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s right hand pointed to the spot between his eyebrows and both Esteemed Ling Dong and Zhou Jin both appeared. They didn’t attack the Nether Beast but stood beside Wang Lin. As their hands rapidly formed seals, Joss Flames surrounded Wang Lin.

All of this happened in an instant. The moment Ling Dong and Zhou Jin appeared, Wang Lin’s ancient god stars started to rotate rapidly. The phantom Ancient Order head appeared and surrounded the three of them.

The roar of the Nether Beast only lasted for a few breaths before it dissipated. Once the roar disappeared, a powerful suction force filled the stars.

Under this powerful suction, Wang Lin saw the power of the devouring spell from the Nether Beast! All the fog that was pushed extremely far away was instantly pulled past Wang Lin and into the mouth of the Nether Beast.

As the stars trembled, dust formed a storm and was devoured by the Nether Beast!

The Nether Beast’s mouth was like a giant black hole that devoured everything!

Wang Lin was able to stabilize himself with the Ancient Leaves and Ling Dong and Zhou Jin. Not only was he not being pulled in, but he was slowly retreating.

There was flashes of coldness in his eyes as he waited for that critical moment!

However, the suction force became stronger and stronger. In just an instant, it reached a terrifying degree. More and more dust was being sucked into the Nether Beast’s mouth. There were rumblings from far aways as some abandoned planets were being pulled off their orbit and toward this place.

In an instant, a giant abandoned planet moved past Wang Lin and shot toward the Nether Beast!

Although the Nether Beast was large, it still couldn’t compare to the planet. However, when the planet got close, it distorted and seemed to shrink before it was devoured by the Nether Beast!

This caused Wang Lin’s pupils to shrink!

As the suction force increased, the 10 Ancient Leaves rotated rapidly around Wang Lin, forming a blockade. The Ancient Order head and the Joss Flames from Ling Dong and Zhou Jin continued to help him resist.

“It’s still not time yet… The Nether Beast’s mouth can’t be this weak…” As Wang Lin stared at the Nether Beast, the coldness in his eyes gradually increased.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Dozens of abandoned planets flew in from the distance and were devoured by the Nether Beast.

The Nether Beast became anxious. It wanted to devour Wang Lin, not these abandoned planets and the fog. However, the suction force wasn’t moving Wang Lin at all, which caused madness to slowly appear in the Nether Beast’s eyes.

“There is a realm inside the Nether Beast, but it is merely a spell. Since it is a beast, it has life, soul, flesh, and blood! If I want to take it as my life essence beast, then I must enter its body without being sucked into that realm!

“Although, I want it to open its mouth, not for it to open by itself! In addition, this beast’s spell hasn’t been fully activated yet. From the information I gathered, when this beast releases the full power of its spell, its soul will appear. Only then can I seal the soul! If the soul doesn’t appear, I can’t seal its insides and the seal will fail!” Wang Lin saw the anxiety in the Nether Beast’s eyes and slowly retreated.

This suction force might have some use against Master Lu Fu, but Wang Lin had Ling Dong, Zhou Jin, the Ancient Order head, and the Ancient Leaves. He could resist this suction force.

His slow retreat was seen by the Nether Beast. Its body gave off a dark blue glow and the 80,000 foot gap in its mouth suddenly widened!

80,000 feet, 100,000 feet, 200,000 feet, 400,000 feet,  800,000 feet…  Until it was more than 1 million feet!

Looking from afar, the mouth of the Nether Beast occupied a majority of its body. Its twisted appearance was extremely shocking.

Its mouth seemed to be opened to its limit, and as it let out a roar, the Nether Beast trembled. A giant phantom appeared behind it!

This phantom was also a Nether Beast! Only it was just a mouth… It was as big as the star domain!! This was the soul of the Nether Beast!

It might be an illusion, but when it appeared, Wang Lin felt like the star system became a river and the countless planets were like the fish in the river!

Under the suction force, the star domain charged for the phantom mouth! Deep within the mouth, there was a rotating black hole. This was where the Nether Beast’s realm was!

This was enough to shock anyone who saw it!

Ancient Leaves surrounded Wang Lin, and at this moment, they trembled as if they couldn’t handle it anymore. Even Ling Dong and Zhou Jin’s faces were livid and they let out low roars.

Even so, Wang Lin’s body was being pulled forward due to the sudden increase in suction force!

He got closer and closer. Just as he was about to be devoured by the phantom mouth, the coldness that was suppressed in Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly erupted!

The moment the coldness erupted, Wang Lin raised his right hand and mercilessly punched!

This punch immediately fused with the Ancient Order head. At the same time, Ling Dong let out a roar and the devil god statue behind him charged out with the punch!

Zhou Jin also erupted with all his power and a monstrous blood wolf accompanied Wang Lin’s punch!

From afar, Wang Lin’s punch seemed to turn into a pillar of light with the blood wolf roaring and the devil god statue opening its arms behind it. They all shot straight toward the phantom mouth that appeared before the Nether Beast!

This punch was Wang Lin’s most powerful attack!

It contained Ling Dong and Zhou Jin’s powers, it was the full power of three third step cultivators attacking at once!

At this instant, the thunder tattoo in Wang Lin’s right eye flew out and entered his punch. Thunderous rumbles echoed and this star domain turned into a thunder lake!

The nine-colored fire inside his left eye burned and turned into a firestorm that also fused with this punch!

This punch was infinitely close to the full power of a peak Nirvana Void cultivator! It was approaching the second void realm, Spirit Void!

The punch collided with the phantom mouth, and a heaven-shattering rumble echoed. The Nether Beast roared and the phantom mouth trembled and showed signs of collapsing.

However, as it collapsed, the suction force increased and managed to devour Wang Lin’s punch!

Esteemed Ling Dong disappeared first and was devoured into the mysterious realm inside the Nether Beast!

Shortly after was Zhou Jin. He disappeared under the powerful suction force!

Their disappearance bought Wang Lin valuable time as their Joss Flames had blocked the mouth for a moment! This allowed Wang Lin to stop inside the Nether Beast’s soul’s mouth!

This phantom mouth was its soul and the focus of the seal!

In order to seal the mouth, he had to go inside once, but it had to be done before he was sucked into its realm! This was the conclusion Wang Lin had come to after analyzing for a long time. Although it was strange that the Nether Beast didn’t escape, now everything had returned back to his original plan!

Time was short. The few breaths of time Ling Dong and Zhou Jin had bought for him would quickly pass. Without hesitation, Wang Lin’s hands formed a seal and pointed forward. His seven ancient god stars rotated rapidly and then flew out from his forehead!

The seven stars rotated rapidly, and as Wang Lin pointed, they landed on the Nether Beast’s soul mouth!

“As a royal ancient god, I use the might of my Ancient Order heritage to seal its soul and make it my life essence beast!”

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