Chapter 1494 - Ling Dong Appears!

Chapter 1494 - Ling Dong Appears!

“Do you dare to accept the dao intent battle?” Master Lu fu’s expression was gloomy and his voice echoed across the stars.

“I’m tired of this Literary Battle.” Wang Lin shook his head and his gaze fell on the pale-faced Blood God behind Master Lu Fu. He was going to move past Master Lu Fu and directly capture Bood God!

Master Lu Fu was already angered due to the first battle, and he began to laugh from anger due to Wang Lin’s action. He waved his hand and his full cultivation erupted. He stood there as if he stood above the stars!

This momentum was like a storm, and it shook the star domain due to his wind essence. At this moment, nine 100,000 feet wind dragons appeared and roared!

Their roars were heaven-shaking, as if an extremely powerful storm was sweeping across Allheaven!

The wind howled across the world!

“Wang Lin!! Do you really think this old man is afraid of battling you!? Since you want to battle, then we will fight!” Master Lu Fu revealed an angry smile and waved his right hand. A spatial rift appeared and a broken sword appeared before Master Lu Fu!

This broken sword had only half a blade, but a sharpness swept across the world and formed an indescribable ray of sword energy that shot toward Wang Lin!

It was this broken sword that had pierced through Tu Si’s 8-star ancient god body!

After the broken sword appeared, Master Lu Fu formed a seal and pointed at the sky. An invisible wave spread out and pushed the tens of thousands of cultivators extremely far away.

At the same time, an illusion appeared behind Master Lu Fu. It wasn’t a person but a realm!

Wind Celestial Realm!

The entire Wind Celestial Realm suddenly appeared behind Master Lu Fu!

However, this Wind Celestial Realm was completely different from the one Wang Lin had seen. Although the wind raged, it wasn’t broken at all. It was filled with celestial spiritual energy and many celestials were moving about. The earth hadn’t collapsed and the land was whole!

He could clearly see the giant stone gate at the center of the Celestial Realm. Countless celestials were kneeling under the stone gate as if they were worshiping it!

Waves of celestial spiritual energy spread out and soon shrouded all of Allheaven!

A celestial melody also appeared. It made one immediately feel refreshed upon hearing it! There were numerous celestial beasts!

There was even hint of Joss Flames within the Celestial Realm, and they were absorbed by Master Lu Fu! This Wind Celestial Realm was the key to Master Lu Fu becoming a third step cultivator!

The Joss Flames he needed to become a third step cultivator came from this phantom Wind Celestial Realm!

“The Wind Celestial Realm is the root of my cultivation and the source of my Joss Flames. Although your body is strong, you haven’t reached the third step yet. Without Joss Flames, I want to see how you plan to battle me!

“Now let me tell you why third step cultivators are the most powerful cultivators in this world. It is because of Joss Flames, and only third step cultivators can use Joss Flames!” Master Lu Fu made up his mind to battle. At this moment, the phantom Wind Celestial Realm gave him endless confidence. He had the shocking pressure only a third step cultivator could have!

Wang Lin’s eyes were as calm as water as he watched Master Lu Fu use various spells. Master Lu Fu’s aura immediately reached a peak, but Wang Lin remained calm.

In his eyes, Master Lu Fu was lacking.

His calmness gave Master Lu Fu a mysterious feeling. Master Lu Fu’s eyes lit up. He couldn’t figure out why Wang Lin could be so calm!

“No matter how strong he is, it is impossible that he has suppressed his cultivation so that I can’t see through him. This calmness is strange!! I want to see how he can be so calm!”

All of this happened in an instant. The broken sword charged forward and the phantom Wind Celestial Realm released monstrous celestial spiritual energy. Strands of Joss Flame surrounded his body.

At this moment, Master Lu Fu was like a real celestial, and his momentum was monstrous.

His right hand formed a seal and he pointed at the planet formation below him. The hundreds of planets began to move and the auras of the planets’ souls spread out!

As the planet formation moved the aura of the planet souls became even stronger and shook the Allheaven Star System. As it grew, even the other three star systems could feel the might of this planet formation!

“This old man has prepared this formation for the enemies in the Outer Realm. Since you want to battle, this old man wants to see how you will fight inside this planet formation!” Master Lu Fu’s robe fluttered and the planet soul aura became even stronger. A vortex appeared and filled the surrounding area with a shocking pressure.

At a glance, the entire star domain was filled with planet souls. These planet souls seemed to have created their own world here!

Wang Lin was at the center of this planet formation!

“Little child Wang Lin, come and battle this old man!” Master Lu Fu roared. But Wang Lin’s calmness still made him feel uncomfortable. At this moment, he pushed back all his speculations and charged forward with a smile. The Wind Celestial Realm behind him trembled and countless celestials’ shadows flew out!

The remnant sword howled as it followed Master Lu Fu toward Wang Lin!

The planet formation rotated and the hundreds of planet souls began to move as well. It gave people the feeling that the entire star domain was being reversed; it was a terrifying feeling.

Wang Lin’s expression was still calm. When Master Lu Fu closed in, the seven ancient god stars between his eyebrows started rotating. The power of a 7-star ancient god that could match a third step cultivator suddenly erupted!

This was the first time Wang Lin had completely revealed his 7-star ancient god power in Allheaven!

Master Lu Fu’s pupils shrank, but he had no intent of retreating. In the blink of an eye, he was less than 500 feet from Wang Lin! His eyes were still calm, and this calmness was enough to terrify other people and made it so Master Lu Fu couldn’t guess a thing!

“What spell does he have!? If it is only this aura, he is not a match for my planet formation!”

Just as Master Lu Fu closed in and thoughts flashed through his mind, Wang Lin’s sigh could be heard. He waved his right hand to point to between his eyebrows and the Emperor Furnace appeared.

“Ancient Slave Ling Dong!” As Wang Lin spoke, a light flew out from the Emperor Furnace and arrived before Wang Lin.

The moment Esteemed Ling Dong appeared, the aura of a true third step cultivator erupted from his body!

A giant spatial rift appeared above him. There was a monstrous, purple ocean inside, and endless Joss Flames filled the purple ocean!

“Third step cultivator!!” Master Lu Fu changed like never before. He suddenly stopped moving forward, his eyes filled with disbelief!

“There is another third step cultivator!! This is his ace, the reason why he is so calm!! He… What is his identity to unexpectedly… have a third step cultivator as a slave!?!”

Even thought Master Lu Fu had lived for tens of thousands of years, he was shocked by the appearance of Esteemed Ling Dong.

He understood why Wang Lin was so calm when facing all his spell, why he didn’t care about his favor, why he was so arrogant in saying he was tired of the Literary Battle… Master Lu Fu understood all of this when Esteemed Ling Dong appeared!

What terrified him was the endless Joss Flames that appeared inside the spatial rift above Esteemed Ling Dong. That amount of Joss Flames was beyond his imagination!

“This… This much Joss Flames… Who is this third step cultivator?! I know all the third step cultivators in the Inner Realm, there is no such person. He…” Master Lu Fu’s expression changed greatly. If he was like this, there was no need to talk about others.

Master Flamespark was startled inside the vortex. All the shock he had felt throughout his tens of thousands years of cultivation together wasn’t as much as the shock Wang Lin had just brought him. Wang Lin’s strength already terrified him, but he didn’t expect Wang Lin to have a slave!!

Ancient slave, ancient slave!

How could anyone who heard those two words not know Ling Dong’s identity?

It was extremely normal for a cultivator to have a slave, but this slave… This slave was a third step cultivator!!

Even in the Outer Realm, this matter would set off a huge wave, much less in the Inner Realm, where one would rarely see a third step cultivator in tens of thousands of years!!

Even if someone told Master Flamespark that Allheaven would collapse, he would still not be as shocked!

Esteemed Ling Dong’s appearance, the mysterious force, the pressure that made space tremble, the aura that terrified cultivators, the pressure even stronger than Allheaven’s ancestor, and Master Lu Fu’s expression revealed everything!

This person was a third step cultivator!

Master Flamespark’s mind trembled and went blank. His eyes were dull.

“He… What kind of fortune did he encounter… Not only can he battle a third step cultivator, but he actually got a third step slave… Third step… The third step!!! I only met Master Lu Fu in the tens of thousands of years I’ve been alive. This... I can’t believe this… Can’t believe this!!!” Master Flamespark’s mind was filled with confusion. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A third step cultivator was Wang Lin’s slave! 

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