Chapter 1493 - No Harm in Giving it a Try!

Chapter 1493 - No Harm in Giving it a Try!

The surroundings were completely silent. The tens of thousands of cultivators of the Thunder Celestial Temple stared at the Allheaven Tree. They were filled with excitement, but none of them spoke. However, the desire in their hearts became stronger and stronger.

They wanted to obtain the Allheaven Tree that was personally refined my Master Lu Fu!

Even Li Yunzi and company were shaken, and they hid the hint of longing in their eyes.

Only Master Flamespark didn’t care too much for it as he had the treasure refined from the Thunder Celestial Realm. However, it was refined personally by Master Lu Fu, so the meaning was significantly different.

Amidst this stillness, Master Lu Fu’s voice slowly echoed.

Wang Lin’s gaze swept by the Allheaven Tree, but his pupils shrank. This tree wasn’t much, but the blood from the tens of thousands of cultivator was a good finishing touch. This treasure was no longer a simple treasure, but one with blood inheritance!

A blood inheritance for these tens of thousands of cultivators!

These tens of thousands of cultivators came from the various families of Allheaven. Almost all of them were here. The gathering of all their blood could be considered to be Allheaven itself.

As long as one was an Allheaven cultivator, they could control his treasure. Such a wide-ranged blood inheritance treasure was extremely rare!

The Allheaven Tree’s root was the starlight from Allheaven. It was also refined by Master Lu Fu, so the need for time was bypassed.

This treasure would be considered a newly born treasure, and it required time to become perfect. However, Master Lu Fu was smart and had used the endless dust that had gathered for countless years. This gave the treasure an ancient aura!

What was even more shocking was the battle intent inside the treasure. This was the unified battle intent that all the Allheaven cultivators had against the Outer Realm. This treasure had no flaw! It was also a symbol!

If Wang Lin destroyed this treasure, it would be the same as destroying the momentum Allheaven had for this war! Master Lu Fu knew this and had used his scheme as an old monster who had lived for tens of thousands of years!

This kind of treasure was something only third step cultivators could refine. Also, it was impossible for them to refine many of these!

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then slowly said, “This treasure is top quality!”

Master Lu Fu’s laughter echoed across the stars. The pride in his expression revealed his self-confidence!

After Wang Lin finished speaking, the tens of thousands of cultivators cheered in unison, and their gazes toward Master Lu Fu became even more fervent. If Master Lu Fu asked them to charge into a mountain of blades or a sea of fire, they would rush out without hesitation!

Master Lu Fu looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “This old man’s treasure has already been finished. I ask Fellow Cultivator to refine, I want to see what kind of treasure Fellow Cultivator will refine!”

“The cultivators of Allheaven have enough battle intent, but there is a lack of killing intent… The smell of blood.” Wang Lin raised his right hand and he gently reached toward the formation below.

In an instant, a cultivation planet flew out and collapsed. As the countless fragments shattered, a drop of golden liquid floated before Wang Lin.

The power of his grasp terrified the tens of thousands of cultivators. Even Master Lu Fu’s eyes narrowed.

He could also do this, but Wang Lin’s expression was extremely calm, as if this grasp meant nothing. This feeling was what shook Master Lu Fu.

“The power of his physical body has reached such a terrifying degree! It is not much different from that ancient god from planet Suzaku…” Whenever Master Lu Fu thought about Tuo Sen, his expression became ugly.

Looking at the drop of golden liquid before him, the memory of an ancient god refining a treasure appeared in Wang Lin’s mind. Ancient gods used the planets themselves to refine.

His right hand waved at the planet formation below and eight more planets collapsed, forming eight drops of golden liquid that flew toward Wang Lin.

They floated around his body and slowly rotated.

“This first drop of planet liquid contains the endless killing intent from planet Suzaku…” Wang Lin looked calm as he pointed at the first drop of golden liquid.

When his right hand touched the liquid, a monstrous killing intent erupted from Wang Lin’s memory.

The Teng family’s head tower, the river of blood in the country of Zhao, the fight for survival in the Sea of Devils, and all the killing intent from planet Suzaku rushed into the golden liquid, changing it to bright red!

A killing intent surrounded the area.

“The second drop contains the countless souls that died to me in the Alliance!” Wang Lin’s right hand landed on the second drop of golden liquid. As his memories moved, this drop of golden liquid also quickly turned blood red!

The killing intent became even stronger and shook the stars!

“In Allheaven, I have killed a lot of people… The heavens and earth would be dyed blood red!”

“In the Cloud Sea, the blood mist followed me and killing intent was hidden everywhere…” The tens of thousands of Thunder Celestial Temple cultivators retreated with pale faces. They looked at Wang Lin with indescribable fear.

“In the Seven-Colored Realm, the dao fruit killing…” The expressions of Master Flamespark and company changed. When Blood God felt this killing intent, he coughed out blood.

“In the Ancient Star System, blood flowed like rivers…”  The star domain trembled and blood light lit up the star domain. It continued to spread, and countless Allheaven cultivators were shocked by this killing intent.

“Scatter Thunder Clan, killing of the entire clan…” Countless mournful souls seemed to appear, letting out roars of death. The hearts of the Allheaven cultivators were shaken.

“The Ancient Order Tomb was filled with blood…” Master Lu Fu sucked in a breath of cold air. The killing intent Wang Lin revealed shocked even him!

“I returned to Allheaven and planet Dong Lin collapsed!!” Wang Lin’s right hand continued to move. All the killing intent in his life began to gather, and it turned the nine drops of golden liquid blood red!

He suddenly raised his head and stared at Master Lu Fu through the 100 foot Allheaven Tree.

At this instant, Master Lu Fu’s mind trembled. When Wang Lin looked at him, it was as if the monstrous killing intent had charged at him like a sword. Master Lu Fu subconsciously retreated several steps.

The 100 foot Allheaven Tree trembled as if it couldn’t withstand it and was going to collapse.

“Compared to my life, the cultivators of Allheaven lack this killing intent to struggle against fate!” Wang Lin waved his right hand and the nine blood red drops of liquid condensed to form a blood crystal!

This blood crystal contained all of Wang Lin’s killing intent. After it formed, it flew toward Master Lu Fu!

Master Lu Fu’s expression was extremely serious. When the blood crystal closed in, he saw countless souls inside. These souls were all people Wang Lin had killed, and when they appeared, it was as if they had returned from the underworld to devour the heavens and earth!

The tens of thousands of cultivators felt the killing intent that terrified them. It was as if the end of the world was coming. They let out a screams and retreated once more!

The vortex from the formation behind Master Lu Fu stopped completely. Blood God became pale and continued to retreat. Li Yunzi also retreated with terror in his eyes. He had to retreat. In his eyes, Master Lu Fu wasn’t facing Wang Lin but a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood!

Master Flamespark silently pondered and looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression.

The killing intent from that crystal could force back tens of thousands of cultivators. This was Wang Lin!

“This treasure has no essence, none of my blood, none of Allheaven’s battle intent, and it lacks all your schemes… What it contains is only my killing intent. Just this treasure is enough to destroy your Allheaven Tree!”

Master Lu Fu let out a roar and waved his hand to stop the blood crystal. His mind trembled and fear appeared in his eyes. He never thought a person could have such strong killing intent. This was the first time he had encountered such a cultivator!

From his view, Wang Lin could no longer be considered a cultivator. There was an endless sea of blood behind this person, one that could fill up the entire Inner Realm!

This opponent made his scalp numb. He didn’t want to provoke this person and somewhat didn’t dare to provoke this person!

“This treasure only has killing intent, how can it destroy my Allheaven Tree?!” Master Lu Fu stabilized himself after retreating a few steps and stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looked at Master Lu Fu and slowly said, “Because it was refined by me! Because I say it can, it will. If you don’t believe me, you can try!”

His words were very light, but they were filled with confidence!

Master Lu Fu’s expression changed greatly as he stared at the blood crystal. His heart felt bitter. He knew he had underestimated Wang Lin’s cunning. He intended to borrow Allheaven’s battle preparations to suppress Wang Lin, but if the tree was destroyed, it would dampen the determination of the Allheaven cultivators against the Outer Realm.

However, Wang Lin had not only seen through him, he had also used this fact against him. This came as a complete surprise. If he really did try to compare the two treasures, then it would be a real battle!

After a long time, Master Lu Fu said with a hoarse voice, “Do you think this old man wouldn’t dare to try?”

Wang Lin didn’t speak, he only coldly looked at Master Lu Fu.

Time slowly passed. After a moment, Master Lu Fu clenched his fist. He waved his sleeves and shouted, “You’ve won the first Literary Battle!”

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