Chapter 1491 - Call One Fellow Cultivator

Chapter 1491 - Call One Fellow Cultivator

This laugh was heaven-shaking, and when it pierced out from the vortex, it swept toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin suddenly stopped.

The thunderous roar spread out in all directions!

This was the first confrontation between Master Lu Fu and Wang Lin! Although neither had attacked directly, one wanted to move forward and the other wanted stop Wang Lin from moving forward. A battle began above the formation!

This simple laugh contained Master Lu Fu’s cultivation as a third step cultivator. This laugh caused the star domain to tremble until it looked like it was going to collapse. Countless spatial cracks appeared and charged toward Wang Lin like sharp swords!

It was as if a powerful wind had rushed at Wang Lin. Master Lu Fu’s true strength was revealed. If Wang Lin was a fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator, his body would’ve be torn apart by this laugh and his origin soul would’ve been destroyed!

Even other early stage Nirvana Void third step cultivators would be unable to continue moving forward after resisting this laugh!

However, Wang Lin hadn’t reached the third step. He had become a 7-star ancient god thanks to the Ancient Order inheritance, so he could resist the power of a third step cultivator using the power of his body!

His body’s strength had reached a terrifying level. Hearing Master Lu Fu’s laugh, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up!

“In this world, there is no laugh that can match the roar of an ancient god, especially the roar of the Ancient Order! So what if you’re at the third step?” The ancient god stars between Wang Lin’s eyebrows rotated rapidly. The seven stars rotated and ancient god power filled Wang Lin’s body. The giant Ancient Order head appeared out of thin air.

When the head appeared, Wang Lin opened his mouth and let out a heaven-shaking roar at the vortex inside the formation!!


This roar instantly spread out and suppressed Master Lu Fu’s laugh. It formed a monstrous sound wave and swept forward!

It couldn’t compare to the roar from the mysterious existence in the ancient tomb that injured countless third step cultivators and chased away the Sovereign. However, Wang Lin’s Ancient Order roar was filled with momentum!

The roar rumbled and the space between Wang Lin and Master Lu Fu trembled. It was as the two people had launched invisible attacks at each other. The star domain trembled and the countless surrounding cultivators all coughed out blood. They retreated like crazy once more.

Deep within the vortex of the formation, Master Flamespark and company were completely pale. They quickly cycled their origin energy. It was as if they would collapse from this roar if they didn’t.

Master Lu Fu was sitting before them, and his expression changed. He clearly felt an unimaginable impact rushing at him that wanted to destroy anything that resisted it.

His laugh immediately collapsed before the Ancient Order roar. Master Lu Fu’s clothes fluttered in the wind. Although his expression had changed, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

However, there was a hint of shock he couldn’t conceal under this coldness!

Originally, he clearly understood Wang Lin’s strength. Although Wang Lin had broken that formation in eight breaths, he had many treasures and spells. Although shocked, he wasn’t afraid. In his view, they were equal and neither could suppress the other!

However, right now his previous analysis was shaken greatly. This roar contained an aura that made him feel terrified. He vaguely felt like he couldn’t resist this!

It was as if what was going to charge in was not a cultivator or an ancient god but an existence far beyond his comprehension, something that shouldn’t exist. This creature’s tyrannical nature was completely revealed in this roar!

Anyone who dared to block him would have to pay the price! 

As the roar echoed, the vortex Master Lu Fu was in had rotated constantly, but at this moment, it showed signs of stopping. It was as if this vortex didn’t dare to rotate before this roar!

Master Flamesparks’s face was pale and the fear in his eyes filled his mind. He stared at Wang Lin outside the vortex, but he couldn’t overlap this person with the figure from the past!

Although he had accepted the fact, he subconsciously still refused to believe it!

Li Yunzi was the weakest among them, and he had been seriously injured. Although he had recovered, his cultivation hadn’t progressed much. At this moment, although Master Lu Fu had blocked most of the power, just the residue sound made him feel deaf. He coughed out blood and retreated hundreds of feet before he finally stopped.

Fear appeared in his eyes and, like Master Flamespark, he looked at Wang Lin. The current Wang Lin was extremely unfamiliar, there was too much of a difference from the boy his memory!

“To reach such a cultivation level in just a few hundred years, could he have comprehended all of the battle scrolls? Fortunately, the hatred between us isn’t deep, and back then I gave him all the battle scrolls. Otherwise, I fear not even Master Lu Fu could save me!! He… He actually became this strong!!”

Blood God felt the most fear. His scalp tingled and he was almost scared out of his wits! He knew he had offended Wang Lin too much. At this moment, when he personally saw Wang Lin and felt the shock from the roar, he couldn’t help but tremble.

As the Yao family ancestor, as Allheaven’s Blood God, he was extremely haughty. He had rarely experienced what it was like to tremble, but right now he was truly scared!

Wang Lin’s strength made him feel fear, made him feel like he couldn’t resist. After seeing Master Lu Fu’s expression change, he felt desperate. However, he still had a hint of hope in his heart that he would get lucky!

“Perhaps this Wang Lin is not here for me but for Master Lu Fu. He wants to battle Master Lu Fu. I’m but an ant in his eyes, so he probably won’t be too hard on me…”

As the roar passed, Wang Lin stepped forward. With every step, the thunder echoed once more, creating a powerful pressure that pressed down on the vortex!

Master Lu Fu took a deep breath, but he didn’t get up. He stared at Wang Lin outside the vortex and slowly said, “Since we met on planet Suzaku, Fellow Cultivator’s cultivation level has increased greatly. This old man can’t help but be impressed!” 

His voice spread out from the vortex.

“The battle at planet Suzaku felt like it was just yesterday. Fellow Cultivator Lu Fu’s sword is still shocking!” Wang Lin didn’t stop as he calmly walked forward. After he finished speaking, he looked at Master Flamespark and clasped his hands.

“Fellow Cultivator Flamespark, how are you? I have come to Allheaven to deal with a few old matters, I hope you can forgive me.” The senior of the past had now become a fellow cultivator. It was not that Wang Lin wanted to change it, but the current Master Flamespark couldn’t bear Wang Lin calling him “senior.”

Although, when Wang Lin said “fellow cultivator,” Master Flamespark felt a hint of glory along with the bitterness. He quickly got up and clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

“Allheaven is Senior’s home, no need to talk about forgiving.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and gradually walked toward the vortex.

“In planet Suzaku, we teamed up and could be considered friends. Normally, I should be happy to see Fellow Cultivator, but why did you kill 11 of the people that were helping set up the formation?” Master Lu Fu’s narrowed his eyes and there was a flash of coldness in them.

Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral and he raised his hand to point at Blood God next to Mster Lu Fu. He slowly said, “I naturally have my own reasons for killing them. There is no feud between us, and I also have no intention of fighting you. I only want this person!”

Blood God’s mind trembled and all the blood left his face. If was as if all his vitality had been cut off with a point of Wang Lin’s finger.

Wang Lin stopped 1,000 feet outside the vortex. The person before him was Allheaven’s ancestor and a main force in the fight against the Outer Realm. Back on planet Suzaku, they had worked together for a short period of time. Although Wang Lin didn’t care about his cultivation level, he still had to give him the respect a third step cultivator deserved.

Master Lu Fu’s expression became gloomy and there was hesitation in his eyes.

“Master Lu Fu!! Only Junior can take you into that place…” Blood God’s face was pale and he was filled with despair. Just as he spoke, he was interrupted by Master Lu Fu.

“This old man will make his own decision!”

Master Lu Fu stood up and clasped his hands at Wang Lin. He slowly said, “Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin, can you give this old man some face and let his person go? This would count as this old man owing you a favor!”

Wang Lin looked at Master Lu Fu. A moment later, he shook his head.

“This person has great use to me. I hope Fellow Cultivator won’t stop me!”

Master Lu Fu’s expression became gloomy. Although he was cautious, the arrogance of a third step cultivator had been engraved into his bones. For the tens of thousands of years, he had done as he wished in Allheaven, and no one had dared to retort to him. He thought that he was already lowering himself and had even taken a step back by owing Wang Lin a favor.

However, Wang Lin didn’t care about his favor at all. As a result, Master Lu Fu gradually revealed a sneer.

“This old man wants to see why you’re so confident in battling this old man in this star formation! The power of your roar is strong and your body can match a third step cultivator, but this old man has been a third step cultivator for tens of thousands of years. How can a pretentious person like you understand?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same and his eyes gradually became cold. He waved his right hand and coldly said, “Don’t waste time. If you want to battle then let’s battle!!”

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