Chapter 149 - Core Formation (5)

Chapter 149 - Core Formation (5)

Wang Lin cultivated the entire time. Every now and then he would look outside and his gaze would turn colder. The aroma of medication floated out and after taking a sniff, Wang Lin calmly opened his bag of holding and began to organize the stuff inside.

When he took out the dragon’s tendons, his eyes narrowed. This treasure wasn’t very powerful. Although it could split many times to warp around a target, if it were to meet a sharp flying sword, it would be cut in half.

Even a powerful fire technique could burn this dragon tendon. As he thought about it, he let out a cold smile. Once he reaches the Core Formation stage, there would be a use for this dragon tendon.

The sounds from outside became even louder. It was as if they were right beside him. When he looked toward Li Muwans’s room, his heart became heavy and he let out a sigh.

Li Muwan bit her lower lip until it bled and her eyes were filled with tears. That incomplete Distant Heaven pill had failed at the moment of its completion.

As an alchemist, she had failed many times, but none of them had ever felt as bad as this. This was one of those times where she absolutely couldn’t fail.

Li Muwan looked at Wang Lin, who was cultivating outside, and her tears finally started flowing down. The current her looked very weak. After a while, she bit her teeth and took out the demonic blood vine. Since the first one failed, then she must hurry and use the demonic blood vine to make another.

Time slowly passed and the cave was starting to collapse. Chunks of rock fell down from the ceiling and the fog outside had been greatly reduced. It seemed like it could collapse at any time.

Wang Lin’s calm expression slowly changed, revealing a hint of anxiety.

Just at this moment, Li Muwan rushed out of her room. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were bloodshot, and she looked extremely tired as she threw a blood-red pill at Wang Lin. There were traces of powerful spiritual energy coming from the pill that made Wang Lin excited.

“This is a Distant Heaven Pill made from the demonic blood vine. Its effect isn’t … as good.”

Without a word, Wang Lin picked up the pill and looked at it. He looked back at Li Muwan and threw the pill into his mouth. After the pill entered his body, he felt a fire in his dantian.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and drank a lot of spirit liquid. Then he closed his eyes and began attempting to break into the Core Formation stage.

The cave shook again as more rocks fell down from the ceiling. There was only a thin layer of fog left outside. Li Muwan stared dumbfoundedly for a bit before taking out her flying sword. She stood in front of Wang Lin, guarding him, and knocked away any falling rocks.

Qian Kun continued to smash the small mountain down on the formation. His gaze swept past the other cultivators. He found that all of them were attacking the formation with excitement on their faces.

His mouth twisted into a faint, vicious smile and said, “Big Head, we can give you that girl, but once this formation breaks, you have to let us play with her first.”

The big-headed cultivator paused for a moment, then he let out a bitter smile. “Head elder, since you already spoke, how could I dare to disagree?”

Qian Kun sneered. He controlled the small mountain to smash down again and said, “This brat is merely at the pseudo Core Formation stage, but he has techniques that can kill a Core Formation cultivator. He is not simple. But today, he will die for sure.” With that, his eyes lit up and he thought, “I especially want that blue flame. That is definitely a rare treasure.”

The big-headed cultivator felt every gloomy. When he first saw that girl, he had only caught a short glimpse, but his heart itched, so he said those words. Originally, he thought that no one would challenge him, but he didn’t think that the head elder, who never cared about women, would say those words. He angrily attacked with his treasure to vent his anger.

The fog created by the formation had become very thin. Only one of the ten 1000 meter long dragons formed by the fog remained, and it was only 30 meters long at this point. Qian Kun waved his hand. The stamp changed back to its normal shape and return to the hands of Kun Sang.

After returning the stamp, Qian Kun let out a roar and arrived next to the dragon. He closed his hands, and when he reopened them, an electric net appeared and covered the dragon. He let out a laugh and shouted, “Break!”

The fog dragon let out a miserable scream as it disappeared. Along with it went the fog forming the nine skeleton formation. Although the formation was powerful, under the attack of ten Core Formation cultivators, it was broken after stalling for three days.

If Li Muwan hadn’t been refining the pill and were controlling the formation instead, then this formation wouldn’t have been broken like this.

With the formation broken, a tattered cave was exposed to the open. The ten Fighting Evil Sect Core Formation cultivators rushed forth, but just as they arrived within 20 meters of the cave, bolts of lightning fell from the sky. Although the lightning wasn’t powerful, there was a lot of it, so it looked very threatening.

The hundreds of basic formations Wang Lin had placed down came into effect. However, they were only basic formations, so they were continuously broken by the angry roars of the Core Formation cultivators.

Qian Kun looked onward coldly, but he didn’t do anything. His target was that pseudo Core Formation junior. He prepared an electric net in his hand and decided to capture that junior the moment he appears.

When all of the basic formations were broken, the cave no longer had any protection, so the demonic cultivators could see inside.

An exquisite figure appeared at the entrance of the cave. Her clothes were plain, but she looked very elegant and refined. Her skin was white and her cheeks were red. Her appearance would make anyone’s heart beat faster.

Even Qian Kun couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. However, he quickly looked past her into the cave, but the cave was completely dark and he couldn’t see anything.

Li Muwan looked at the demonic Core Formation cultivators. She waved her hand and the Hundred Beast Pill Furnace appeared. She coldly asked, “Are you guys here for this?”

Qian Kun saw this and let out a smile. The person who started chasing Wang Lin in the beginning, Kun Song, stared at the pill furnace and laughed. “I didn’t think that that brat really had a pill furnace, and it is even the Hundred Beast Pill Furnace that costs 100,000 high quality spirit stones from the Treasure Refining Pavilion. You’re correct; originally, our goal was this pill furnace. Little girl, hand the pill furnace over.” With that, he reached out and grabbed the pill furnace from Li Muwan. Everyone here knew the value of this pill furnace, so he decided to just point it out before everyone.

Kun Song and the other elder that was chasing Wang Lin from the start clasped their hands and said, “Head elder, this pill furnace will belong to the two of us. In the future, we will definitely send out gifts to thank you all. How about it?”

Qian Kun’s gaze swept past the pill furnace, then he silently nodded. The big-headed cultivator let out a devious smile as he reached out to grab Li Muwan. “Little girl, after you finish serving my fellow sect members here, you will be my personal cultivation furnace.”

Li Muwan’s face became pale. Just as she was about to end her own life, the big-headed cultivator stopped and let out a miserable scream.

He coughed out a large amount of blood and then even more blood came out of his orifices. His body then flew back as if it had been hit by some powerful force. But before he landed, he was grabbed by another force and pulled back. His head exploded and his golden core flew past Li Muwan and entered the cave.

“From this moment on, I will be the strongest person below the Nascent Soul stage. If there is no Nascent Soul cultivator hiding his cultivation level, then you can all… die!”

A very cold voice came out from deeper inside the cave. Then a dark figure walked out and appeared before everyone.

He has a head full of black hair, his expression was cold, and his eyes revealed a cruel look. It was as if he was a piece of never-melting ice.

A feeling of meeting their natural predator took hold of the hearts of everyone present. This feeling came from their souls. It was as if they had met some prehistoric beast.

This disturbance caused all of their souls to become so chaotic that they were on the verge of collapsing. This disturbance raged inside them like thunder, striking next to their ears.

Pu Lin’s soul was already damaged from the Ji Realm attack from before, and although he suppressed it, he hadn’t had time to recover. At this moment, his soul shattered and he coughed out blood before collapsing. His body twitched on the ground, and every time he twitched, blood squirted out of his orifices.

Qian Kun’s heart shook. Thanks to this shock, the electric net in his hand broke. His expression was unsettled as he took a few steps back and tried to escape. The idea of stealing the blue flame was already gone without a trace.

He was scared. As a mid stage Core Formation cultivator in Nan Dou City, he had never been scared before. He had even met late stage Core Formation cultivators before. They were messengers from the inner parts of the Sea of Devils that would come every year to take materials. Although he couldn’t beat them, he had never felt scared of them.

This was the first time since he had reached the Core Formation stage, and the last time, where he was scared. As a result, he decided to escape without hesitation. Normally, he would never be the first to run. He would wait for others to escape first, then choose a safe direction to escape toward.

But right now, he had a feeling that if he didn’t immediately escape, the only result would be his death.

As for the rest of them, after seeing each other’s faces change, Pu Lin mysteriously dying, and head elder Qian Kun running without any hesitation, they all activated all of the spirit energy in their bodies and escaped in all directions. They were afraid that if they were a tad bit slow, they would die.

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