Chapter 1483 - This Matter, No Problem!

Chapter 1483 - This Matter, No Problem!

This matter, no problem!

These simple words revealed self-confidence, but this confident person didn’t even know that as he was talking, Wang Lin had already arrived!

If he knew, perhaps he wouldn’t have been able to utter those four simple words.

Wang Lin stood hundreds of thousands of feet away from planet Dong Ling. He stared at the planet that was several times larger than planet Tian Yun. The killing intent in his eyes became even stronger.

He was filled with hope of resurrecting Li Muwan when he came from the Alliance. He had fought his way through Allheaven and finally won the title of Thunder Celestial and a promise from the Xiang family.

Back then, Wang Lin didn’t want to make an enemy out of the giant Xiang family. He only wanted Li Muwan to awaken.

He had arrived on planet Dong Ling for the first time with Xiang Yundong filled with hope to meet the ancestor. However, the ancestor was despicable and insidious. Not only did he not allow Li Muwan to awaken, but he took all of Wang Lin’s vitality!

If it wasn’t for the Finger of Death, Wang Lin would already be long dead!

As Wang Lin’s cultivation level increased and he learned of the difficulties of reviving Li Muwan, Wang Lin gradually found out that everything the Xiang family ancestor had said was a lie. He didn’t have the ability to revive Li Muwan! If not for the coffin that Wang Lin had found, even the hope of Li Muwan reviving would have been destroyed!

The vitality the ancestor had injected was the reason why Li Muwan’s soul had become even more damaged!

The ancestor was trying to destroy Li Muwan while stealing his vitality!

Wang Lin’s idea of injecting vitality into Li Muwan was correct if done with the right method. Then Li Muwan’s awakening might not be so difficult or impossible like it was now!

However, the Xiang family’s sinister method had destroyed this. Back then, Wang Lin’s cultivation was lacking, so he didn’t understand it completely. Looking back now, after 1,000 years, he could clearly see through it all, and his hatred was monstrous!

The ancestor knew about this from the start!

Wang Lin wanted to know the cause of all of this!

Why had the Xiang family ancestor deceived him to steal all his vitality in the name of resurrecting Li Muwan? There had to be a reason!

The Wang Lin back then had left in a sorry state. He wasn’t qualified to ask or resist, he could only endure! He continued to endure the humiliation, and the hatred was buried deep inside his heart. Just like how he had endured his hatred of the Teng family for hundreds of years!

However, today Wang Lin was looking at planet Dong Ling for the second time, and he was now qualified to know everything!

The killing intent in his eyes became even stronger and he took a step forward. A thunderous roar echoed and he crossed hundreds of thousands of feet with one step!

As the roar rumbled, Wang Lin appeared 10,000 feet away from planet Dong Ling!

The star domain trembled and ripples spread with Wang Lin as the center. It was as if a wave was set off in the ocean, and it continued to spread!

It was as if his step had landed on the pulse of space itself. The thunderous roar shook planet Dong Ling!

The expressions of the thousands of cultivators on the smaller planets around planet Dong Ling changed. They felt a powerful impact coming from above, and it smashed into planet Dong Ling.

Formation light flickered violently. The light shined brightly like the sun!

At this moment, all the cultivators on the smaller planets felt the sound of their hearts breaking. A force seemed to enter their bodies, and their origin energy cycled rapidly. It was as if their hearts would shatter from the vibrations coming from space if they didn’t do this!

Standing outside planet Dong Ling, Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning. After he appeared, he opened his mouth and calmly said one sentence!

“You know who I am, get the hell out here right now!”

The moment Wang Lin said this, a monsterous echo was set off!

 Get the hell out here right now!

 Get the hell out here right now!!

 Get the hell out here right now!!!

This one sentence revealed Wang Lin’s anger that had been suppressed for 1,000 years and erupted Wang Lin’s hatred for the Xiang family!

This one sentence contained the desperation he felt when he came here filled with expectation but was cheated in the end!

You can take my life in battle or hunt me like the Yao family. However, they had plotted against him when his hope was at its peak. They had cut off Li Muwan’s chance of recovery. Not only had they plotted against him, but they had also plotted against a weak woman that was already dead. This was not something Wang Lin could accept!

He couldn’t accept it!

The echoes spread like crazy across the stars. It was like thunder, and it suppressed the rumble from Wang Lin’s step earlier. 

Thunder filled the star domain along with this sentence. In the blink of an eye, the space around planet Dong Ling became a thunder hell!

This sentence set off a sound wave that could cause the world itself to collapse. It was like the roar of an ancient god!!

What did the storm Wang Lin had formed with that step count as? At this moment, countless storms started raging. These storms represented Wang Lin’s monstrous indignation, wrath, and hatred that had been brewing for over 1,000 years!

Formation light flashed violently on the dozens of smaller planets around planet Dong Ling. However, nine of those planets suddenly collapsed!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and spread across all the star domains in the eastern part of Allheaven. When the nine planets collapsed, all the cultivators stationed on them were killed!

Even the 27 old men who were controlling these nine planets couldn’t resist at all. They were terrified and shocked before they were killed!

They didn’t even have the strength to escape from Wang Lin’s roar!

The thousands of cultivators on the dozens of remaining small planets around planet Dong Ling all coughed out blood. It seemed some power had still penetrated the formation that was resisting the roar. Their hearts were shaken and fear began to arise!

As the roar echoed, planet Dong Ling echoed and countless cracks appeared on the planet’s surface. Countless mountains collapsed and rivers surged!

There was a sea in the northern part of the planet. Waves surged on this sea, forming a huge vortex. The voice turned into a blast that rushed into the ocean, forming a 10,000 foot tsunami that attempted to submerge the land!

The wave charged at the land in an attempt to swallow it up!

In the extreme eastern land of planet Dong Ling, just as the two old men in black relaxed, they were shocked by this roar. Their bodies trembled as if they were facing a powerful shockwave and were knocked back 2,000 feet. They coughed out blood and one of their bodies exploded, his blood covering the dark red earth.

Wang Lin’s roar echoed into the huge, hollowed out area underground. The earth trembled and a giant gully appeared as if two large hands had ripped it open!

A majority of the heads inside exploded, and even the death aura that had been gathering inside for tens of thousands of years was pushed back. It was as if the aura was afraid it would be too slow!

The earth yellow coffin trembled. Then its lid was smashed into pieces against the wall!

A roar struggled to come out from the coffin without a lid. A dried-up right hand came out from the coffin and grabbed the edge.

On the surface, the old man in black that had coughed out blood was filled with indescribable fear. He didn’t hesitate to quickly form seals with his right hand, and a black jade rapidly appeared.

“Set formation!! Stop this person from entering planet Dong Ling at all cost!!”

Powerful auras rushed out from planet Dong Ling from the south, east, and north. A large amount of cultivators gathered, at least ten thousand of them!

The northern area was home to the Lu family. Tens of thousands of cultivators sat on the ground, forming a giant formation! There were also dozens of old men sitting in the air. They quickly formed seals and were even spitting out blood. The blood quickly gathered and a huge blood shadow appeared!

The southern area was home to the Xu family. There were also tens of thousands cultivators surrounding a huge pool of blood at the center. Monstrous killing intent was oozing out of the blood pool, and these cultivators walked into the blood pool.

The eastern area was home to the Liu family. They formed groups of seven and occupied thousands of kilometers of space. Each group had a treasure that gave off a yellow glow!

If one looked down from above, they would see that the entire Liu family formed a giant sunflower!

At the same time, the formation light around the remaining smaller planets around planet Dong Ling flashed. They began to rotate rapidly around planet Dong Ling, forming a vortex with planet Dong Ling at the center!

Wang Lin coldly looked at everything before him. His eyes lit up and he stepped forward!

“Since you won’t come out, then I’ll drag you out! Anyone who dares to block me will be die with you!”

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