Chapter 148 - Core Formation (5)

Chapter 148 - Core Formation (5)

As he escaped, he checked the weakened blue flame. This blue flame came from his prototype core. The more he uses it, the weaker it will become. He didn’t want to use it too much before reaching the Core Formation stage because he believed that it getting weaker would affect his chance of breaking through.

Although it was powerful, it was like something without a root. Every time it was used, it would shrink a little. Back in the fourteenth valley, he didn’t really use it; he relied on its ambient temperature to melt the ice.

But when used to kill an enemy, it was very different. It wouldn’t be too bad if it could simply kill an enemy without much resistance, but if he were to start fighting against the enemy’s treasures, the flame would get used several more times than normal.

Also, there were three people. The reason that last attack worked so well was because they were all scared like little birds after seeing the techniques Wang Lin threw at them along the way. This was proven when the other two had plenty of time to attack him but didn’t.

This was also why he didn’t use it before now. After all, he hadn’t reached the Core Formation stage yet, so he didn’t want anything to go wrong. It was best to only use this blue flame when absolutely necessary.

If that wasn’t the case, with Wang Lin’s personality, he would have used it at the start and killed the enemies before letting it get to this stage. Wang Lin really didn’t want to waste all the effort he had put into making this prototype core.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they had pushed Wang Lin into a desperate position, he really wouldn’t have risked it. However, they never stopped chasing, so Wang Lin decided to risk breaking the prototype core to kill them.

But suddenly, seven or eight more Core Formation cultivators showed up, and one of them was at the mid stage of Core Formation. Wang Lin was shocked. This caused him to give up on the idea of killing them.

At the moment he escaped, he knew that he has walking down a path with no return. If he doesn’t reach the Core Formation stage, the repercussions will be very bad.

The 300,000 mile escape was reaching its end as the Core Formation cultivators carefully chased after Wang Lin.

The head elder slowly said, “This old man wants to see where this junior can run to. For killing an elder of the Fighting Evil Sect, even if you escape to the most remote corner of the world, you are still dead.” He waved his hand and a golden symbol suddenly appeared. Then he pressed forward and the golden symbol flew out.

The hair on the back of Wang Lin’s neck stood up, his body shivered, and he barely dodged the symbol, but shortly after, more symbols appeared. Wang Lin dodged all of them. He clenched his teeth and quickly flew forward. Gradually, the cultivators behind him got closer and closer. He thought of one method. Although this method was very dangerous, if it succeeds, then all the danger would dissolve.

Thinking about this, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. Then he turned around and changed directions.

Soon, a mountain covered in fog appeared before Wang Lin’s eyes. After seeing the mountain, Wang Lin charged into it without any hesitation.

The moment he got near the fog, the fog opened up a path and a beautiful girl in purple revealed her frightened figure.

However, just at this moment, a series of golden symbols charged out like lightning and landed on Wang Lin’s back the moment he entered the fog. Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of blood and fell into the fog like a kite with its string broken.

The girl in purple looked at the Core Formation cultivators with a pale face. She waved her hands and the fog hid her figure.

At the same time, the ten Core Formation cultivators of the Fighting Evil Sect arrived outside the fog. One of the old men, whose head was clearly larger than everyone else’s, rubbed his head and sneered. “That little girl belongs to this old man. I was just lacking a cultivation furnace.” With that, he licked his lips, formed a giant hand, and grabbed at the fog. However, the moment his hand touched the fog, the image of a thousand foot long dragon appeared.

The big-headed cultivator let out a scream and quickly backed up with a surprised look in his eyes. The other Core Formation cultivators also revealed looks of surprise as they stared at the fog.

The head elder, Qian Kun, coldly said, “When did a formation like this appear?”

The remaining cultivators all looked at each other, but no one responded.

Qian Kun let out a snort and carefully looked at the formation, then said, “Since this formation can summon a dragon, it must not be normal. Kun San, try using the Ten Thousand Seal Stamp.”

Kun Sang was one of the three elders that were chasing Wang Lin at the start. Without a word, he stepped forward and waved his right hand, making a black stamp appear. It quickly grew to the size of a small mountain as Kun Sang’s eyes locked onto the fog. He moved his hand and the small mountain smashed down.

The dragon formed by the fog quickly let out a roar, charged up, and collided with the small mountain. A thunderous roar exploded forth and the small mountain was thrown back. Kun Sang’s face became pale. It took him a while to stabilize his breathing.

The same moment the mountain was blown away, the dragon turned back into fog and disappeared. The formation returned to normal.

Qian Kun sneered. “Kun Sang, let me use your stamp.” With that, he didn’t wait for Kun Sang to agree and reached out. A powerful force pulled the small mountain towards him, but by the time it reached his hand, it had returned to its original shape.

Qian Kun swept his hand over the stamp to remove Kun Sang’s divine sense and left his own. Then he spat out a mouthful of spiritual energy. After the spiritual energy was fused with the stamp, he threw it into the air again. The stamp turned back into a small mountain, but this time, it was at least twice as large as last time.

The small mountain floated in the sky, covering the area with its shadow.

Qian Kun stared at the fog and waved his hand, making the small mountain smash down again. The fog formed the dragon again, which charged at the small mountain.

The scene from before played out again, but the result was very different. The moment they collided, the small mountain stopped for a moment, but the dragon dissipated and the mountain continued to descend.

But as it fell, ten more dragons took shape in the fog and charged at the mountain. Qian Kun sneered. “Fellow elders, attack!”

With those words, the remaining Core Formation cultivators took out their treasures and began to try to break the formation by force.

As for Wang Lin, after being brought into the cave, he immediately coughed out several more mouthfuls of blood. The dragon vest on his back caved inwards and released black smoke as it moved. Soon, the vest returned to normal as if was never damaged.

If he didn’t have this dragon vest, then he would be more than just injured. Although Qian Kun was only a mid stage Core Formation cultivator, his Destructive Symbol was very powerful. People who were hit by it would have all of the bones in their bodies shattered and would die.

Wang Lin’s face was very pale. Once he was inside the cave, he quickly took out the wooden box containing the Hundred Beast Pill furnace. He then gave it to Li Muwan and weakly said, “This is a rank 5 pill furnace. Quickly, complete the Distant Heaven Pill.” With that, he spat out the crystal flying sword.

The flying sword slowly landed on his shoulder. It was emitting a cold light. Although he had Li Muwan’s soul essence blood, he didn’t trust her completely. Necessary precautions still needed to be made.

Li Muwan stared at the wooden box in her hand. After taking a glance, she already knew how precious this pill furnace was, so she asked, “Are they chasing you because of this?”

Wang Lin closed his his eyes and focused on cultivating as he casually replied, “No.”

Li Muwan looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression. With her cleverness, she had already guessed that the ten cultivators were after this pill furnace. Wang Lin might not know the worth of this pill furnace, but how could she not know? A rank 5 pill furnace’s price was sky high.

She stared at Wang Lin. Her gaze became more gentle as she softly asked, “You… what did you use to exchange for it?... or did you steal it?”

Wang Lin frowned. He opened his eyes and coldly said, “Go refine the pill!”

Just at this moment, the cave violently shook as sounds of fighting came in from outside. Wang Lin took a deep breath and began to cultivate again.

Li Muwan hadn’t seen Wang Lin for three years. In those three years, she analyzed the time she had spent with him. Her conclusion was that he wouldn’t do anything bad to her.

In the past three years, she had been too scared to go outside. Luckily, cultivators don’t need much food; some spirit fruits and pills were enough. In the past three years, every time she thought of Wang Lin, she felt complicated. Someday, she might suddenly die, which would mean that Wang Lin had died outside as well.

She also imagined Wang Lin suddenly reappearing inside the cave, but she never imagined that Wang Lin would return with ten Core Formation cultivators chasing him.

She let out a sigh, then grabbed the pill furnace and quickly returned to her room to refine the Distant Heaven Pill.

Time slowly passed. Whenever Li Muwan started refining pills, she would throw out all distracting thoughts and would focus solely on refining. She still felt very nervous though. Not even when she refined for the first time before the eyes of her master was she this nervous.

She kept telling herself in her heart that she must succeed, othertwise, once the formation breaks, there will be unimaginable consequences. If she could succeed, there was still a chance. At least there should be no problems in escaping.

The cave shook more and more violently. Dust fell from the ceiling and walls until a layer of it formed on the floor. The sounds of fighting from outside became louder and closer.

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