Chapter 147 - Core Formation (4)

Chapter 147 - Core Formation (4)

Another person covered in black fog said, “You, damn it!” A hand reached out to slap Wei San.

Wei San’s face immediately became pale and he knelt onto the ground. He chattered, “Disciple...everything disciple said is true. Aside from me guessing his cultivation level wrongly, disciple…” The fear caused his words to become incoherent.

None of the other Fighting Evil Sect disciples revealed any expressions. Some even felt happy watching his misery. Seeing this made Wei San’s heart become even colder. He saw the hand come closer, then suddenly had an idea and shouted, “I… I remember now. He asked the worker at the Treasure Refining Pavilion if there is any rank 5 or higher pill furnace!”

In truth, Wei San didn’t clearly hear those words, but in this stressful situation, he began to make stuff up. As he spoke, even he himself began to believe that maybe that person really was there to buy a pill furnace.

The hand suddenly stopped. A husky voice said, “Pill furnace? Wei San, do you know the consequences of lying to me?”

Wei San clenched his teeth and said, “Disciple is willing to bet his life on it.” He couldn’t help but bitterly smile in his heart. If he didn’t promise now, then he would die instantly, so he might as well risk it. He was going to die anyway, but if he was right, then he would get to keep his life.

The third elder that still hadn’t said a word finally said, “It doesn’t matter if he is telling the truth or not. Let us just go and see for ourselves.”

The moment those words came out, the three of them no longer hesitated and followed after Wang Lin. The other disciples quickly followed them. Wei San wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and secretly cursed but still followed them.

The three elders of the Fighting Evil Sect came to Nan Dou City to have a very important meeting with the elders of the three other sects, so orders were given to not obstruct them. Now that the meeting was over, no one stopped them, even though there was a large group of Fighting Evil Sect members together.

As for Wang Lin, someone would stop him to check his token every once in a while. This made him move very slowly, and adding on the fact that he noticed people following him, he decided to just charge through everything.

Soon, he arrived at the gate and charged out of the city. Shortly after, the Fighting Evil Sect members flew by the gate as well. After they left, disciples of the three major sects of Nan Dou city appeared at the gate. They were being lead by a few Core Formation cultivators.

They had received orders to kick out the members of the Fighting Evil Sect if they started fighting inside the city, but if they leave the city, don’t stop them or help them.

After Wang Lin left Nan Dou City, he quickly went underground using the earth escape technique and quickly escaped.

One of the three Core Formation cultivators was surprised. He waved his hand and an ancient mirror appeared in his grasp. He spat out a mouthful of spiritual energy and guided it into the ancient mirror. The ancient mirror shined and a rainbow-colored light shot out from it. The light pointed at the ground toward where Wang Lin went and quickly went forward.

The three of them sneered and followed the light.

The disciples of the Fighting Evil Sect were all every excited. Hunting prey with the elders of the sect made them very excited.

Wang Lin slightly frowned and let out a snort as the divine sense left in Wei San detonated.

Wei San, who was with the group of Fighting Evil Sect members, suddenly let out a miserable scream, coughed out blood, and fell off his sword. His fellow disciples’ expressions immediately changed.

Wang Lin’s speed didn’t slow down. He spread out his divine sense and focused on one person. Once again, another disciple of the Fighting Evil Sect let out a miserable scream and fell down.

As a result, the disciples of the Fighting Evil Sect all stopped, not daring to continue chasing. Only the three Core Formation cultivators didn’t care. They continued to chase after Wang Lin.

One of the cultivators waved his hand and a giant, black stamp appeared. It circled him once, then he let out a cold smile and waved his hand. The black stamp smashed down.

The moment the stamp smashed into the ground, Wang Lin quickly turned and dodged it. The cultivator’s smile became even colder. He controlled the stamp to continue smashing into the ground. A figure then came out from under the ground. After coldly looking at the three of them, Wang Lin quickly flew away.

The cultivator with the ancient mirror shouted, “Hand over the treasure you got at the Treasure Refining Pavilion, or die!”

Just as he said those words, a bright light appeared before his eyes as a flying sword stabbed toward him. He felt terrified as he forced his body to move left a bit. He felt pain as the flying sword went through his chest and came out the other side. He couldn’t help but cough out a mouthful of blood.

“What kind of flying sword is this?” His face was pale and filled with lingering fear. If he hadn’t reacted fast enough there, he would have died.

Wang Lin secretly sighed and waved his hand. The crystal sword reappeared in his hand.

The other Core Formation cultivators were shocked. They quickly took out a few defensive formations before finally staring at Wang Lin.

“Scram!” Wang Lin’s eyes were cold. After saying that one word, he continued to fly forward.

The three Core Formation cultivators looked at each other, then at the flying sword around Wang Lin. This powerful of a flying sword was very rare. Greed appeared in the three’s eyes and they continued to chase Wang Lin.

The wounded cultivator took out several defensive treasures before finally relaxing a bit. Then he took out pills to help himself heal. Finally, he crushed some of the pills and smeared them on the wound.

Then he hesitated a bit and took out a jade. He placed it on his forehead and threw it out. In a few breaths of time, the jade disappeared.

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and found that the three were still chasing him. He couldn’t help but sneer. The three of them must be wanting to kill him to steal his treasure. For Wang Lin, being chased by three Core Formation cultivators wasn’t much. If it was only one, he could fight; however, there were three of them. Even though they were all at the early stage of Core Formation, he couldn’t underestimate them when they were together.

However, once he succeeds in forming his core, killing the three of them would be as easy as crushing ants.

Under the pursuit of the three Core Formation cultivators, Wang Lin ran for a whole day. During this time, the three used various treasures, causing Wang Lin to slow down. After the first sneak attack with the crystal sword, the three of them started to be on guard, so future attacks weren’t as effective.

Wang Lin’s gaze became colder and colder. His divine sense locked onto the three of them and the Ji Realm red lightning shot out. The three Core Formation cultivators saw a flash of red light before feeling like hammers had hit their heads. Blood came out of their mouths and noses and, after stumbling a bit, the three of them revealed terror they had never shown before.

The already wounded cultivator coughed out another mouthful of blood. His eyes were red and filled with pain. If it wasn’t for someone next to him grabbing him, he would have fallen off his flying sword.

He took a deep breath, calmed down his divine sense, then said to the other two, “He is no ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator. He must be someone who is only an inch away from the Core Formation stage.”

“We must kill him. If we let him succeed in forming his core, then with his technique, the three of us will surely die!”

“I have already informed the sect head. I believe he will send backup soon.”

Wang Lin’s brow furrowed. Normally, the Ji Realm would have no effect on Core Formation cultivators, but it was affected by his current cultivation level. With the completion of the Underworld Ascension Cultivation Method and the formation of the prototype core, he was able to wound Core Formation cultivators but not kill them.

Although the injuries seemed really heavy, the Core Formation cultivators would only need to rest for a bit to recover.

If there was only one person, then using all his power, along with help from the devil, he would win, but there were three people, so he could only run right now.

Wang Lin secretly sighed as he quickly flew forward.

Eight hours later, when the day had darkened. He had used his Ji Realm several times, but it could only slow them down. He spread out his divine sense, then suddenly stopped. He turned to look at the enemies that had chased him for two days and one night.

The three of them were also very tired, but they couldn’t stop chasing. If they were to let Wang Lin get away and reach the Core Formation stage, the three of them would die for sure. Suddenly seeing Wang Lin stop, the three of them were very confused.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin raised his hand into the air as if he was going to fight the heavens. His gaze became even colder and his hair flowed in the wind.

The crystal flying sword released a cold aura below his feet.

Soon, a mass of blue flames appeared in his right hand. The moment the fire appeared, the air surrounding the area immediately became colder. This blue flame was Wang Lin’s other ace besides his Ji Realm. Since he had already used Ji Realm, he didn’t want to use this blue flame. In the fourteenth valley, he found out that this blue flame was not re-useable. Every time he uses it, there would be less left. However, since the three wouldn’t stop chasing him, he had no choice but to use it.

The moment the blue flame appeared, the three Core Formation cultivators’ faces greatly changed. Before they could do anything, Wang Lin waved his hand and the blue flame slowly flew toward them.

Although it looked very slow, it was very fast. The harsh wind froze and smashed toward the three of them.

The three of them didn’t hesitate to split up. However, the blue flame’s speed quickly increased several fold and landed on the Core Formation cultivator that had been injured multiple times. In the blink of an eye, his body released a blue light and disappeared. He didn’t even have time to scream.

The blue flame weakened a bit and quickly went after the next target. However, just at this moment, a thunderous roar came from the distance. Wang Lin spotted seven or eight rays of light quickly flew toward this direction.

Wang Lin’s expression changed. He reached out with his right hand and recovered the blue flame before escaping. This time, he used 120% of his spiritual energy and ran for his life.

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