Chapter 1455 - Killing Move!

Chapter 1455 - Killing Move!

He had used the sound essence to break open the Void Gate and reach the third step. Then he refined the Ancient Thousand Star Sea and encountered a great fortunate that allowed his water essence to come into fruition. Although it didn’t reach perfection, the fusion of the two essences was enough for him to shake the heavens! This was one of the five masters of the Ancient Star System, Dao Master Miao Yin!

At this moment, most of the purple scales on his body had collapsed and he was drenched in blood. His expression was extremely hideous and he let out an earth-shattering screech while he retreated.

This was a moment of life and death for him!

“Great Desolation Old Poison, your oath is in my hands. I want to see how you plan to deal with the Joss Flame backlash!!” Miao Yin waved his hand and took out the rune that was formed by Great Desolation’s oath.

Holding the rune, Dao Master Miao Yin crushed it and it turned into specks of light.

Great Desolation’s face immediately turned pale inside the dark palm print and he coughed out a mouthful of blood, but didn’t look weakened. He grinned and said, “This old man’s cultivation method is different from you all. I steal my fortune from the heavens; how could a mere Joss Flame oath seriously injure this old man? Just a mouthful of blood is enough!”

The moment Great Desolation coughed out blood, his original body outside also coughed out blood. Although the desolated planet he was on had life and the mountains and rivers had spirit, everything instantly withered the moment he cough out blood. It was as if the planet had instantly lived out its life and become a death planet.

In the Ancient Tomb, Great Desolation waved his hand and the giant palm print charged at Dao Master Miao Yin. In this instant, the five fingers suddenly changed.

The index finger turned into a black centipede with long whiskers. Its body twisted and was extremely hideous. After appearing, it let out a roar.

The remaining four fingers flashed at the same time and transformed into a black snake with a horn on its head, a large black spider, and a large scorpion tail that seemed as if it could break the void.

The thumb turned into a terrifying-looking toad. The back of the toad was covered in bumps that were filled with unimaginable poison. 

Five different poisons shot out toward Dao Master Miao Yin, with Great Desolation in the middle. His hand formed a seal and he spat out a mouthful of poison. However, it didn’t rush out but instead went into the face of Great Desolation. His physical appearance suddenly began to change!

His face became yellow and black as if it was rotting and gave off a stench. His face moved strangely and soon turned into the appearance of his original body!

His face was covered in scars and three needles penetrated his lips. His eyes under his messy hair gave off an endless, cold gaze!

“40,000 years ago, this old man refined the three Great Desolation Celestials into needles to seal my lips. In order to kill you today, I’ll let you know why I must seal my lips! Three celestials, release!” Great Desolation let out a roar. The three needles that appeared after he returned to his original body penetrated his lips and shot out.

They turned into three rays of black light that shot toward Dao Master Miao Yin!

As Dao Master Miao Yin retreated, he waved his hand and the rumbling sounds in the air become even more intense. In just a short few moments, this sound replaced everything else in the world.

A purple ocean also appeared before him, and the sound of waves crashing echoed!

The fusion of sound and water essence in the form of the ocean resulted in the roar of the ocean! The roar of the ocean, the voice of the heavenly ocean! The sound magnified countless fold until it was powerful enough to destroy the heavens. This sound caused the seal on this land to collapse!

Even the nearly 100 cultivators on the ground couldn’t avoid it. As the ocean roared, they all let out miserable screams as their bodies collapsed one by one.

The sealed land rapidly disintegrated and collapsed in an instant. Large amounts of fog rushed in and fused together with the ocean.

Wang Lin reacted very fast. The moment Dao Master Miao Yin used the spell, he collected all the mosquito beasts. He then moved forward and began a pincer attack on Dao Master Miao Yin with Great Desolation!

At this moment, he charged at Miao Yin and light flashed around him to offset the sound. The thunder and fire in his eyes flashed to offset the power of the roar from the ocean.

“Ocean World! Open!” Miao Yin roared, and a giant rift hundreds of feet long appeared behind him!

It was space inside the rift, but there were no planets. Instead, there was a purple ocean filled with countless lifeforms. They were all Dao Master Miao Yin’s Joss Flame souls!

At this moment, as Dao Master Miao Yin used his spell, his hand reached out behind him, causing the rift to increase 10 fold in size. This rift was now boundless and rapidly expanded out from this collapsed sealed land!

The sound of the ocean waves was heaven-shaking. Inside the rift, the ocean created a wave hundreds of feet tall. Hundreds of millions of Joss Flame Souls rushed out from the rift toward the approaching Great Desolation.

All of this happened in a flash. The purple ocean collided with Great Desolation’s five poisons under the heaven-shaking roar of the ocean.

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy and the sealed land became fragments, causing this place to be part of the fog sea. The fog was pushed back in all directions.

Great Desolation’s figure was about to be submerged by the purple ocean when a hiss echoed. Purplish black light came from Great Desolation’s lips.

It was a tongue!

A tongue that shouldn’t belong to a person. It was purplish black and immediately collided with the purple ocean. Great Desolation let out a muffled groan as the purple ocean went past his bizarre tongue and smashed into his body. Then Great Desolation coughed out blood and his body collapsed!

A soul appeared and immediately retreated.

At the same time, the purple ocean changed colors. After being touched by the tongue, the purple ocean turn black like link, and a stench came from it. The Joss Flame ocean turned into a poison ocean!

Inside the ocean, the five poisons had almost all collapsed. They turned into five strands of black gas and went through the ocean toward Miao Yin.

In a flash, Dao Master Miao Yin coughed out blood and quickly retreated. Three needles stabbed the area between his brows!

These three needles stabbed into his forehead halfway and then black ripples echoed from them. There were also five strands of black gas around his bloody chest that turned into the five poison and entered his body.

The Joss Flame ocean had been polluted and he himself was poisoned. However, he had destroyed his enemy’s physical body, leaving them only a soul. This was a pyrrhic victory for him!

However, due to Wang Lin’s presence, a sudden change occurred!

Wang Lin had been prepared this whole time. His eyes shined with a cold glint when he got close. As Dao Master Miao Yin retreated, they came closer and closer!

In a flash, there were only a few hundred feet between them. Dao Master Miao Yin continued to cough out blood, and he suddenly turned around. He waved his right hand and it unexpectedly separated from his body. It exploded to form a powerful gust of wind that swept toward Wang Lin.

This gust of wind contained his intent to kill! He was like a dried up oil lamp, he had to kill Wang Lin in order to retreat!

“Scram!!” Although he had been sneak attacked by Wang Lin’s blood sword, in his heart, Wang Lin, who hadn’t reached the third step, was still an ant!

Wang Lin suddenly stopped. When the gust of wind arrived, he pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. Ancient god stars appeared and the Emperor Furnace appeared from the first star!

The ethereal Emperor Furnace immediately turned solid and the gust of wind smashed into it!

The Emperor Furnace rumbled violently, but at this moment, the part facing Miao Yin seemed to melt. A killing intent that had been hidden for a long time suddenly erupted. A figure suddenly shot out and headed through the gust of wind!

The moment this figure appeared, a giant, black statue appeared with the figure. This statue was like a devil god with its arm folded. At this moment, the statue’s arms opened and a destructive power swept toward Miao Yin!

The timing was extremely precise, it was exactly when Dao Master Miao Yin was most injured and was close enough so he couldn’t evade. Miao Yin could have never imagined that Wang Lin, who he considered an ant, could have such terrifying methods!

“Ling Dong!!” Dao Master Miao Yin’s expression changed greatly and disbelief appeared in his eyes. As he exclaimed, the statue filled with destructive power slammed its right hand on the spot between his eyebrows. The statue pushed the three needles another inch into his head… However, it didn’t completely push them inside.

Dao Master Miao Yin let out a miserable scream and his body was covered in black fog. The poison in his body erupted and, thanks to the destructive force, he was near death!

He was knocked back and blood mist sprayed everywhere. At the same time, Great Desolation’s soul quickly arrived and was about to possess Miao Yin’s body by force!

This was Wang Lin’s ace, the most powerful move he had prepared to catch the other party off guard!!

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