Chapter 1435 - Wang Lin’s Ambush

Chapter 1435 - Wang Lin’s Ambush

This green wolf was 100,000 feet large. Although it was small in space, it was still enough to shock the mind of anyone who saw it up close.

The monstrous red mist began to condense on the last of the six Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan’s cultivation planets. Wang Lin’s figure appeared.

There was a flash of red in his eyes and his origin soul’s injuries recovered a bit. With an indifferent gaze, his hand pushed toward the six cultivation planets!

With this, the restrictions Wang Lin had left on the six cultivation planets erupted and one of the planets collapsed. The power of the collapse shook the star domain!

This was an abandoned cultivation planet, but one filled with spiritual energy that the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan had spent a lot of effort to obtain. The collapse of a planet like this couldn’t be compared to the collapse of an abandoned planet.

What collapsed wasn’t just the mountains and land but the powerful spiritual energy! Thunderous rumbles echoed as the cultivation planet was torn apart. The powerful impact turned into a storm that quickly spread.

Wang Ling grasped the timing of the impact extremely well. He knew that the enemy would arrive at any time, so he had left this on the planet while he was devouring it!

Almost at the instant the burly man closed in, the planet collapsed.

If it was just one cultivation planet, it wouldn’t show Wang Lin’s decisiveness and ruthlessness. After the first planet, the remaining five also exploded!

The powerful impact was mixed with countless fragments. The constant collapse formed a heaven-shattering force that spread in all directions.

From afar, it looked as if space itself was collapsing. It was like the apocalypse!

The storm formed by the collapse of the six cultivation planets was like a big mouth that devoured the burly man. In a flash, he was swallowed inside the storm.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the stars, but just at this moment, a shocking wolf howl echoed. From within the collapse of the six planets, a ferocious wolf rushed out. Although its size didn’t change, its body was more ethereal now and it looked a lot weaker.

After it rushed out, it charged at Wang Lin with an angry roar. Like the wolf devouring the moon, it directly tried to swallow Wang Lin!

Seeing the wolf close in, Wang Lin revealed a sneer and retreated. He waved his right hand and a tortoise shell appeared before him.

The moment the tortoise appeared, a ghostly light pierced in all directions like sharp swords. There was a violent flicker and the tortoise shell expand like crazy. In the blink of an eye, it turned into an incomparably large tortoise beast!

This tortoise shell was gifted to him by the old Vermillion Bird. It was the Ancient Soul Restriction that was originally above the arena!

The tortoise appeared and protected Wang Lin under it. It let out a hiss when the wolf arrived and hit its shell.

From afar, this was a shocking scene. The storm of the six cultivation planets’ collapse spread out. Outside the storm, a giant green wolf howled and collided with a giant tortoise!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the stars and turned into ripples that spread in all directions like the waves in a raging sea. The tortoise shell rapidly shrank and was put back into Wang Lin’s storage space as he retreated.

As for the green wolf, it was first damaged by the collapse of the six cultivation planets and then collided with the Ancient Soul Restriction. More than half its body had collapsed and it was knocked back more than 100,000 feet.

The burly man walked out of the storm of the collapsed planets. He waved his hand and the collapsed wolf returned to him.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth as he continued to retreat. Ripples appeared under his feet as if he was going to leave using Spatial Bending, but his gaze was locked onto the girl on the burly man’s shoulder.

Even the girl didn’t think Wang Lin would be locked onto her while escaping. If she knew, if she understood Wang Lin, she would definitely have felt that something bad was coming.

The burly man’s eyes were filled with killing intent and he was about to chase. However, his expression changed and an ethereal fire ignited in his body. In the blink of an eye, the fire filled his body, and even the wolf behind him was shrouded in this fire and started letting out mournful cries.  

“Ethereal Fire cultivator!!! Damn it!!” The burly man’s face immediately turned pale and he coughed out blood. There was shock in his eyes!

The girl on his shoulder frowned as she looked at the retreating Wang Lin, who was about to escape. She raised her hand to touch her brow and softly said, “As the descendent of the Sealing Extermination Clan, I summon my clan’s seal to seal his retreat…”

Just as she said those words, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Within the shockwave caused by the six collapsed cultivation planets, there was a monstrous blood light!

The blood sword had long been hidden in a cultivation planet. Even after the cultivation planet collapsed, it still hid itself inside the chaos, not appearing.

 However, right now it suddenly appeared. As the blood light lit up the area, it shot toward the girl!

The blood sword was so fast that it instantly closed in on the girl. It charged at the woman targeting, the area between her eyebrows. The girl was stunned by this.

A blood light flashed and pierced through her brow at an unimaginable speed. It returned back to Wang Lin in a flash and Wang Lin escaped using Spatial Bending!

Clean and precise!

This scene caused the pupils of the burly man of the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf clan to shrink. His mind trembled and a feeling of fear appeared in his heart.

“He is clearly an Ethereal Fire cultivator, but he didn’t use it. He waited until that moment to trigger my emotions and then used the moment I was suppressing the fire to take the life of Dao Master Miao Yin’s maid with that sword he had hidden within the planets!

“What a terrifying scheme!!

“That sword was also a strange object! It was extremely fast and also extremely sharp. He knows that I’m a third step cultivator and that I may have been able to resist the blood sword. In order to ensure the kill, he gave up on attacking me and decided to destroy the maid…” There was a hint of fear in the burly man’s thoughts!

What he feared wasn’t Wang Lin’s cultivation, but those endless treasures and schemes that ran as deep as the ocean!

He didn’t know that the real reason Wang Lin had targeted the girl was because he had recognized the mark between the girl’s eyebrows. The power and terror that mark represented had left a deep impression on Wang Lin!

Sealing Extermination Clan! One of the small clans of the Ancient Star System! With this woman here, all of Wang Lin’s spells could be sealed. Once sealed, the consequences would be unpredictable!

From Wang Lin’s point of view, although her cultivation level wasn’t high, the danger she brought wasn’t weaker than this Nirvana Void burly man!

“What a ruthless person…” A faint sigh came from the burly man. Light gradually returned to the eyes of the girl who had her forehead pierced with the blood sword.

The wound between her eyebrows moved and rapidly recovered. However, a permanent scar had appeared there.

The wound on the back of her head also recovered.

The girl raised her finger, wiped the blood off the mark from her forehead, and placed it in her mouth.

“Very terrifying calculations and schemes… He had long figured out the route we would pursue him. He first left restrictions on the cultivation planets and exploded them when we got close. While we were distracted by the planets exploding, we didn’t notice the hidden flying sword… That was his true goal…” The girl’s eyes lit up.

“He probably knows that I’m someone from the Sealing Extermination Clan… This whole trap was set… just to kill me!!” The girl revealed a smile, but it contained a hint of fear she couldn’t hide.

“What a deep scheme. Once he determined we were enemies, he was decisive and ruthless. This kind of character is not easy to provoke… We had underestimated his strength... Even Master had underestimated his strength… If not for the fact that my Sealing Extermination Clan has the Three Souls spell, I would… be dead.” The girl clenched her teeth. Although she looked calm, she was filled with fear. In that moment, she didn’t even have time to think, and she had already died once.

This was the first time she had experienced something like this in her life!

“Continue to chase. Even if we chase him to the end of the world, we have to kill him! Northeast, 1,734,532 kilometers! This person’s schemes run deep and everything has to be taken into consideration. I fear even his escape route has meaning… This direction… This…” the woman whispered as her hand holding the compass trembled. She suddenly look up toward the northeast.

“That is the location of the Ancient Order Tomb!! Why did he chose to escape there!?”

The burly man from the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan silently ripped open the void and walked into it. After he left, the rift slowly closed and the star domain calmed down, leaving only the collapsed planets that had formed a storm that was still spreading… The area outside the rift to the Ancient Order Tomb was filled with dense fog. There was a terrifying power inside the fog, and not even third step cultivators would dare to carelessly enter the fog.

This fog covered a one million square kilometer area, and many cultivators of the Ancient Star System were present.

No one had noticed that an upheaval was brewing inside the Ancient Order Tomb inside the rift. A moment later, it erupted and shocked the entire Ancient Star System!

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