Chapter 1396 - Waves Surges

Chapter 1396 - Waves Surges

The Dark Scorpion Planet was still surrounded by a layer of devilish energy. From afar, it looked extremely bizarre, and even the creatures on the planet were being affected.

On this day, there were six more days until the Fallen Elder Selection, and the devilish energy shrouding the planet began to change. The devilish energy rumbled loudly and all began to condense toward one location!

This sudden change caught the attention of the Dark Scorpion Clan and the Cloud Escape Clan. Just as they spread out their divine senses to observe, they noticed that the dense devilish energy was all gathering toward Wang Lin’s cave!

It was as if a vortex had appeared inside the cave and was attracting all the devilish energy!

In just an instant, all the devilish energy disappeared, sucked into Wang Lin’s cave. From afar, it looked like a giant vortex had appeared, and the center of the vortex was Wang Lin’s cave.

The vortex rotated rapidly and rapidly contracted. It was done in a flash, so fast that people couldn’t react to it!

As the devilish energy gathered in Wang Lin’s cave, a thick layer of fog that divine sense couldn’t penetrate formed. The fog was still rapidly condensing. Wang Lin was sitting inside this fog, and before him floated a small, red person.

This small person was blurry and looked like an origin soul. It was more like a soul, and it looked extremely similar to Wang Lin. Except it gave off an aura of madness, and it was ferocious.

At this moment, the small person opened his mouth and began to devour the devilish fog!  After a moment, all the fog was devoured by the little person.

The little person’s body turned a bit more solid, but it seemed unsatisfied. He had a ferocious expression as he stared at Wang Lin. He let out a roar before pouncing. He seemed to even want to devour Wang Lin.

When it pounced, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a cold gaze. His gaze was like a bolt of thunder, and it collided with the gaze of the little person.

“Scram!” With a cold snort, the little person let out a miserable scream, but Wang Lin didn’t use any spell. He was thrown back and landed on the ground.

“I created you, so I can easily destroy you!” Wang Lin stood up and reached out toward the little person.

The little person revealed fear. When Wang Lin’s right hand reached over, he trembled before collapsing into fog. The countless strands of fog escaped in all directions, and after escaping Wang Lin’s grasp, it reformed outside the cave.

As soon as it appeared, it turned into a cloud and escaped. It moved very fast and was about to disappear.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm and he revealed a sneer. His right hand formed a seal and he blew out a breath. In an instant, a miserable scream echoed from the horizon.

Shortly after, the little person flew back by himself and knelt down by himself. His body trembled and looked blurry, as if it could dissipate at any moment.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he slowly said, “I just need one breath to destroy you!”

The devil soul little person trembled and quickly kowtowed as if it was begging for mercy.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and reached at the void. The fog lance suddenly appeared and pointed at the devil soul. The devil soul and Wang Lin’s mind were linked, and it revealed a look of hesitation.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort.

This devil soul trembled and turned into a ray of black light. It shot toward the Fog Devil Lance and integrated with it. The moment it entered it, the Fog Devil Lance seemed to gain a soul and gave off a terrifying aura. It turned into a black python and flew out of the cave. It stretch itself in the sky and let out a heaven-shaking roar!

The Dark Scorpion Clan members were all gobsmacked as they stared at the black python that was giving off endless pressure. They were completely shaken.

The Cloud Escape Clan members were the same. They stared at the black python in the sky in terror. A sense of fear appeared in their hearts.

The black python contained unimaginable tyranny and madness. Its powerful bloodlust made it feel like every living thing in the world was its enemy!

Zhong Big Red swallowed and excitement filled his eyes. He was different from Xu Liguo. The stronger Wang Lin was, the more glory he felt. He quickly knelt down and roared, “Master’s treasure is complete, he is invincible!!”

As the black python in the sky dissipated, its body gradually dissipated. It turned into a ray of black light that entered Wang Lin’s body and disappeared.

An extra devil soul appeared next to Wang Lin’s origin soul. Its eyes were closed and it was completely suppressed by Wang Lin’s origin soul. It couldn’t resist or struggle at all.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but there was a hint of joy in his heart. The devil soul avatar wasn’t complete, but it had taken shape. After refining it many more times, it could become a real avatar!

“I wonder if I can return to the true form of the Ancient Order once my ancient god, devil, and demon avatars fuse like I expect them to!” Wang Lin licked his lips and waved his right hand. Two treasures immediately appeared before him.

A yellow leaf and a sealed treeman!

In the Fallen Land, the Fallen Elder selection was a holy event. All the small clans that were qualified to compete were preparing!

The location of the event was the most mysterious planet in the Fallen Land, the Great Emperor Planet!

This planet was very famous in the Ancient Star System and was a focus of research of the Sovereign Council. The rumors of this planet spread far across the Ancient Star System.

Anyone who personally saw the Great Emperor Planet wouldn’t forget such a shocking sight!

It has to be said that most cultivation planets in the Ancient Star System were spherical. Even though some were irregularly shaped, they were mostly round. This was a very strange phenomenon, and a lot of powerful cultivators tried to discover why this was so.

However, in the end, they had only found some clues and weren’t able find the truth. It wasn’t until the Sovereign Council announced the result of their research. It was a new law called “the law of rotation.”

They believed that all planets were constantly rotating, and due to this rotation, all irregularly shaped planets would become round after a long time.

However, this law changed completely when it came to the the Great Emperor Planet. This planet was long, and from afar, it looked like the needle on a compass that was slowly rotating.

No one knew why the Great Emperor Planet was like this. This was the holy land of the Fallen Land, and where the Great Emperor’s cave was.

Normally, there was an unimaginable tearing and magnetic force around the planet. Cultivators would find that their treasures had become useless here, and even their cultivations would be suppressed.

Only during the selection of Fallen Elders would these forces weaken greatly and several tunnels to enter the planet would appear.

Aside from the more than 300 clans participating in the Fallen Elder Selection, there would also be people from the Ancient Star System. Most of them were invited by these clans and would sometimes help in battle.

The Great Emperor never cared about this, and this gradually became an unspoken rule. However, someone who wasn’t from one of the clans of the Fallen Land couldn’t become an elder, or else they would die!

Every Fallen Elder Selection, the Sovereign Council would send people to observe as guests. This was to show their recognition of the Fallen Council and pay respects to the Great Emperor. They also came here to observe and even support certain clans.

Aside from the Sovereign Council, the Fallen Council would also send out invitations to invite powerful people in the Ancient Star System.

The Great Emperor ignored all of this. It was as if the Fallen Elder Selection was merely a festivity. 

Wang Lin moved to the Great Emperor planet with the Dark Scorpion Clan and the Cloud Escape Clan.

A woman with long hair was standing on a giant, octagonal compass outside of the Fallen Land. She was frowning, and no one knew what she was thinking about.

Beside her was a middle-aged man. He was also looking ahead, and his expression was gloomy.

“Grandmaster Yun Luo, that Great Emperor killed my avatar. What is the Sovereign Council’s stance on this?”

“There will be compensation.” The long-haired woman whispered as she looked at the Fallen Land. She thought in her heart, “To be sheltered by the Great Emperor… Now I really want to see this person with my own eyes… I just don’t know if he is the person mentioned in the ancestor’s prediction…”

In another part of the Ancient Star System, there was a soft, blue light. Dao Master Blue Dream was slowly walking with his hands behind his back.

Li Qianmei silently followed behind him.

Even further away, in a star domain where almost no one went to, there was a beast the size of a cultivation planet slowly moving. This beast was the shape of a ellipses and there were countless tentacles tens of thousands of feet long slowly swaying throughout its body.

Moongazer Serpent!

There was an old man wearing a white robe. He had an extremely bizarre appearance, and half of his face was black. His face was like an yin and yang symbol.

Behind him stood three people that looked like servants. If Wang Lin saw them he would find them extremely familiar!

Yi Muzi, Wudo Chan… and the already dead… Ji Xiantian![1]

1. They were people who got sucked into the void with the Moongazer Serpent

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