Chapter 137 - Country Sealing Array. (Teaser)

Chapter 137 - Country Sealing Array.

Wang Lin revealed a joyous expression as he accepted the jade talisman. The middle-aged scholar no longer said anything to Wang Lin. He entered the phoenix chariot to talk to Feng Luan.

Wang Lin was not someone who didn’t know his place. The moment the middle-aged scholar walked into the phoenix chariot, he left and joined the army’s ranks.

At the border of Hou Fen was Xuan Wu. Along with the cultivators, all of the mortals were also migrating with their families to Xuan Wu. Those fire beasts that underwent change rarely attacked mortals now; their only target was Wang Lin.

As time passed, the fire beasts began to catch up. More and more fire beasts appeared behind the army of cultivators, causing a heavy pressure to weigh above everyone’s heads.

There was a giant basin at the border of Hou Fen. After the army of cultivators arrived there, the heads of various sects and cultivation families, along with the 19 Nascent Soul cultivators, began an important secret meeting.

After the meeting was over,...

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