Chapter 137 - Country Sealing Array.

Chapter 137 - Country Sealing Array.

Wang Lin revealed a joyous expression as he accepted the jade talisman. The middle-aged scholar no longer said anything to Wang Lin. He entered the phoenix chariot to talk to Feng Luan.

Wang Lin was not someone who didn’t know his place. The moment the middle-aged scholar walked into the phoenix chariot, he left and joined the army’s ranks.

At the border of Hou Fen was Xuan Wu. Along with the cultivators, all of the mortals were also migrating with their families to Xuan Wu. Those fire beasts that underwent change rarely attacked mortals now; their only target was Wang Lin.

As time passed, the fire beasts began to catch up. More and more fire beasts appeared behind the army of cultivators, causing a heavy pressure to weigh above everyone’s heads.

There was a giant basin at the border of Hou Fen. After the army of cultivators arrived there, the heads of various sects and cultivation families, along with the 19 Nascent Soul cultivators, began an important secret meeting.

After the meeting was over, 19 figures flew into the air above the basin. One of the Lou He Sect cultivators shouted, “After many years of studying, my Lou He Sect has determined this to be the ancestral home of the fire beasts, the birthplace of the fire spirit beasts. If we lay a seal here, it will affect all of the volcanoes in Hou Fen. Then, if we use the country sealing array left by our ancestors from more than 1,000 years ago, we can seal the fire beasts within Hou Fen.”

One of the Evil Demon Sect’s Nascent Soul cultivators looked at the ground and snorted. “If our ancestors already had things prepared, then why didn’t they just wipe them out back then instead of letting things become like this?”

The three Nascent Soul cultivators of the Corpse Sect had no coffins behind their backs. That meant they were close to completely possessing their bodies.

The three of them had the most calm expressions. It was as if nothing interested them. If it wasn’t for the fact that Hou Fen’s current spiritual energy made it impossible for them to recover, they wouldn’t even be involved in this migration.

Ancestor Song of the War God Shrine rolled his eyes and said, “Even the ancestors wouldn’t be able to predict that this disaster would come. Even if they did predict it, they wouldn’t be able to help. To be able to leave something behind from 1,000 plus years ago to give us a chance to live is good enough. Fellow cultivators, let us begin.”

After Ancestor Song finished speaking, six Nascent Soul cultivators, including the middle-aged scholar and Feng Luan, stood together in a certain formation and formed a strange seal with their hands.

The six of them let out shouts together and six lotus flowers flew out toward the eastern corner of the basin. The entire basin shook as a cloud of red smoke floated into the air.

After that, the Lou He Sect, Corpse Sect, and Devil Demon Sect shot lotus flowers at the South, West, and North corners respectively.

More roars echoed in the basin as more and more red smoke appeared. The red smoke gathered in one place and formed many shapes before turning into a hollow ring.

At this moment, the Nascent Soul cultivators from the cultivation families who hadn’t acted yet let out bitter smiles. They hit their own foreheads and their Nascent Souls appeared. Then they flew into the empty space inside the ring and stayed there.

One of the Lou He Sect’s cultivators shouted, “Fellow independent cultivator, act now. What are you waiting for?”

One of the Nascent Souls inside the ring replied with a sharp tone, “Forget it! Since the four great sects are willing to repay us with Nascent Pills, it is only losing 100 years of spiritual energy! I’ll do it!” With that, the Nascent Soul formed a seal and charged into the smoke. The moment he entered the smoke, his Nascent Soul disappeared as if it had fused with the fog.

The rest of the Nascent Souls clenched their teeth and changed in. The ring of fog didn’t change in size, but there were movements of spiritual energy within it.

The country sealing array left by this ancestor not only required all four sects to act, it also required Nascent Soul cultivators to use their Nascent Souls to ensure that the seal was perfect.

The color of blood became stronger and stronger on this ring of smoke as it floated higher into the air. Soon after, the ring quickly expanded toward the four corners of Hou Fen.

All of the volcanoes that the red ring passed released red smoke. The red smoke from the volcanoes joined the ring and increased its expansion speed.

After one hour, the ring covered the entire country of Hou Fen like a bowl. The country sealing array had successfully opened.

Once the country sealing array had opened, only mortals could freely enter. Anything with spiritual energy and under the Soul Formation stage would not be able to pass.

As the sealing array opened, the 19 Nascent Soul cultivators of the four sects grabbed the bodies of the independent Nascent Soul cultivators. Those who had families had entrusted their bodies to them while those without had entrusted their bodies to the Lou He Sect.

Several cultivators of Lou He Sect stood outside the array. They bowed and shouted, “Fellow cultivators, please be at ease while you maintain the array. We promise to keep your bodies safe. This array only needs to last three months. I believe we will have a spot in Xuan Wu by then. I believe that by then, the higher cultivation country will also come to wipe out the beasts. We will personally come to greet your return.”

The moment the those words were said, the Nascent Soul cultivators of the other three sects sincerely bowed without a hint of dishonesty.

After the country sealing array opened, the fire beasts let out angry roars and slammed into the red cover. Every time they slammed into it, the barrier would tremble, but none of them could break through.

Now that they had managed to temporarily stop the fire beasts, the cultivator army moved at top speed. One could see ray of light left by the flying swords charging toward Xuan Wu.

At the border of Xuan Wu were some mortal armies. These mortals gawked at the sky as countless flying swords flew over their heads. No one knew who, but someone let out a scream and began to kowtow toward the sky. Soon, everyone was kneeling on the ground, praying to the sky.

There was one person who was dressed like a cultivator within the army. His face was pale as he muttered, “This… these are the cultivators of Hou Fen…”

He sucked in a breath of cold air and took a few steps back, but just at that moment, a creepy laugh came from the sky. One of the Devil Demon Sect’s Core Formation cultivators came by on a flying sword. Three flying swords quickly pierced through the middle-aged cultivator.

The middle-aged cultivator let out a miserable groan as he was cut into pieces.

The mortal army immediately scattered. Even the mortal general ran away, afraid of getting caught in this mess.

Tens of thousands of flying swords charged into Xuan Wu in the blink of an eye. They stopped at a mountain covered in fog. An old man with a gloomy expression moved to the front of the army. He waved his hand and a powerful force smashed down on the mountain.

Rays of golden light appeared, forming a screen to block the descent of the hit.

Below the light screen were thousands of cultivators. They looked at the sky with fear in their faces. An old woman walked out and shouted, “Fellow cultivators of Hou Fen, what is the meaning of this?”

The War God Shrine’s Yang Sen gently moved his body and appeared on top of the lightscreen. His expression was plain as he grabbed with his right hand. The lightscreen immediately cracked under the pressure and shattered.

The old woman’s pupils shrank. She turned around and left without a word. Her body disappeared and reappeared more than ten kilometers away. However, clouds gathered before her in the shape of Yang Sen. He looked at her with a cold gaze and waved his hand at the old woman without a word. The old woman let out a roar as she hit her head and her Nascent Soul came out.

The moment her Nascent Soul appeared, her body was disintegrated by a destructive force.

The old woman was frightened. She was only at the early stage of Nascent Soul, while her opponent was clearly at the peak of the mid stage of Nascent Soul. There were only three people at this cultivation level in Xuan Wu. She didn’t even have the heart to resist; she only wanted to survive this.

Yang Sen let out a snort and shouted, “You won’t be able to run!”

Ignoring Yang Sen, the moment the lightscreen failed, all of the Core Formation and Foundation Establishment cultivators of Hou Fen attacked. They killed everyone they saw, and in the blink of an eye, the entire mountain peak was covered in blood. No one was left alive.

This large mountain was now completely occupied by the four sects. Tens of thousands of disciples stood on the mountain peak with all of the Nascent Soul cultivators other than Yang Sen above them.

The War God Shrine’s Ancestor Song’s eyes were like lightning. His voice was filled with killing intent as he shouted, “This is a war without right or wrong. If we can’t establish a foothold in Xuan Wu within three months, then we must face the fire beasts. The fire beasts aren’t scary. What is scary is not having spiritual energy to cultivate.”

“As of today, the War God Shrine, Evil Demon Sect, Lou He Sect, and Corpse Sect will become the Hou Fen Union. Every disciple of the Hou Fen Union will be gifted a Core Formation treasure, and every Core Formation disciple will be gifted a Nascent Soul treasure.”

“During the war, everything you seize belongs to you. The union will not take it from you. Disciples, this is war, but I personally want you all to see it as an invasion, an invasion for survival.”

A Nascent Soul cultivator of the Lou He Sect on the side let out a cough and said, “Aside from the treasures, each of you will receive a jade talisman that can be used to record the number of enemies you have killed. Anyone who kills 100 5th layer Qi Condensation or higher cultivators, or ten Foundation Establishment cultivators will be gifted ten medium-quality spirit stones. Anyone who kills 200 5th layer Qi Condensation or higher cultivators, 20 Foundation Establishment cultivators, or one Core Formation cultivator will be rewarded ten bottles of spirit pills.”

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