Chapter 1340 - So This is Divine Retribution

Chapter 1340 - So This is Divine Retribution

Zhang Jingyun’s laughter was hearty as he brought Wang Lin over and introduced him to the crowd.

The cultivators that were obviously new to the 7 Million Worlds all greeted Wang Lin and spoke a few words. As for their inner thoughts, Wang Lin felt like he was facing a group of children; he could easily see through them.

As for the others four cultivators, like Zhang Jingyun, they looked at Wang Lin as if they were looking at a little lamb. They faked a smile and said a few words.

The rest of the cultivators outside the formation were all indifferent. They naturally saw what was going on, but they ignored it. This kind of thing happened all the time at the central square of the 7 Million Worlds.

Zhang Jingyun and company stood in a siege formation to prevent any accidents. Wang Lin looked around and closed his eyes. He didn’t bother paying attention to the messages they were passing to each other.

“Brother Zhang is indeed mighty to actually get Yu Fei, who has just entered the Scatter Thunder Rankings, here. I admire you!”

“However, we have to be careful. There must be something remarkable about him to be able to enter the Scatter Thunder Rankings. It is best we don’t get caught off guard.”

“Brother Zhou is being a bit too careful. This person is only at the early stage of Ascendant. Forget the four of us attacking together, just one of us can kill him at will! In addition, with Senior Zhao here, this person can’t do anything!”

“That’s right, Senior Zhao is at the Illusory Yin stage and only one step away from the Corporeal Yang stage. He is one who stands above many, and with Senior here, we will naturally listen to Senior.”

“After gathering the traces of Spiritual Thunder from these people, we can finally form a complete Spiritual Thunder. Then we can go the Thunder Crystal Temple to exchange it for those four celestial-ranked flying swords!”

It didn’t take long for the formation the hundreds of cultivators were around to flash and show signs of activating. Some of the cultivators became spirited and some were excited. They obviously enjoyed becoming the heavenly dao. Even that Illusory Yin cultivator in Zhang Jingyun’s group was the same. His lips curled into a smile.

A moment later, the formation rumbled and Wang Lin opened his eyes.

Zhang Jingyun looked excited and smiled. “Everyone, the formation is about to open. Quickly, take out your tokens. The five of us will work together so we don’t disperse, and once we enter the 7 Million Worlds, we can become the heavenly dao together. What joy!”

“I fear you all only need to experience the feeling of becoming the heavenly dao once to get hooked. I’m not going to waste more time, let’s go in!” Seeing Wang Lin and the others take out their tokens, Zhang Jingyun and company immediately flew in while surrounding Wang Lin’s group.

The moment they entered the formation, it shined brightly and formed a storm that could tear the world apart. Everyone disappeared within this formation!

The world rumbled. On one of the worlds in the 7 Million Worlds, there was an endless storm. Thunder rumbled and rain fell from the sky.

There was a mortal city on the ground. It was night and rain was falling. There weren’t many people walking outside.

However, on the top of a mountain in the distance stood a person!

This person had a head of white hair and his eyes were like lightning. He was like the sun in this windy and rainy night. He stood upright and his body gave off peak Soul Formation cultivation. His white hair flowed in the wind while his clothes flapped noisily.

“I, Liu Bei, began cultivating at the age of seven. I was enlightened in the changes of the world and observed the wind and clouds. I reached the Soul Formation stage at age 372, and now, after more than 500 years, I reached have the peak of the Soul Formation stage. Today, I’m going to break this world to welcome divine retribution and enter the Celestial Realm!” The old man’s voice was gentle, as if he was talking to himself, but his head was facing the sky as if he was roaring at the heavens!

“If I fail this divine retribution, then I’ll reincarnate and cultivate again. If I succeed, I’ll wait for you at the Celestial Realm!” The old man’s eyes lit up as he waved his sleeve and a thunderous rumble echoed!

The thunder suddenly lit up the dark world, revealing thousands of cultivators around the mountain. They all looked excitedly, with feverish gazes, at the old man on top of the mountain! They were all disciples and descendents of this old man!

“Become a celestial! Become a celestial! I, Liu Bei, will become a celestial! If the heavens try to stop me, then I’ll destroy the heavens! If celestials try to stop me, I’ll slay the celestials!” the old man roared as he charged at the sky.

At the same time, the world rumbled and the clouds scattered. Divine retribution clouds began to gather, and as the wind howled, large amounts of divine retribution clouds formed!

There were more than 10 silhouettes inside the divine retribution clouds. These silhouettes shined brightly, releasing waves of celestial spiritual energy. At first glance, they looked like real celestials!

The space behind the 10 silhouettes seemed to distort and then revealed a magnificent continent behind it. It was filled with celestial spiritual energy with countless celestial cranes flying, and palaces filled the land!

“Celestial Realm!!! That’s the Celestial Realm!!!”

“Ancestor’s divine retribution made more than 10 celestials appear!! This is auspicious!! Auspicious!!”

The thousands of cultivators around the mountain widened their eyes and became excited. This was the first time they had seen something like this!

When they saw this, their desire to become celestials increased greatly!

The moment the divine retribution appeared, a powerful pressure appeared and caused the mountain to tremble. The thousands of cultivators were immediately pushed more than five kilometers away!

Wang Lin was one of the shadows. Staring at the ground, he felt extremely strong. Others might even have felt excited. After all, becoming the heavens and becoming divine retribution was something most cultivators would be immersed in. It was a feeling they didn’t want to lose!

However, Wang Lin had personally experienced divine retribution, and not just once, but many times. This was something most cultivators couldn’t comprehend!

What he had experienced was exactly the same as what the one the old man was facing, but it was even wider ranged and more powerful!

A terrifying feeling appeared in Wang Lin’s heart, causing him to be unable to be immersed in his excitement!

“In accordance with convention, as long as the formation is active, we will encounter people experiencing divine retribution. This time, don’t fight with me, just let me do this!” Zhang Jingyun revealed excitement and immediately clasped his hands at the people around him.

“OK, we’ll let Brother Zhang go!” The rest all laughed and nodded.

Zhang Jingyun became even more excited as he stepped forward and became covered in a crystal light. He stepped out of the clouds and appeared below the divine retribution clouds!

At this moment, he was surrounded in celestial spiritual energy. Anyone who saw him would feel like worshipping him. He raised his right hand and pointed at the old man below. His words were like thunder.

“Lower realm cultivator, survive divine retribution to ascend to a celestial!” As Zhang Jingyun’s words echoed, a bolt of thunder shot out from the clouds!

The old man named Liu Bei stared dumbfoundedly at the more than 10 silhouettes in the divine retribution clouds and felt his scalp go numb. He didn’t expect his divine retribution to attract so many celestials!

However, similarly, a sense of pride filled his heart. He let out a roar as he displayed his full cultivation and shot toward the divine retribution!

The thunderous rumble was heaven-shaking, causing the world to tremble and the rain to scatter! After the thunder disappeared, the old man had a pale face. Several treasures before him all shattered.

However, he didn’t despair. His eyes revealed an indomitable gaze. His hands formed a seal as he roared and placed down a large amount of protection to prepare for the second divine retribution!

As Wang Lin stared at all of this, his mind trembled. He couldn’t calm down for a long time. At this moment, a young man in black, who was one of the newcomers , asked, “Fellow Cultivator, why not kill him directly with just one divine retribution instead of gradually increasing its power?”

The moment this question was asked, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. The divine retribution he had experienced was also like this. The first hit often wasn’t strong, and they gradually grew stronger!

Before Wang Lin entered this 7 Million Worlds, this question didn’t appear in Wang Lin’s mind. He thought it was just how it should be. However, now this doubt rushed into Wang Lin’s mind like a ray of lightning!

“The heavens are virtuous. Even though they’re in danger, it gives them a glimmer of hope. Divine retribution lightning is only to hone the lower realm cultivators, so launching the bolts one by one can make them truly feel the might of heavens before they’re destroyed! Of course, this is all nonsense the clan says!

“But the true reason for making the divine retribution grow stronger gradually is to force the struggle and indomiable will out from the lower realm cultivators. Only by doing this can mysterious Spiritual Thunder be born in their body.” the cultivator named Zhou slowly said.

These words had a different meaning in Wang Lin’s ears. He closed his eyes, and a huge wave was set off in his mind. He vaguely understood something...

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and the second, third, fourth, and fifth divine retributions lashed out under Zhang Jingyun’s control. At this moment, he had a twisted expression and was filled with endless excitement. The feeling he was currently experiencing was 1,000 times, 10,000 times more comfortable than dual cultivation!

“I’m the heavenly dao, and I command thunder!”

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Before the divine retribution, the old man coughed out blood and his body was a bloody mess. Despair gradually appeared in his eyes! At this moment, the sixth divine retribution descended!

The sixth divine retribution was dozens of feet wide, and it even caused the earth to tremble violently, as if it was going to collapse!

It suddenly descended as the old man struggled to let out the last roar in his life!

“I want to become a celestial!!”

His voice was heaven-shaking, and it entered Wang Lin’s ears, causing him to open his eyes.

Thunderous rumbles echoed when the sixth bolt of heavenly thunder fell. The old man’s body collapsed and his soul was destroyed!

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