Chapter 1335 - Thunder Crystal Temple

Chapter 1335 - Thunder Crystal Temple

One couldn’t always trade for thunder crystals in the Scatter Thunder Clan. There were only three days on each of the 13 planets where the Thunder Crystal Temple was open. One could only trade for thunder crystal during these three days.

During these three days, most of the cultivators on the cultivation planet would rush over to trade for thunder crystals from the elder in charge.

Similarly, they could also trade for treasures from the Scatter Thunder Clan using the thunder crystals.

However, in the Scatter Thunder Clan, thunder crystals couldn’t be privately traded and couldn’t be transferred. They can only be traded with the Thunder Crystal Temple. Although this was the case, the Scatter Thunder Clan had a large amount of people, so they naturally had a way around it. They just traded items of equal worth in thunder crystals to replace thunder crystals.

However, this method was very dangerous, so only powerful old monsters dared to deal in private.

Not being able to transfer or trade thunder crystals in private was very inconvenient for the members of the Scatter Thunder Clan. However, over the countless years, it was never changed.

Wang Lin headed toward the Thunder Crystal Temple with Big Red as company. The two turned into two rays of light and quickly flew across the sky.

The Thunder Crystal Temple was located at the center of the planet on top of the peak of a mountain. This mountain peak was the highest point on the cultivation planet, and it was surrounded by a green fog year-round. One couldn’t carelessly enter this place. Once inside the green fog, one would be injured by the thunder inside. A light consequence would be a serious injury, and a serious consequence would be death.

This was a forbidden place!

Only during the three days it was open would the green fog dissipate a bit, revealing a path for the Scatter Thunder Clan members to enter.

The Heavenly Thunder Sect was a bit far from the Thunder Crystal Temple. In fact, the Heavenly Thunder Sect was in a remote region of the cultivation planet, just like the country of Zhao on planet Suzaku.

No one took it seriously or ever searched it. Even if some powerful cultivator settled there, unless there was a shocking change, the region was truly insignificant to this huge cultivation planet.

For example, Yu Fei had never traveled more than 50,000 kilometers away. Even though people within 50,000 kilometers knew him, the moment he left the area, no one would know him.

Even Big Red was the same.

It was because of this that Wang Lin wasn’t too concerned about his sudden change in cultivation level. It took them almost a month to reach the center with Wang Lin using no spells.

While flying, Big Red had exerted his full strength and constantly used his invincible art to flatter Wang Lin. However, he wasn’t just flattering with his words, he also worked hard. Often, Wang Lin would only need a look and he would already know what to do.

Along the way, Big Red had served Wang Lin well.

This was one point that Xu Liguo was lacking in comparison to Big Red. Even Wang Lin couldn’t help but give him a few extra pills and point out some of Big Red’s cultivation flaws.

As a result, Big Red had become even more spirited. Without Wang Lin’s command, whenever they encountered someone they could steal from, he would viciously charge in and return with a large amount of items to trade. He would then hand them over to Wang Lin without keeping any for himself.

“Master, further ahead is the range of the Thunder Crystal Temple, so we can’t continue to steal here. During the three days of trade, conflict is banned within the area of the Thunder Crystal Temple. This is a method of protection. Earlier, we didn’t take a straight line and went around to avoid some powerful cultivators. I know Master’s cultivation is heaven-shaking, but the Thunder Crystal Temple is only open for three days, so it is best to avoid unnecessary trouble. They can all be dealt with on the way back.” During these days, Big Red had slowly gone from calling Wang Lin “Senior” to “Master.”

These two words had completely different meanings behind them. Big Red thought that “Senior” always made him sound like an outsider. If he could call Wang Lin “Master” like Xu Liguo did, they would be like a family.

Wang Lin didn’t refuse and allowed Big Red to change the way he addressed him.

After entering the range of the Thunder Crystal Temple, the amount of cultivators increased and rays of light flew across the sky. Big Red was extremely vigilant. Although this place prevented battling, facing all these powerful cultivators made him nervous.

Some cultivators had come in groups. More than 10 people flew across the sky arrogantly, and many people quickly avoided them.

“The people of the Scatter Thunder Clan are much better than the cultivators of the Inner Realm… It is easy to find Soul Formation cultivators, and there are also a lot at the Soul Transformation stage…” As Wang Lin moved forward, he withdrew his gaze from the rays of light passing by.

Just at this moment, an extremely powerful aura came from behind Wang Lin and Big Red. This aura was like a wave, and it rumbled loudly. There was also thunder surrounding the area.

The expressions of the surrounding cultivators all changed slightly. They all looked over with respectful expressions.

It was a middle-aged man wearing a dao crown, with his hands behind his back. He walked past Wang Lin and created a powerful gust of wind.

“Ascendant old monster!!”

“It’s Mount Wuyi’s Black Devil King. Rumor has it that this person is at the peak of the early stage of Ascendant and could enter the mid stage at any moment!” 

“This old monster is said to not casually leave Mount Wuyi. He must be up to something big!”

“Of course, Black Devil King is rank 766 on the Scatter Thunder Rankings. After exchanging for thunder crystals this time, he might move up a few spots.”

The surrounding cultivators all respectfully clasped their hands and all began to talk after the middle-aged man left.

“Master, that person is Mount Wuyi’s Black Devil King. Mount Wuyi has four kings, and all of them are Ascendant old monsters,” Big Red quickly explained to Wang Lin in a low voice.

Although Wang Lin had searched Big Red’s memory, he had only looked for important matters. He had browsed through memories like this but didn’t look at them closely.

His gaze fell on the Black Devil King, then he nodded slightly but didn’t speak.

The Black Devil King was already used to the discussions and ignored it all. However, the moment Wang Lin’s gaze swept by him, his mind trembled. He felt naked and became covered in cold sweat.

Fortunately, this feeling dissipated in an instant. The Black Devil King didn’t dare to turn around and quickly flew away.

Wang Lin remained calm as he got closer to the Thunder Crystal Temple with Big Red. The temple got closer and closer, and he could see the green fog around the mountain. There was a gap in the fog that looked as if someone had split it open, forming a passage 100 feet wide.

There were two indifferent cultivators in red standing there. They looked like they were in their 40s, but they were old monsters that had cultivated for thousands of years. They had surpassed the first step and were at the Illusory Yin stage!

The two of them coldly swept the incoming cultivators with their gazes. Any cultivators caught in their gazes would tremble and reveal fear and respect.

Even the Black Devil King was like a mortal meeting cultivators and became extremely respectful.

Without the need for Big Red to give an introduction, Wang Lin knew that these two were in charge of guarding the passage. At this moment, many cultivators were flying through the passage and into the depths.

There were a lot of cultivators around, no less than 1,000. However, there wasn’t the slightest bit of confusion or uproar; they just quietly entered the passage.

It didn’t take long for Wang Lin’s expression to change slightly, and he looked to the side. A moment later, the clouds churned and thunderous rumbles came from within. The endless thunder seemed to connect the heavens and earth.

The thunderous rumbles instantly arrived and immediately shook the minds of the surrounding cultivators. Even the two cultivators in red beside the passage revealed solemn expressions.

Laughter came from the void, and the clouds shrank until they were only a mantle that wrapped around an old man that walked out.

This old man had white hair, but his eyes contained a powerful force. He took a step and seemed to cross space and time, causing the world to distort.

“Nirvana Scryer cultivator…” Wang Lin remained calm and revealed an indiscernible smile.

The moment the old man appeared, the cultivators outside the passage were all horrified. They didn’t even talk before they all clasped their hands and respectfully greeted him.

“Greetings, Senior Zhou Tian…”

Even the two cultivators in red became respectful. They quickly clasped their hands and respectfully said, “Junior greets Senior Zhou Tian. Senior must have come to aim for a top 10 spot on the Scatter Thunder Ranking.”

The old man clasped his hands and laughed. “I can’t enter the top 10, but I would be happy to enter the top 30.” After he spoke, he flicked two pills into the hands of the two cultivators in red. Then he walked into the passage. As he walked forward, all the cultivators moved out of the way.

The two cultivators in red looked at the pills in their hands and revealed looks of joy. They clasped their hands at the old man’s back.

Without showing a bit of what he was thinking, Wang Lin looked at where the old man went.

After the old man left, the surrounding cultivators began to talk.

“Second step cultivators often come on the last day. I didn’t expect Senior Zhou Tian to come on the first day.”

“Alas, I wonder when I can awaken my clan mark so I can have power like Senior Zhou Tian’s. Perhaps it’s impossible for me.”

“It isn’t impossible. Rumors say that Senior Zhou Tian had a lucky encounter in his youth. There are many highs and lows in life; perhaps one day we will have our own luck.”

As they murmured, Wang Lin and Big Red walked into the passage. The two people in red looked at Wang Lin, naturally noticed nothing, and let them pass. In their eyes, Wang Lin and Big Red were insignificant people.

As he entered the green fog, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. This was the first time he had entered an important area of the Scatter Thunder Clan! After entering the green mist, he looked around, and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“This fog…”

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