Chapter 133 - Upheaval in Hou Fen (2)

Chapter 133 - Upheaval in Hou Fen (2)

A wave of heat quickly spread throughout the dirt ball as the ball of fire smoothly entered it. However, at the exact same moment, the heaven defying bead charged out, causing the ball of fire to pause and then turn away without any hesitation.

But it was still too late. The heaven defying bead ignored everything in its way and slammed into the ball of fire. The ball of fire let out a scream and began to struggle, but before it could struggle for long, it was absorbed by the heaven defying bead.

The leaves that were on the heaven defying bead disappeared and were replaced by a ball of fire. Soon, many more balls of fire appeared on the heaven defying bead.

The ball of fire became dimmer and dimmer until it dissipated completely. At this moment, the tenth ball of fire appeared on the heaven defying bead, causing it to let out a bright light that could be clearly seen even from outside the dirt ball.

At this moment, with the disappearance of the ball of fire, the fire ring began to dim and the red slivers that connected the ring of fire to to the ball of fire broke.

Wang Lin stared dumbfoundedly at what had happened. Not only him, all of the fire beasts were also completely stunned. They stood motionless in the cave, not knowing what to do at all.

The heaven defying bead quickly moved toward Wang Lin and retreated into his brow. Wang Lin didn’t have time to check the bead as he moved his body and activated the attraction force technique. He carried the dirt ball up and into one of the tunnels.

All of this happened in a very short period of time. It wasn’t until Wang Lin’s dirt ball left that the fire beasts realized what had happened. The 16 large fire beasts let out roars as they tore open the tunnel and chased after Wang Lin.

Behind him, tens of thousands of fire beasts let out angry roars and chased him.

Wang Lin’s body was trapped inside the dirt ball as he moved through the lava. It has to be said that the lava was flowing down into the cave. Wang Lin was currently going against the current, so there was no way for him to move fast.

But the fire beasts weren’t slowed at all because they grew up in the lava. It could be said that they were fire spirits, meaning that the hotter it was, the faster they moved.

Although Wang Lin didn’t know what that ball of fire was, just the fact that it was able to complete the fire element for the heaven defying bead was already a big enough shock. From the respect the beasts showed and how angry they had become, that ball of fire must have been very important to them. It was likely that the ball of fire was their king.

Wang Lin’s guess was not wrong. The fire beasts were born from the lava. It could be described as a fire spirit and was ranked fairly high. According to the cultivation union, they were universally called fire spirit beasts. From the moment of its birth, it had intelligence. It cultivated in the lava under Hou Fen for many years and its cultivation was very powerful.

In the countless years it had been alive, it had transformed five times. If it changes nine times, then it can change from a spirit beast to a desolate beast, but after every transformation, it is in a weakened state for 500 years, unable to use any spiritual energy at all.

In order to protect itself, every time it’s about to transform, it spreads out its spiritual energy to speed up the growth of the next generation to protect itself.

At the same time, as it transformed more and more, it learned that there was a way to shorten the time of weakness: devour cultivators.

He didn’t need to devour a lot, only a few cultivators every once in awhile. So it used its offspring to catch cultivators that came into the volcano and fed them.

To prevent the cultivators from harming the fire spirit, they would all be trapped in dirt. As a result, the fire spirit could leisurely enjoy its meal.

But now, the weakened fire spirit itself was devoured instead, and the moment it disappeared, all of the fire beasts became angry.

In their hearts, the fire spirit wasn’t only their king, it was also their father.

Their father was killed before them, how could they not be angry? Gradually, they got closer and closer. One of the 16 fire beasts in the front opened its mouth and spat out fire that was almost pure white.

Inside the purple lava, the white flame was very eye catching. When it hit Wang Lin’s dirt ball, the dirt ball immediately shrunk one size.

Wang Lin bled everywhere as the white flame hit his dirt ball. His Ji Realm Divine Sense could only stop so much. He clenched his teeth and used even more spiritual energy to escape.

The fire beasts destroyed everything in their path as they charged at Wang Lin.

They got closer and closer until eight fire beasts spat out white flames together. The moment the flame hit the dirt ball, Wang Lin’s body shook and he charged out from inside it. His body was surrounded by his divine sense as he withstood the unbearable heat and charged out.

After he came out, he stopped for a moment as the piece of metal appeared from his bag of holding and flew to under his feet. The piece of metal formed a rainbow and carried Wang Lin out from the top.

Looking from the outside, one could see a completely black figure with clothes that were almost all burnt charge out of the mouth of the volcano.

Behind him followed the 16 fire beasts. They chased him all the way to the entrance of the volcano. They roared at him in frustration, but strangely didn’t dare to follow him out.

Only now did Wang Lin let out a breath of relief. He looked down and his scalp suddenly went numb. He saw that below the 16 fire beasts were countless triangular eyes looking up. Their eyes only had one point of interest, and that was him.

Any one of those fire beasts could block his Ji Realm Divine Sense. This should be impossible, but if this was really true, then the only explanation was that these fire beasts didn’t have souls or divine sense.

Wang Lin’s face was gloomy. He looked at the countless fire beasts below him and flew into the distance without a word. Gradually, he became even more gloomy as along the way, every time he saw a volcano, he would see fire beasts. These fire beasts all waited at the mouths of volcanoes, starting at him with cold gazes. All of them seemed to be waiting for a command, and once the command was issued, they would all charge out of the volcanoes.

Wang Lin’s scalp felt numb as he rubbed his temple. He decided that he would get a map as soon as possible so he could leave Hou Fen and never come back.

Thinking about that, he stopped moving and spread out his divine sense. After probing for a while, he changed directions and flew north.

Although he didn’t look at the volcanoes on the way anymore, he could still clearly see those cold gazes staring at him.

At this moment, all of the Nascent Soul ancestors came out of their closed door cultivation sessions. They, ones who stood at the top of a the rank 3 cultivation country, could clearly feel the waves of destructive energy brewing inside Hou Fen.

This had happened many times before. This meant that the volcanoes inside Hou Fen were about to erupt. Every time this happened, they would go to the volcanoes they were each responsible for to seal them to prevent them from erupting.

Because if they were to erupt, then it would be a great disaster for Hou Fen. Mortals might be able to run to another country without my resistance. Even the royal family would have the cultivators coming out to speak for them.

After all, even though mortals were like ants to cultivators, there was a higher chance of finding disciples among the mortals if they were more of them.

Mortals could go, but cultivators couldn’t because if a large amount of cultivators were to go to another country, there would be a great war. In the cultivation world, it is a huge taboo for a cultivation country to migrate, because migration equates to a large amount of spiritual energy loss, chaos between all of the sects, and a large shift in ownership of spirit stones and magic treasures.

On planet Suzaku, there is a fixed number of cultivation countries. If the volcanoes were to erupt, then the consequence would be a large amount of violent fire element spiritual energy escaping. This violent spiritual energy is impossible to cultivate, so for a long time, cultivators won’t be able to survive in Hou Fen.

But luckily, these kinds of things have not happened even once. Every time, the volcanoes would be sealed without any real problems. Even if there were eruptions, they would only affect small areas, not the entire country.

Three hours later, Wang Lin stopped above a main road. If his face was already dark, then when he saw what was on the main road, it turned green.

On the main road were dozens of bodies, as well as several dead horses, on the ground beside a wagon.

Most of the dead bodies were male. Without exception, all of their faces revealed looks of suffering. They were all still holding weapons in their hands. It was clear that they were still fighting when they died.

Wang Lin stopped next to a carriage and waved his hand. A violent wind hit the carriage, causing it to fly into the air. As a dead body fell out from inside it, a flash of red light came out from the corpse, taking the form of a devil. He stared at Wang Lin with a look of terror on his face, but that expression soon turned vicious as he shouted, “You came at a good time. I was about to go find you. These mortals’ souls are too plain. I wonder how yours taste.”

With that, he jumped at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was extra careful. He was able to track this devil because he left a mark with his divine sense on all of the beasts he fed the devil with. If he keeps feeding it like that, then no matter how strong the devil gets, he will be able to easily control it. But now time was short, so he could only detect them if they were within a certain distance.

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