Chapter 1326 - Hunt

Chapter 1326 - Hunt

However, the finger was unimaginably powerful. After the Light and Shadow Shield was destroyed, it seemed as if the Wind and Rain Realm could disintegrate at any moment!

The finger created a giant concave on the Wind and Rain World. As it pushed in further, the world trembled even more violently.

The milky white aura resisted like crazy as it attempted to offset the force inside the finger!

Wang Lin’s body quickly retreated as he clearly felt that the Wind and Rain World couldn’t resist much longer. At this moment of danger, his eyes revealed madness, and he waved his right hand to open his storage space.

The moment his storage space appeared, the Wind and Rain World rapidly contracted until it was inside Wang Lin’s body. Without anything hindering it, the finger pressed down between Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

However, the moment it closed in, Wang Lin roared and the giant ancient god finger bone came out of the storage space and blocked before Wang Lin!

The jade-like index finger pressed directly on the ancient god finger. A thunderous rumble caused the star field itself to tremble.

Wang Lin coughed out a large mouthful of blood and was pushed back with the ancient god finger bone. An invisible light penetrated the ancient god finger bone and went through Wang Lin’s chest. It pierce out through Wang Lin’s back along with blood mist.

The finger suddenly trembled when it collided with the ancient god finger, as if it had just withstood a powerful impact. The finger became blurry and was about to dissipate.

Intense pain washed over Wang Lin. If it was anyone else, they would definitely want to escape, but not Wang Lin! He ignored the pain and had a fierce expression as he raised his right hand. Blood light gathered into the blood sword and he mercilessly chopped down on the finger!

The blood sword flashed and landed on the finger. The moment the blood sword closed in, the hand reached up to catch it. However, the blood sword directly penetrated through the hand!

There was a faint, delicate groan and the hand was split in half and dissipated from the world as if it had never appeared. The jade before the woman in white shattered into dust...

The woman in white was completely pale and coughed out blood. She quickly retreated and merged with the world to escape!

“You can’t escape!” Wang Lin’s chest was a bloody mess and blood was flowing down. Although the finger was blocked by the Light and Shadow Shield, Wind and Rain World, and the ancient god finger, a trace of it had still pierced through Wang Lin’s chest. If it was an ordinary cultivator, if they weren’t killed, they would be seriously injured.

However, Wang Lin was an ancient god and therefore had a powerful healing factor. In just a moment, Wang Lin’s wound showed signs of healing. As the woman in white fled, Wang Lin gathered all his treasure and gave chase.

Searching for the ripples created when the woman in white escaped, Wang Lin merged with the world! He pursued her from the traces of the ripples!

This was the complete opposite of what happened before. From being hunted to the one hunting. The woman in white was fleeing in panic, while Wang Lin was in hot pursuit!

“This woman’s cultivation is strange. Although it looks like a projection avatar, it has flesh and blood. If this is true, then she really must die! If I don’t take advantage of her being seriously injured to kill her, then there will definitely be trouble in the future!

“Also, she must have some secret on her. The spell she used just now was clearly summoning the power of her original body. If my spells hadn’t become stronger while I was at the Blue Silk Clan, I would have died! This woman is also more familiar with the Ancient Star System than me, so I must kill her as soon as possible! If she flees to some place I can’t find, then all of this will be for nothing!”

Wang Lin continued to merge with the world as he chased and began hunting her!

Ripples echoed among the stars in the Ancient Star System and the woman in white staggered out. Her face revealed a rare sign of panic and she was about to teleport away from this place.

However, her expression changed. She clenched her teeth and chose to merge with the world to escape. After she left, ripples appeared and Wang Lin’s figure flashed. He didn’t choose to appear but disappeared once more.

The two of them only continued for a short of time. In less than 15 minutes, they had crossed paths several times, and the time between was getting shorter. The woman was extremely anxious as Wang Lin pursued her closely, giving her great pressure.

This was something that was impossible before, but now she was becoming more and more anxious!

“Just three more and then I’ll be safe, just three more!” The woman in white appeared in space, her face pale. Just as she appeared and ripples appeared under her feet for her to leave, thunderous rumbles echoed. Endless thunder came from all directions, forming a vortex and distorting the origin energy here, preventing her from leaving!

While her expression changed greatly, Wang Lin stepped out of the void with a cold gaze. He didn’t even speak as he waved his right hand. The clouds appeared once more to form the sky and earth. Heaven Reversal Stamp!

As the world reversed, the sky and earth overlapped and a thunderous rumble echoed. The woman in white coughed out blood when the sky and earth over lapped. She quickly retreated, but there was a flash of blood light and the blood sword pierced through her back!

She let out a miserable scream and her white clothes were died blood red. Large amounts of distortion appeared around her and countless images flashed by!

Within images, there was a woman kneeling on the ground, and a jade-like hand reached out from the void. It pressed a white jade between her eyebrows.

It only took a moment for those twisted images to collapse, and a rich, milky aura came from her head. This aura was almost solid and revealed a faint golden line!

Wang Lin was no stranger to this milky white aura, it was Joss Flame!

However, this woman’s Joss Flame was extremely rich, which surprised Wang Lin. Just her Joss Flame was enough to match 30% of the Joss Flames in Wang Lin’s Wind and Rain World!

When the milky white aura filled her body, blood stopped flowing out of the wound created by the blood sword. Now that the bleeding had stopped, she anxiously retreated. While being surrounded by the milky white aura, she disregarded the distorted origin energy and merged with the world!

“If this woman can become a soul in my Wind and Rain World…” Wang Lin’s heart pounded. The moment the woman left, he also disappeared almost at the same time and began chasing once more!

In the northwest domain of the Ancient Star System, there was a cultivation planet. This was where the Demonic Scorpion Clan was located. Although it wasn’t a big clan, they were famous for their cruelty!

Ripples echoed outside of a planet in the Demonic Scorpion Clan’s star domain. The woman in white stepped out and blood flowed down the corner of her mouth. After she appeared, she didn’t hesitate to merge with the world once more.

“Only two more. After doing this two more times, I’ll arrive there, and there won’t be any danger!!”

However, just as she was about to merge with the world, a blood light flashed. It penetrated through the void and headed for her forehead. It was filled with killing intent and was too fast.  The woman had no time to dodge or merge with the world!

At this moment of crisis, the milky white aura spread out and blocked. It collided with the blood sword.

The blood sword penetrated the milky white aura, but its trajectory was changed, so it pierced through her right shoulder!

She let out a miserable scream and quickly retreated while staring ahead viciously. At this moment, Wang Lin stepped out from the void and his right hand reached toward the woman in white!

“Where are you going to run to?!”

Seeing that she was about to be caught, she bit the top of her tongue out coughed out blood toward the milky white aura. A shocking roar resounded and a powerful impact spread out!

Due to this impact, the woman’s body was thrown away and dodged Wang Lin’s grip. She then charged toward the cultivation planet below!

At the same time, the woman let out a mournful scream!

“Where is the Demonic Scorpion Clan? I’m one of the Blue Concubine’s avatars!! Quickly, stop this person!”

The moment her voice spread out, cultivators immediately rushed out. In just an instant, almost 1,000 cultivators flew out of the cultivation planet!

The moment these cultivators appeared, they didn’t hesitate to charge toward Wang Lin. The woman in white took out some pills and devoured them. She looked at Wang Lin with a venomous gaze and was about to merge with the world to leave once more.

How could Wang Lin let her escape? He waved his right hand and his body rapidly expanded into his 10,000 foot ancient god body. He charged forward and his fist swept past everyone as he threw a fierce punch!

With one punch, the world rumbled and the entire star field seemed like it was going to collapse. A giant spatial crack suddenly appeared and extended indefinitely as if the entire star field was going to be split open!

The woman in white that had merged with the world was forced out by this spatial crack as soon as it appeared. Her face was deathly pale and she quickly retreated.

As Wang Lin charged forward, those 1,000 cultivators’ spells and magic treasures arrived. Wang Lin didn’t even look at them as he moved forward. Light gathered from all directions and formed a light shadow around him!

All spells and treasures were reflected when they fell on the light shadow!

Wang Lin was like a 10,000 foot light giant, and as he moved forward, the cultivators screamed as they were hit by their own reflected attacks. Some of them had their bodies destroyed by the impact from Wang Lin’s charge!

In a flash, Wang Lin closed in and threw a punch at the retreating woman in white!

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