Chapter 1324 - Leaving the Blue Silk Clan

Chapter 1324 - Leaving the Blue Silk Clan

The ancient gods’ slave clan, the Moon Clan!

When the Moon Clan betrayed the ancient gods, they had help from a mysterious group of people. These people’s spells were extremely shocking and completely different from that of the people of the Ancient Star System. They were also very adept at using seals.

Only thanks to their help did the Moon Clan gain the confidence and will to betray the ancient gods!

However, even today, the Moon Clan hadn’t been able to guess the identity of that mysterious group of cultivators. Not even the Moon Clan’s third step ancestor knew much.

The rumor was that the mysterious cultivators that suddenly appeared seemed to have made deals with many of the clans but didn’t have much relation with the ancient imperial concubines...

These people had given the Moon Clan a strange spell that allowed them to absorb the power of the ancient gods!

Wang Lin began to ponder. He had searched the old man’s memory and obtained this spell, but it wasn’t complete. This spell was called “Noble Spirit Spell.” Not everyone could cultivate this spell, and it needed something call “spirit seeds!”

The mysterious people had left some spirit seeds in the bodies of the Moon Clan’s people. They were like parasites that grew inside the members of the Moon Clan.

The Moon Clan used this Noble Spirit Spell to devour the ancient gods that died during the war. They used this to develop their clan into one of the Ancient Star System’s great clans.

While pondering, Wang Lin’s expression became gloomy. The more he learned, the more he felt like it was strange. It was as of layer of fog had covered the world. If he couldn’t lift this fog, he wouldn’t be able to see everything.

His eyes lit up and he waved his right hand, putting away the giant ancient god finger into his storage space. After sorting his things, he looked at the earth and took a step. He left the planet and appeared in space.

The stars were bright as Wang Lin floated in space and recalled the strange scene of the woman in white. However, there had been a speculation in his mind...

After a long time, Wang Lin suppressed the speculation. He silently looked at the direction of Mount Blue. He seemed to vaguely see Li Qianmei and Dao Master Blue Dream.

He revealed a complicated gaze before letting out a sigh. Then he turned into a ray of light and flew toward the edge of the Blue Silk Clan!

Before he left the Blue Silk Clan, ripples appeared under Wang Lin’s feet and he merged with the world, disappearing without a trace.

The ripples spread out very far and gradually disappeared from the star domain.

Wang Lin left.

The moment he left, on Mount Blue, Dao Master Blue Dream was still playing the zither and didn’t raise his head. Li Qianmei silently cultivated as if she hadn’t noticed anything...

Wang Lin used spatial bending to merge with the world, and after a few breaths of time, ripples appeared somewhere in the Ancient Star System. Distortion came from the ripple as if a figure was about to appear.

There was a woman in white floating eerily in the void outside the ripples. It was unknown when the woman had appeared. It was as if she was outside the Blue Silk Clan just the breath before, and on the next breath she was here.

She calmly looked at the ripples, waiting for the figure inside.

However, just at this moment, the ripples suddenly changed and the figure that was about to come out seemed to take another step.

In an instant, the ripples intensified and spread out until they got weaker and weaker, to the point where they disappeared.

This was the second time the woman’s eyes had revealed a strange light. She silently looked at where the ripples disappeared and then her body gradually turned to nothing.

In another part of the Ancient Star System, the woman in white appeared. She was like a prophet. The moment she appeared, ripples echoed before her.

However, just like before, the moment the ripples appeared, they violently trembled. However, this time she raised her right hand and waved.

The ripples were silently chopped down the middle and then shattered!

The moment they shattered, the origin energy within this aura surged like a storm and formed a giant vortex tens of thousands of feet wide. All the origin energy was sucked in, and all teleportation spells would be useless before this vortex!

The moment the ripples shattered and the vortex appeared, Wang Lin’s figure appeared from the void. His five essences were hidden in his eyes, allowing him to see the woman in white inside the vortex!

“Your excellency prevented me from leaving several times. What is your intention?” Wang Lin’s voice was flat and calm.

The woman didn’t speak. She raised her right hand and pointed toward Wang Lin!

With this point, the vortex in the void rotated even faster, reaching a limit, and flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin felt like he was in a quagmire and couldn’t break free from the vortex. He waved his right hand and two deer phantoms appeared between his fingers. Ten million sword shadows suddenly broke free, creating a powerful force that swept the surrounding vortex.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the vortex paused for a moment under the impact of the sword shadows. Wang Lin quickly retreated and was about to leave the vortex.

The woman in white looked calmly at Wang Lin, who was rapidly retreating, and pointed forward once more! With this, a giant phantom hand appeared behind Wang Lin. The hand looked like it was made of jade and mercilessly reached toward Wang Lin.

The giant hand appeared too suddenly and was very fast. It grabbed Wang Lin almost the moment after it appeared, and it held on tight.

At the same time, the woman closed in and crossed the vortex. In an instant, she arrived before Wang Lin. There was less than five feet between before the two of them!

All of his happened in a flash, fast beyond belief. It was as if Wang Lin had no power to fight back against her!

Wang Lin didn’t struggle, allowing the hand to grab him. He stared at the blurry woman in white before him and said, “Who the hell are you?” 

The woman in white looked at Wang Lin and spoke for the first time. “Blue Concubine, Lou Lan…” Her voice was very pleasant and carried with it a strange charm.

“One of the eight Ancient Imperial Concubines!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

The woman in white nodded and then walked forward until she was standing less than seven inches from Wang Lin. There seemed to be a faint fragrance coming from her body that entered Wang Lin’s nose, but he didn’t smell anything...

“I originally didn’t want to absorb your divinity, but since you can see me… I can no longer wait…” The woman in white opened her mouth no less than seven inches away from Wang Lin. They were almost face to face and she was no longer a blur, so her appearance clearly appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

The moment Wang Lin clearly saw her appearance, his pupils shrank. Thunder rumbled in his mind and he was dazed for a moment.

The woman’s face was Li Muwan’s!

The moment Wang Lin entered a daze and his mind was shaken, the woman’s lip trembled. She exhaled and then gently inhaled.

As she inhaled, the ancient god stars appeared between Wang Lin’s eyebrows and rotated rapidly. Faint, golden smoke came out of the stars!

The woman’s originally calm expression suddenly revealed excitement and greed. The golden smoke was about to be inhaled into her mouth.

However, just at this moment, the daze in Wang Lin’s eyes disappeared and was replaced with clarity!

“World!” A world appeared like the cold wind, and a flash came from Wang Lin’s body. A black light spread out from his body!

The Wind and Rain World that contained Wang Lin’s Joss Flames erupted!

The woman in white was too close to Wang Lin. As the ghostly light flashed, the Wind and Rain World sudden expanded to 10,000 feet. The woman couldn’t help but be pushed back by the Wind and Rain World!

Her expression suddenly changed!

At the same time, the golden smoke suddenly contracted the moment the Wind and Rain World expanded. None of it was inhaled by the woman and it all returned back into his ancient god stars!

There was a flash of monstrous blood light as the blood sword flew around Wang Lin. It pierced the jade hand holding Wang Lin. The hand collapsed and Wang Lin broke free.

Everything that had just happened was part of Wang Lin’s plan. He wanted to know the woman’s identity and what her purpose was!

Only after knowing all of this could he calmly confront her!

More importantly, he had taken this risk to confirm a speculation he had about this woman from the moment he first saw her!

Although the woman in white was pushed 10,000 feet away by Wind and Rain World, there was a flash of coldness in her eyes. She waved her right hand and a giant spatial crack appeared in the void. This giant spatial crack looked like it would devour everything in its path, and it charged at Wang Lin.

She also stepped forward!

Wang Lin sneered as the world around him shrank until it formed a protective barrier 100 feet around him. As the same time, he raised his right finger and coldly said, “If you had come with your original body, I’d be no match, but this mere avatar can’t deceive my eyes!”

When Wang Lin spoke, the woman’s expression changed greatly. She never would’ve thought that he would be able to see through the fact that she was only an avatar!

The woman in white closed in as she said, “It must be Dao Master Blue Dream who told you!”

“Heaven Reversal Stamp!” Wang Lin’s right hand immediately slammed down! The world in Wang Lin’s pupils turned and the world outside quickly changed with it!

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