Chapter 125 - Ji Realm Divine Sense (Teaser)

Chapter 125 - Ji Realm Divine Sense

Waves of light came from the transfer array as spirit energy started to surge and the transfer array began to open.

The wandering souls outside the transfer array quickly backed away when the transfer array opened up.

This was probably the last time the transfer array will open in this foreign battleground. Each cultivator still had lingering fear on their faces as they disappeared one by one.

Wang Lin stared at what was happening inside the transfer array. Every time someone disappeared, he would calculate the time.

Zhou Zihong’s group was conflicted. They didn’t know if they should leave or not, until they suddenly heard Wang Lin’s cold voice.

“The three of you go first and wait for me on the other side.”

The three of them quickly relaxed. They took out their jades, sent in their spiritual energy, and disappeared.

After all of the cultivators disappeared into the transfer array, Wang Lin muttered to himself, “Three seconds.”

After that, his eyes lit up and he charged toward the transfer array. While flying,...

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