Chapter 1246 - Defying Mosquito Beast

Chapter 1246 - Defying Mosquito Beast

Wang Lin stood up from the stone gate and looked at the world before his gaze landed on Li Yuanlei and company. They had just recovered from that terrifying state, and Wang Lin’s gaze shocked them and produced a sense of awe in their hearts.

The surrounding mosquito beasts didn’t seem very scary compared to this man in white. If they had a choice, they’d rather fight to the death against the mosquito beasts instead of experiencing that strange scene.

After a very long time, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and stepped into the air. Following him was the mosquito king that had done something wrong. The thousands of mosquito beasts surrounded Li Yuanlei and gradually followed.

“You all can’t be here. Leave now.” It wasn’t until Wang Lin had left that his words slowly echoed across the sky.

Li Yuanlei and company looked at each other. After pondering for a bit, the feeling of just surviving a calamity filled their minds. They recalled what had just happened and had no plans to stay. Their respect for Wang Lin became even stronger.

They all bowed toward where Wang Lin went and quickly left. Even though they had come here for the spoils, but they didn’t take away the stone gate or the comprehension of the Wind Celestial Realm. Instead, what they took away was Wang Lin’s figure and that awe they felt toward him.

There were also the two words “Flowing Time.”

“Flowing Time…” Wang Lin muttered to himself as he sat on the mosquito king. In his heart, there was the sea that had brought the sundered night, and after the sundered night was flowing time!

However, Wang Lin hadn’t fully comprehended this second spell. He had to continue his comprehension and confirmation before it could take form.

“Time is too short. If I had kept going, I might have had chance to grasp the ninth law, but right now the promise with the Origin Sect is imminent…” Wang Lin looked back at the world. He had used 10 days for his comprehension, and the competition between the rank 8 sects had long begun.

“Forget it, I’ll leave in three days. I’ll deal with the promise with the Origin Sect and then come back here.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he sent out a message. The mosquito king let out a roar and flew into the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm.

“I want to see how many mosquito beasts are inside the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he rushed into the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm with thousands of mosquito beasts forming a red cloud.

Wang Lin didn’t stop the mosquito king’s speed, but his hands kept forming seals and pointing to his body. He placed countless restrictions on himself and completely sealed his aura. During these last few hours, Wang Lin’s hands didn’t stop, and more and more restrictions appeared. In the end, he was completely covered in restrictions.

This was why he could relax as he charged into the depths of the Celestial Realm with the mosquito king.

When the mosquito beasts roared, it sounded like the howling wind. Wang Ling gradually rushed into the inner part of the Wind Celestial Realm.

After a day, the fragments of the Celestial Realm appeared before Wang Lin’s eyes. They were of varying sizes, but they revealed endless desolation. Almost no cultivators had ever come here.

As he moved forward, the wind became even more fierce, and Wang Lin saw groups of mosquito beasts flying by. Most of them were red, but there were still nearly 1,000 blue mosquito beasts in a group that also had white ones. Wang Lin gave up on calling them with the mosquito king. After all, with white mosquito beasts, it would be very difficult to succeed.

Also, the mosquito beasts here were densely packed, so it was likely that before he could succeed in subduing one group, another would arrive.

Focusing himself, Wang Lin vaguely felt the mosquito king’s trembling and cold glare. Wang Lin’s right hand gently patted the mosquito king’s head. The mosquito king let out a roar and flew off with the mosquito herd.

Wang Lin gradually saw more and more mosquito beasts. These groups were no longer in thousands, but tens of thousands. There were more blue mosquito beasts, and even white mosquito beasts were in the hundreds.

Seeing all of this, Wang Lin took a deep breath and his scalp went numb. Luckily, these mosquito beasts didn’t stop. They moved with the wind as if they were playing. However, the roars coming from them would shock anyone’s mind.

This wasn’t the deepest part of the Wind Celestial Realm; it was merely the edge of the inner region. However, there were already more than 100,000 mosquito beasts here.

“If I can control these mosquito beasts…” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he rapidly flew into the depths on the mosquito king’s back.

Just at this instant, the mosquito king’s body trembled and it slowed down. It revealed a fierce gaze and stared dead ahead. Over the horizon, two purple mosquito beasts were flying over. They were very strange, as they were very close to each other. If you didn’t look closely, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was two mosquito beasts.

The aura of peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivators that was infinitely close to the first Heaven’s Blight came out from those two purple mosquito beasts. All the mosquito beasts in their path retreated.

There were 10,000 mosquito beasts moving with the wind, but as the two purple mosquito beasts passed, there was a hiss, and the herd immediately scattered to make a path for those two mosquito beasts.

There was one red mosquito beast that was too slow to move out of the way, and the two purple mosquito beasts that seemed to be stuck together smashed into it.

There was a thunderous bang as the red mosquito beast exploded into a pile of flesh and blood. The two purple mosquito beasts didn’t stop after hitting the red mosquito beast. They swept by the edge of Wang Lin’s mosquito herd.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he turned around to look at the two purple mosquito beasts that were flying far away. After a long time, he turned around and commanded the mosquito king to fly deeper into the Wind Celestial Realm.

As they moved forward, they were getting closer to the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm. He silently calculated that there were at least hundreds of thousands of mosquito beasts. Then he saw the three continents in the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm!

Outside those three continents were nine more continents floating around them as if they were guarding the three inner continents. Those nine continents were extremely bizarre, as they had different colors, starting from the outer region being red, then becoming blue, then white, then purple, and finally it was unexpectedly gold at the center!

These were merely the nine outer continents. As for the inner three continents, they were surrounded by a mysterious force. Wang Lin’s gaze was immediately distorted, so he couldn’t see what was inside.

However, just as he looked over, a roar echoed across the sky. One of the nine continents closest to Wang Lin began to tremble and a indescribable aura exploded.

At the same time, the continent trembled. This continent was too big, far larger than Mo Luo. As it trembled, the edges of the continent suddenly collapsed and countless red mosquito beasts appeared and scattered.

Shortly after, countless blue mosquito beasts scattered. Then white and purple mosquito beasts appeared and a few dozen golden mosquito beasts appeared in the end.

This scene caused Wang Lin’s scalp to go completely numb and he even stopped breathing!

What continent was this? This was clearly a boundless continent formed by 100,000; 200,000; 300,000; or even 500,000 mosquito beasts!

The continent wasn’t collapsing or trembling, but the mosquito beasts inside were moving. They scattered and cover the sky!

If you didn’t see the hundreds of thousands of mosquito beasts appear, it would be impossible to understand the shock! These mosquito beasts were already not small, and now there were hundreds of thousands of them covering the entire sky. Wang Lin had the feeling that not even the entire Wind Celestial Realm could accommodate this many mosquito beasts!

He couldn’t see the edge, all he could see were mosquito beasts!

At this moment, even the mosquito king trembled slightly. The world was surrounded by endless mosquito beasts. Wang Lin couldn’t calculate how many there were at all. The previous hundreds of thousands were merely his estimate. Maybe there were even more, or maybe there weren’t that many.

However, no matter who or what saw these mosquito beasts, their mind would tremble and their scalp would go numb, even a third step cultivator!

Just at this moment, a part of the mosquito herd that covered the sky moved, revealing the three inner continents. The mysterious power guarding the three inner continents seemed to have weakened a bit, making it more clear.

Wang Lin saw something he could never forget. This caused his face to become pale, and he ordered the mosquito king to retreat with the mosquito herd without any hesitation.

There was a huge crack above the three continents. It looked as if the sky was had been torn open and an indescribable spatial crack had appeared!  A heaven-shaking pressure came from the crack as a huge mosquito beast more than 100,000 feet large slowly poked half of its body out as if it was struggling to come out.

The terrifying mouth revealed by this huge mosquito beast seemed like it could stab into a cultivation planet and suck it dry!

As it struggled, a roar that echoed across the entire Wind Celestial Realm spread out. At this moment, the entire Wind Celestial Realm trembled as if it was going to collapse again. All the mosquito beasts trembled as if they were worshipping!

Even Wang Lin’s mosquito king began to struggle as it retreated, but it had been with Wang Lin for many years. Wang Lin was a heaven-defying cultivator, so even though it was a mosquito king, it was a heaven-defying mosquito beast!

At this moment, under this pressure and the heaven-shocking roar, Wang Lin’s mosquito beast shined brightly. It suddenly turned toward the huge mosquito beast in the crack and let out a roar!

This roar contained a hint of madness, a hint of reluctance, and also the dignity of a mosquito king! Although Wang Lin’s mosquito king’s roar was weak, it was still heaven-shaking!

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