Chapter 122 - Kill Him

Chapter 122 - Kill Him

Of the 10 people from the War God Shrine, aside from Mai Liang, who had left four days ago, only the three of them remained. Zhou Zihong let out a sigh as she looked back at the strange creatures closing in on them. She closed her eyes in despair as she involuntarily thought of Mai Liang.

“That Mai Liang has always been as timid as a mouse and is very afraid of death, but he just happens to be very thick skinned. Junior apprentice sister Tong couldn’t stand him bugging her anymore and thought of throwing him into the foreign battleground to get rid of him. If it wasn’t for the fact that I pity him and helped him out many times, he would have already died. At least he still has a conscience. A few days ago, he gave me a pill that he said would help me maintain my age. I wonder if it’s true…”

Her heart filled with despair. She couldn’t help but start to think crazy thoughts. Just at that moment, she suddenly heard senior brother Yang beside her shout, “Mai Liang! Quickly, run now!”

Zhou Zihong was startled and opened her eyes. She saw a youth flying their way. He was very handsome, but his eyes contained a hint of coldness and there were bloodstains on his chest.

“Junior brother Mai, it looks like it will be hard for us to escape this disaster. Ah…” Senior brother Yang sighed. He looked about 30 and there was sadness on his face.

Wang Lin looked at the three and didn’t say a word. At that moment, the creatures chasing them stopped as they saw Wang Lin and revealed hesitant expressions.

Wang Lin snorted and sent out a message with his divine sense.


More than ten wandering souls suddenly panicked and ran away. They disappeared without a trace.

Zhou Zihong stared dumbfoundedly at the scene before her. She didn’t know why those scary creatures would suddenly just leave. She turned her head toward Wang Lin as a crazy thought came to her mind. “Could these scary creatures be afraid of Mai Liang?”

But shortly after, she dismissed the speculation. The other two War God Shrine disciples were also confused, but the relief of surviving such a dangerous situation hit them and they finally let out a breath.

Senior brother Yang was the oldest of them. He considered the situation and said, “Junior apprentice sister, although those strange creatures have left, it is still not safe to stay here. We should go to the transfer array and quickly leave.”

Zhou Zihong shivered and nodded, then said, “Junior brother Mai, you are the weakest of us, so you mustn’t let those things touch you. If they touch you, you will die!”

The other War God Shrine disciple impatiently said, “What are you guys still blabbering about? If you guys aren’t leaving, I’m going by myself.” With that, he moved and quickly charged out. Wang Lin knew that this person was called Ling Tao thanks to Mai Liang’s memories,

Senior brother Yang went too because he didn’t want to stay here. Zhou Zihong hesitated a bit and said, “Be careful!” Then she followed them as well.

This whole time, Wang Lin still hadn’t had a chance to speak, but he casually followed them. The reason he saved the three, aside from his own reasons, was because he knew from Mai Liang’s memories that Mai Liang was very grateful toward Zhong Zihong. Since he took Mai Liang’s body, he felt like he should help Mai Liang do a few things.

The three of them were very careful as they flew. They were even very cautious when taking out pills to recover their spiritual energy. Zhong Zihong even took out an extra pill and handed it over to Wang Lin. He stared at the pill and couldn’t help but think of his heaven defying bead. The liquid the bead soaked in was the best medication.

Unfortunately, the bag of holding containing the gourds and all of his treasures was crushed by Teng Huayuan.

Wang Lin secretly sighed. He could feel the heaven defying bead in his soul. He could feel the sword that he blood refined in his soul as well. However, this was not the right time to check if he still had it. After pondering for a while, Wang Lin was even more determined to find a place to enter closed door cultivation once he leaves.

The cultivators inside the foreign battleground noticed that in these past few days, the speed at which the place was collapsing seemed to slow down a bit. But this was pointless to them because compared to the foreign battleground collapsing, those strange creatures were scarier.

With the space collapsing, at most you would just see people disappearing, but if someone was attacked by the strange creatures, they would be screaming in pain in front of your eyes. The creatures would then leave behind a mummified corpse.

If these cultivators could choose how they’d die, they would choose dying to the space collapsing over being devoured.

There were four total large transfer arrays inside the foreign battleground. The direction Wang Lin’s group was flying toward was the closest one. Wang Lin didn’t really care which transfer array they went to. The transfer arrays can only transfer people who meet a certain requirement.

Anyone who enters the foreign battleground receives a piece of jade. Aside from protection from the steel wind, the other thing it does is it allows one to use the transfer array

Wang Lin didn’t have a jade from Zhao, so he had no way of going back through the transfer array. Also, he was currently using Mai Liang’s body, so it was best he go back to Mai Liang’s home country of Hou Fen.

This was the other reason why he saved Zhou Zihong’s group, to steal a jade.

Of course, if he could find Xu Hao and Ge Yang, then that would be the best case.

These two had already been set as must kill targets by Wang Lin. This was not to get revenge for Mai Liang, but the two of them knew that Mai Liang should’ve been dead. To prevent any issues in the future, those two must die.

On the way, Wang Lin used Mai Liang’s memories to tell his three neighbors about Xu Hao and Ge Yang. All of the wandering souls in the foreign battleground became his eyes and ears. If the two ever show up, his three neighbors will instantly tell him.

If there was still no news of them at the very end, that would mean Xu Hao and Ge Yang had already died.

After flying for an entire week, Zhou Zihong’s group of three was very shocked to find that the wandering souls seemed to completely ignore them.

Some would obviously charge toward them, but they would make a sudden turn and go around them.

It can be said that along the way, the three were scared, but never in any danger. In the end, they were so used this that when they saw those strange creatures now, they would no longer stop. They would just slow down until the creature left, then keep going.

What was even more strange was that one time, one of the creatures suddenly appeared and jumped toward Zhou Zihong. But just as it was about to touch her, it suddenly let out a terrifying stream and desperately ran away.

The three of them weren’t dumb, so they grew suspicious about what was going on. They thought about what had happened recently and immediately understood that the answer lied with Wang Lin.

But besides Zhou Zihong, who once opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, the other two just pretended that nothing was going on.

It was not that they didn’t want to ask, but because they couldn’t. If they accidently offended Wang Lin, they would lose their lives here.

The disciple named Lin Tao’s eyes lit up with his back toward Wang Lin. He seemed to be planning something, but his expression soon returned to normal.

Seeing that they were close to the closest transfer array, the amount of nearby cultivators increased. Their goal was the transfer array before them.

Wang Lin had already used his divine sense to scout the area. There were some people gathered around the transfer array. They are all waiting for the transfer array to open. A screen of white light surrounded the transfer array to protect it. Outside the light screen floated a large number of mummified bodies. They all belonged to people who wanted to leave through the transfer array. There were wandering souls moving in and out of the mummified bodies.

The transfer arrays in the foreign battleground are all normally closed. They only open at certain times. There were still two more days until it was time for them to open.

The people nervously stared at the wandering souls inside the transfer array, every time there was any movement, they panicked. But gradually, they realized that the strange creatures only wandered outside the transfer array. They didn’t dare to touch the transfer array’s shield.

As people noticed this, everyone inside the formation let out a breath.

While flying, Wang Lin was startled for a moment. One of his neighbors told him that the two he was looking for were already dead and that their bags of holding were being sent over by wandering souls.

Shortly after, a wandering soul with two horns appeared in the distance. Zhou Zihong and them didn’t mind at first, but as the wandering soul got closer and closer, they looked toward Wang Lin.

The wandering soul stopped before them. It shook its body and threw three bags of holding into Wang Lin’s hands.

After the wandering soul did of all this, it quickly turned around and left.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the wandering soul. He said, “Stop!”

The wandering soul stopped. Its body trembled as it turned around and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at Zhou Zihong’s group as he moved next to the wandering soul. Wang Lin had devoured a lot of wandering souls. If not 10,000, at least 8,000. Although he didn’t keep track that well, he noticed that there was something strange about this wandering soul.

The wandering souls that Wang Lin devoured before were more like divine sense with life. They had minimum intelligence and only knew how to devour everything.

But the wandering soul before him was clearly different. It’s divine sense was a mess, as if the souls it devoured weren’t digested and had left very deep scars.

After these marks accumulated for to a certain degree, it caused this wandering soul to change. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up after carefully looking at it for a long time. When he looked at this wandering soul, he felt the same feeling as when he saw Situ Nan’s Nascent Soul.

It can be said there was something similar between the two.

Wang Lin’s right hand pointed at Lin Tao. He ordered, “Kill him!”

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