Chapter 121 - Acting Recklessly

Chapter 121 - Acting Recklessly

The Cultivation Union is a very large organization. Aside from a few people, no one knows exactly how many countries are part of the union.

The minimum requirement for a country to become a true member of the cultivation union is to reach rank 6 and gain their own cultivation planet.

Generally speaking, as long as the country is a cultivation country, they belong to the cultivation union. But there are countless cultivations countries, so the union doesn’t have time to manage them all personally.

So generally speaking, all cultivation countries rank 5 and below are managed by the rank 6 cultivation country on the planet.

The country Suzaku rose at an insane speed. It went from rank 1 to rank 6 in only 100,000 years, becoming one of the rare rank 6 cultivation countries.

After becoming a rank 6 cultivation country, they gained the right to have their own cultivation planet. That planet was named planet Suzaku by the cultivation union.

On the planet Suzaku, the country of Suzaku’s orders are god’s orders.

The planet Suzaku has 18 rank 5 cultivation countries. Whenever a country meets the requirements to become a rank 5 cultivation country, the country of Suzaku gifts them ten foreign battlegrounds.

That is to say, there are only 180 foreign battlegrounds on planet Suzaku. If one were to collapse, then there would permanently be one less foreign battleground. That is, unless they are willing to buy one from the rank 6 cultivation country at a very high price.

As for how these foreign battlegrounds are formed and where those spacial rifts lead to, no one in the rank 5 cultivation countries know.

Each of the rank 5 cultivation countries control many rank 4 cultivation countries, and every rank 4 cultivation country controls many rank 3 cultivation countries.

As for rank 1 and 2 countries, the cultivation union has set rules to prevent anyone from interfering with their growth.

Zhao is a rank 3 cultivation country controlled by the rank 4 cultivation country of Green Dragon. They are controlled by the rank 5 cultivation country of the Giant Demon Clan.

Every time there is a large battle in the foreign battleground, all of the Nascent Soul cultivators in Zhao are called to fight. They aren’t allow to delay or resist. Back then, the Heng Yue Sect’s five Nascent Soul ancestors were called to go. If they went, the Heng Yue Sect would be safe, but whether they were going to live or die was unknown. If they refused, not only would the Heng Yue Sect be destroyed, but they would be killed as well.

In fact, the same thing happens in almost every rank 3 cultivation country.

This is natural selection. A dog eat dog world. An order by someone strong is something a weak person has to follow and can’t refuse. Maybe it’s due to having to live in this cruel world that cultivators adapt faster than mortals.

Or maybe, in the eyes of those high above in the cultivation union, this world, this universe, is a giant refining pot. Whether it’s mortals or cultivators, both are being mercilessly refined. In ancient times, cultivation focused on comprehending the heavens and pursuing their own Dao. Cultivators gave people the feeling of elegance and heavenliness.

But the ancient cultivation world suddenly collapsed in a disaster. Then, the cultivation union rose up and took its place. That’s when the word Dao shattered.

It has been proven that cultivation without any desire is the path to destruction. Only by following the laws of nature will one walk the true path of cultivation.

Although they don’t know the final result, at least right now, under the command of the cultivation union, the current cultivators are far stronger than the cultivators of ancient times. This is more than enough.

At the moment, a strange event was occurring in one of the foreign battlegrounds that belonged to the Giant Demon Clan. Every cultivator that had managed to get a piece of divine sense panicked.

A huge meteor shower seemed to cover the foreign battleground as every piece of divine sense charged toward one place.

Shortly after, the foreign battleground that was already on the verge of collapsing couldn’t withstand the power of this divine sense and began to truly collapse. A large hole appeared in the foreign battleground. The hole instantly devoured a huge chuck of the foreign battleground.

At the same time, a huge divine sense carefully came out of the rift. Following it were a bunch of mysterious creatures. The same ones Wang Lin devoured.

The same scene appeared in other areas of the foreign battleground. Three large divine senses came out of the giant rift caused by the collapse of the foreign battleground.

Countless mysterious creatures came out and jumped on anything they saw. It would be fitting to describe them as locusts.

Every one of the cultivators used all their strength to escape in a frenzy toward the transfer array. They were afraid that if they were one step too slow, they would be devoured.

One could see many swords desperately flying.

The moment the three giant souls appeared, Wang Lin immediately noticed them. He was very familiar with these three divine senses as they were his three neighbors.

At this moment, the divine sense that he had sent out in the past three years gradually returned to him. Every time a portion returned to him, his divine sense grew larger, until it reached its original size.

Wang Lin wasn’t in a rush. He sat down cross legged and got used to this foreign body. Several mysterious creatures came by and saw Wang Lin. They hesitated for a while, but couldn’t withstand the temptation and jumped toward Wang Lin.

When they were a dozen meters away from Wang Lin, he opened his eyes and shouted, “Know your place!”

His large divine soul suddenly spread out and the mysterious creatures seemed to have met their natural predator as they let out screams and quickly shattered.

But before they could escape, they were caught by Wang Lin and were instantly devoured. As he was about to devour more, a large divine sense came to try to stop him.

Wang Lin let out cold snort. Not only did he not back up, but he devoured all of the strange creatures that wanted to attack him. The other large divine sense let out a sigh and didn’t say anything.

Most of Wang Lin’s divine sense had returned to his body, however, there were still some pieces that were not in the foreign battleground, so they couldn’t return to him. However, in terms of strength of his divine sense, it was almost no different than from before.

“Everyone, I’m going to pass through!” He spread out his divine sense and moved.

This divine sense immediately covered the entire foreign battleground and the three divine senses that were happily eating suddenly paused.

Shortly after, each of them sent a message toward Wang Lin.

“You are very powerful. I can’t believe you managed to leave that place.”

“This place is about to collapse. Our job as soul devourers is to devourer this place to prevent it from collapsing. You are a soul devourer as well. Why are you interfering?”

“Newly born soul devourer, my wandering souls offended you, so you were in the right to punish them, but devouring a collapsing space is what us soul devourers are born to do. Even if we don’t devour, there will be other soul devours that will come to devour this place.”

The three large divine senses sent out one sentence each. They no longer devoured and waited for Wang Lin to respond. In their view, Wang Lin was at the same level as them.

This was the first time he had heard about soul devourers. He pondered a bit as he sorted out Mai Liang’s memory and knew that the transfer array was about to open. If the entire foreign battleground were to collapse, he wasn’t sure if the transfer array could still open.

“I don’t want to stop you guys, but hope you guys can slow down so it takes longer for the foreign battleground to collapse.”


“As you wish.”

“I also agree, but you can’t stop the wandering souls from hunting.”

After forming an agreement, Wang Lin moved toward the location of the transfer array with Mai Liang’s memory. On the way, every time wandering souls noticed him, they would all be terrified. They quickly backed away and didn’t dare to block him.

Along the way, Wang Lin felt very unnatural in his new body. Although this Mai Ling’s talent and spirit root were really good, severals time better than what he had before, this was, after all, a possessed body. It would require some time to refine before he could completely take it over.

At this point, he didn’t have any spiritual energy in his body and was relying on his divine sense to move. The first thing he would need to do was find a place to go into closed door cultivation, improve his strength, and combine with his powerful divine sense to kill his way back to Zhao.

While flying, Wang Lin suddenly stopped and looked northwest. He pondered a little and flew over there. Not long after, he saw three beams of light flying towards him. Ten wandering souls were closing in behind them.

Zhou Zihong was a disciple of the War God Shrine of the country of Huo Fen. She was normally, very sweet, but the current her pursed her lips, her hair was in a mess, she was covered in sweat, and the spiritual power in her body was all used up. Her face was filled with grief as she looked at her two senior apprentice brothers. Their faces were also filled with grief as they desperately ran.

“I’m afraid we are the only three people from the War God Shrine that are still alive…” Zhou Zihong let out a miserable laugh. Three days ago, there were still ten people from the War God Shrine, but who would have thought that the foreign battleground would suddenly collapse and all these strange creatures would appear. Any cultivator who was caught by these wandering souls would die and have the essence in their body devoured until their body became a mummy.

And these strange creatures seemed to love hiding inside these mummies. Every time the cultivators saw a body, they were terrified.

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