Chapter 1205 - Pride

Chapter 1205 - Pride

Wang Lin sat down on the head of the statue. He knew that the reason why Master Ashen Pine was able to restore his body and gain that lightning mark had a great connection to this stone statue.

One of Master Ashen Pine’s blood nascent souls cultivated the cultivation method left in this statue. Due to his nine fold comprehension power, he barely obtained part of the inheritance left in this stone statue.

Now Wang Lin had absorbed a majority of that inheritance during their battle with his command over thunder, and it was gathered in his right eye.

At this moment, he took a deep breath and his divine sense surrounded the statue. The lightning came out from his right eye and surrounded him. Then the lightning mark on the statue flashed intensely and popping sounds echoed.

A faint roar echoed.

Wang Lin’s eyes were closed as his divine sense surrounded the stone statue and lightning surrounded him. He had an ancient thunder dragon origin soul and had control over the heavenly thunder. All thunder had to listen to his command!

However, the lightning from the statue gave off an ancient aura and was filled with pride. It moved around the statue and continued to collide with the thunder Wang Lin controlled.

From a distance, one could only see ball of thunder surrounding the statue as lightning arched everywhere. The thunderous rumbles of thunder continued to echo.

This was a battle between lightning and thunder; it was battle for control!

Wang Lin didn’t comprehend it like Master Ashen Pine. He didn’t conform to the lightning mark of the stone statue to comprehend lightning. He didn’t yield to the lightning mark like a servant and borrowed it to increase his comprehension.

Master Ashen Pine was like a beggar that had waited for an unknown amount of time to obtain the little remaining power of lightning to turn it into his own spell. It even allowed Master Ashen Pine to summon the seventh spirit of the Sealed Realm that could injure Wang Lin’s ancient god body!

Master Ashen Pine had chosen a path of submission. He saw this statue as a god and had one of his nascent souls comprehend and worship it.

There was no danger in this path; as long as you were worthy, you could obtain it.

But how could Wang Lin chose this path? He even dared to defy the heavens. He did as he pleased as he traveled the world and dared to fight the heavens. He had defied the heavens to form his dao and dared to compete with the heavens!

He would never worship this mere statue like Master Ashen Pine did, even if the lightning inside the statue was heaven-shaking and could summon the seventh spirit of the Sealed Realm!

What he wanted was for the lightning in the statue to yield! Yield under him! He didn’t want to comprehend the lightning in the statue, he wanted to absorb it all! Make it worship him!

This was his pride, the pride of a heaven-defying cultivator and the dignity of an ancient god!

Out of the countless clans in the ancient world, could any match up to the ancient god clan?

Like the Moon-Devouring Clan. Wang Lin had learned from Ling Er that they were but servants of the ancient gods. If the Moon-Devouring Clan was like this, then this lightning mark clan, which seemed to also be a clan of the Outer Realm, also had to yield to him!

Wang Lin opened his eyes and revealed an extremely tyrannical gaze. He let out a cold snort and his right hand smashed down on the head of the stone statue. A thunderous rumble echoed, but the statue didn’t collapse. Instead, an earth-shattering bolt of lighting shot up to the sky and then turned into a lightning dragon that charged at Wang Lin!

When it rushed over, all the surrounding lightning was absorbed by it. It closed in on Wang Lin with a fierce and mad aura!

This lighting dragon was fierce, but Wang Lin was even more fierce. This lighting dragon was crazy, but Wang Lin was 10 times, 100 times more crazy!

The moment it closed in, thunder flashed in Wang Lin’s right eye and shot out. A vortex appeared between his eyebrows and the ancient thunder dragon descended into the Seven-Colored Realm!

With one roar, Wang Lin’s ancient thunder dragon origin soul collided with the lightning dragon and began to devour it like crazy.

In this constant devour, the stars of an ancient god vaguely appeared behind the vortex and the power of an ancient god filled his body. His right hand mercilessly reached forward and the image of an ancient god appeared. Wang Lin grabbed the lightning dragon and mercilessly squeezed!

While the lightning dragon was fighting with Wang Lin’s origin soul, its body trembled and it let out a roar as it attempted to struggle free. However, the ancient god hand held it firmly, and as it squeezed, large amounts of lightning shot out.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin’s origin soul shot out and devoured this lightning dragon before returning to his body.

The thunder in his right eye became several fold stronger. This made Wang Lin’s entire body become blurry, but his right eye gave off an intense glow!

“Any thunder in the world must obey my command!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm, but an invisible aura spread out. All the scattered lightning immediately gathered inside Wang Lin’s eye to from a lightning mark!

The moment the lightning mark appeared in Wang Lin’s right eye, a large amount of cracks appeared on the stone statue. It started at the feet and quickly spread like crazy. They were like dragons charging at Wang Lin, who was on the head of the statue.

The cracking sounds were earth-shaking and there were bright flashes coming from within the cracks. The statue seemed like it was going to fragment, but it remained motionless.

There was lightning moving within the cracks, and it instantly closed in on Wang Lin. A thunderous rumble echoed as the lightning moved like countless sliver snakes around Wang Lin’s body. It formed a giant ball of lightning that was more than 1,000 feet wide!

Wang Lin was inside the ball of lightning. The lightning struggled and refused to be controlled by Wang Lin. Then it began to contract like crazy toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin let out a cold snort and lightning surrounded his body. Although his cultivation level couldn’t match the stone statue, his origin soul was an ancient thunder dragon. He was the master of thunder in this world. As long as it was thunder, it wasn’t worthy enough to defy him!

This had nothing to do with cultivation, it was a battle of thunder!

The ancient thunder dragons were given the right to control thunder by the heavenly dao. Wang Lin didn’t believe in the heavens and would use his own dao to steal the right to command thunder from the heavens!

The stone statue was the ancestor of the Scatter Thunder Clan. Although he was dead, he had spent his life with thunder as his companion and had almost become thunder. The lightning mark between his eyebrows refused to yield! It was rumored that the original ancestor of the Scatter Thunder Clan was a bolt of thunder; a heaven-defying bolt of thunder that wouldn’t yield even to the heavens!

If others worshipped him, then that person would gain the right to control thunder. However, if that person resisted, they would be destroyed by thunder!

However, Wang Lin was going to resist. Thunder flashed in his right eye and the ancient thunder dragon origin soul flew out. As the ball of lightning closed in, it let out a roar. The roar contained the majesty to control all thunder in the world!

The ball of lightning continued to contract, but it stopped 10 feet away from Wang Lin. There was a thunderous rumble, but it wasn’t able to shrink even one more inch!

Wang Lin had already stood up. He looked like a thunder celestial!

The aura of an ancient god emerged from his body. If an ancient god and thunder could fuse, then he was a thunder ancient god!

Wang Lin sent out a divine sense message. “Yield or be destroyed!” He knew that the lightning around him wasn’t ordinary; this lightning contained its own will!

If had will, it was a spirit! This lighting was a thunder spirit formed by the will of the person that died!

Rumbling sounds echoed. The ball of lightning around Wang Lin seemed to tremble under the might of thunder coming form Wang Lin. Also, under the impact of Wang Lin’s ancient god aura, it yielded.

The ball of lightning turned into rays of lightning and charged toward the ancient thunder dragon origin soul. It let out a heaven shaking roar and suddenly grew larger. The stone statue trembled as if it was going to collapse.

Wang Lin took a step forward and stepped into the void. He turned around and stared at the lightning mark between the eyebrows of the statue that still hadn’t dissipated.

“From now on, your clan won’t be able to fight with me for the right over thunder!” Wang Lin’s right eye lit up and the ancient thunder dragon origin soul let out a roar as it coiled around him. It fused with the thunder from his eye and charged at the lightning mark on the statue.

The dragon on the lightning mark between the statue’s eyebrows and the statue trembled even more violently. Just at the moment the dragon landed, the eyes of the stone statue lit up and Wang Lin saw a star system within.

There was a giant formation that was so large, it covered many starfields. There were cultivators outside it wearing strange clothes. It was obvious they weren’t cultivators! They had looks of indifference, sarcasm, and disdain as they stared inside the formation.

The inside of the formation was filled with celestial spiritual energy and origin energy ripples. Countless ancient qi cultivators and celestials were attacking the formation like crazy in an attempt to break out from the formation.

However, this formation was extremely strange and was difficult to break. No matter how much these cultivators and celestials attacked, the formation didn’t move at all! Some of the celestials even gave up their lives and exploded, but they didn’t dent the formation one bit. A sense of sorrow and despair shrouded the inside of the formation.

There were nine rays of light flashing inside the formation. One of them was an axe. As it flew through the air, anyone that dared to break through died.

Wang Lin even saw many qi cultivators decide to self-destruct in sorrow to stop this heaven-splitting axe, but they failed!

There was another ray of light among the nine. It was a bolt of thunder. Everywhere it went, whether it was cultivators or celestials, everyone died!

The indifference and disdain in the gazes of the people outside became even stronger. It was as if they nobles were looking at ant-like mortals!

“I refuse to let this be! I refuse to let this be! There will be a day when a future generation of cultivators will break this formation and cause all you outsiders to become extinct! Rivers of blood will flow in your Outer Realm!” A celestial that was hit by the thunder let out a roar before his death.

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