Chapter 120 - Return of Wang Lin

Chapter 120 - Return of Wang Lin

Xu Hao was a 6th generation disciple of the Spirit Art Sect in the rank 3 cultivation country of Julu. He sat on top of a giant rock. He was sorting his gains from throughout the years when his transmission jade suddenly started to shake.

Xu Hao’s brow furrowed as he placed the jade on his forehead. A very hurried voice entered his mind.

“Quickly, come to the 48th degree northwest. A piece of divine sense without any owner appeared.”

The person who sent the message was a good friend that he had met at the foreign battleground named Ge Yang. They were both late stage Foundation Establishment cultivators. They often teamed up to kill people for their treasures, so their relationship was very good.

The moment Xu Hao heard this, his expression immediately changed. He became very excited. Divine Sense was the most precious thing in the foreign battleground, even more so than working magic treasures.

Only powerful cultivators whose Nascent Souls had escaped from their bodies, but then died had a small chance of leaving behind a bit of divine sense.

Xu Hao didn’t understand the specific uses of divine sense, but he knew that when he entered the foreign battleground, the messenger listed out the things that the higher cultivation countries wanted, and divine sense placed in the top ten.

The stuff on the list must be turned in once they obtain it and they would receive certain reward for them. Thinking about it, Xu Hao quickly flew northwest.

After he arrived, he found out that a large amount of people had gathered here. In the distance, there was a large barrier surrounding a blue spot. This blue spot just floated in the air motionlessly.

Xu Hao’s eyes revealed greed as he slapped his bag of holding, took out a black fork, and charged over.

As for Wang Lin, he quietly waited for spacial rifts to appear. Suddenly, eight spacial rifts appeared within his divine sense.

Pieces of Wang Lin’s divine sense quickly entered the rifts and were cut off. He had sent out eight portions of his divine sense.

This process continued as Wang Lin’s divine sense became smaller and smaller as he sent out countless portions of divine sense.

In these three years, the foreign battleground had entered a crazed state. Since that time, when Xu Hao and Ge Yang took that portion of divine sense, divine sense would appear daily, causing everyone in the foreign battleground to go crazy.

It was unimaginable for this much divine sense to appear in the foreign battleground. If the upper cultivation countries found out about this strange event, it would have immediately caught their attention. But in these three years, they hadn’t sent anyone to check the foreign battleground.

The foreign battleground entered an unstable state. For some unknown reason, the people inside couldn’t leave and the people outside couldn’t go in.

The cause of the problem were the spacial rifts. In this past decade, there were too many spacial rifts. A few entrances were filled with countless spacial rifts.

The experts of the rank 4 and 5 cultivation countries came to the conclusion that the foreign battleground was about to collapse. If even a Nascent Soul were to go in right now, it could cause a collapse.

As for asking the rank 6 cultivation country to repair it, the price was simply too great. Even if they knew about the large quantities of divine sense that was appearing inside the foreign battleground, they still wouldn’t do it, and that’s taking into consideration the fact that the price would be split among the rank 5 cultivation countries.

And most importantly, there was more than one foreign battleground, so there was really no need to fix this one. The general rule was once a foreign battleground can’t be maintained anymore, it was simply abandoned.

But what caused all the experts to scratch their heads was that this foreign battleground should still have lasted thousands of years before collapsing. What could have happened in the last decade to speed up its collapse?

They didn’t know that all of this was caused by Wang Lin. If it wasn’t for him slamming into all of the spacial rifts, this wouldn’t have happened.

The flow of time in the void was different from the flow of time in the foreign battleground. 100 years in the void was only one year in the foreign battleground.

To be more accurate, the time Wang Lin had spent slamming into the spacial rift was 7 years outside, but 700 years in the void.

700 years of continuous blows from Wang Lin caused the foreign battleground to collapse even faster. Right now, no cultivator from the rank 4 or 5 cultivation countries dared to enter the foreign battleground.

They could only send messages to the cultivators inside. They told them to cancel the cleaning, work together to gather all of the divine sense, and leave through a transfer array.

Wang Lin had lost track of time as his soul became smaller and smaller. Right now, he no longer had to cut off his divine sense. He was waiting for a large rift.

On this day, within Wang Lin’s divine sense, a spacial rift several times larger than normal appeared. Without any hesitation, Wang Lin entered.

Mai Liang had set his sights on a magic treasure. This magic treasure was very similar to the black light he had seen before. Both could fly on their own. He had chased this treasure down for three days and was completely worn out.

He wryly smiled at the purple sword before him and secretly thought that if his shuttle wasn’t stolen, he could have easily caught up and wouldn’t be so tired right now.

Thinking about the shuttle, he couldn’t help think about that black light. In these 10+ years, he couldn’t help but fantasize about that treasure. Since that treasure was being chased by a member of the Giant Demon Clan, it must have been some heaven defying treasure.

Every time he thought about it, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Mai Liang muttered to himself, “The transfer tunnel to leave here won’t open early or late, but exactly when my 50 year time limit is up. But no matter what happens, I can finally go home. In these past few years, it has became too dangerous. It is all because of the divine senses that have been appearing. After I get that flying sword, I’ll return to the gathering point. Hehe, junior apprentice sister, you have to wait for me. You can’t turn down senior apprentice brother. I am a brute and only I truly love you.”

“But 50 years have passed. What does junior apprentice sister look like now? Well.. she cultivates the War God method and I heard that it has the ability to make you stay looking young, so at most she would look 30. If she has became an old lady, then I might as well give up. Hmph hmph, of the dozens of people from the War God Shrine that came here, only ten or so remain. Once I return, the elders will focus resources on me to help me cultivate. And the bottle of pills I received before is very powerful. Just one pill will keep me young. After I leave, I will only look like a 20 year old young man. Thanks to that, I can have any woman I want.” Mai Liang let out a mischievous smile as he suddenly gained motivation.

Just as Mai Liang was feeling proud, two beams of light suddenly closed in. In the blink of an eye, they arrived next to Mai Liang. One of the lights charged past him towards the purple sword, revealing a 30 year old young man. His expression darkened as he caught the flying sword and threw it into his bag of holding without a word. He then turned to stare coldly at Mai Liang.

The other ray of light revealed a middle aged man in black. He stood behind Mai Liang and faintly smiled at him.

Mai Liang’s expression changed as he said, “Xu Hao, Ge Yang!” He complained in his heart. He had seen these people from a distance before. These two had bad names because they liked to kill people to steal their treasures.

Mai Liang decisively tore off his bag of holding and threw it to Xu Hao. “Fellow cultivators, here is everything I have found during my time here. You guys can have it all. I just want my life,” he begged.

Xu Hao was startled. He took the bag of holding and scanned it with his divine sense. He smiled and said, “You are the most spineless person I have ever met, but also the most practical. Fine, I’ll let you go this time. Scram!”

Mai Liang relaxed and was about to back away when his expression suddenly changed. He coughed out a mouthful of blood as a flying sword pierced through his chest. His body shook as he felt his life draining away. He forced his body to turn around and look at Ge Yang as he said, “You…”

Ge Yang waved his hand. As the flying sword flew back to him, he said, “I didn’t say I’d let you go.” With that, he left without even looking at Mai Liang.

Xu Hao made a sound and shook his head. He knew that Ge Yang killed Mai Liang because he hated the fact that Mai Liang gave the bag of holding to him. He and Ge Yang had an agreement: the bag of holding belongs to whoever gets a hold of it first and they couldn’t fight over it anymore.

If Ma Liang had given the bag of holding to Ge Yang, Xu Hao would have done the same.

Mai Liang’s consciousness was already fuzzy as an image of his junior apprentice sister appeared before him. He gradually closed his eyes. Just at that moment, a large spacial rift appeared next to Mai Liang and a large soul charged out.

The moment the soul appeared, it paused and quickly drilled into Mai Liang’s body. Mai Liang’s eyes suddenly opened. Beams of golden light shot out of his eyes.

The wound on his chest healed at a visible rate. Soon, he had completely recovered. A cold voice came from his mouth.

“Teng Huayuan, I, Wang Lin, am back! Divine Sense! Return!”

Suddenly, all of the divine sense in the foreign battleground that belonged to Wang Lin, whether it was inside someone’s bag of holding, refined by someone, inside someone’s body, or being fought over, all of it began to tremble.

The pieces of divine sense one after another gathered toward Wang Lin from the foreign battleground.

A panic that had never occurred before appeared in the hearts of every cultivator who had a piece of the divine sense.

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