Chapter 1178 - Qualification

Chapter 1178 - Qualification

“The origin crystals belong to me personally. I don’t need to report this to your Mi Luo Sect!” An ancient voice came from the distance and then a ray of light landed next to Ouyang Long, revealing it to be Master Ashen Pine.

The youth in yellow snorted and said, “35,000 origin crystals!”

“40,000!” Master Ashen Pine was very calm, as if these 40,000 origin crystals were insignificant to him. This abnormal scene immediately caused the surrounding cultivators to look at Master Ashen Pine in shock.

Master Ashen Sect was a head elder of the Treasured Jade Sect who didn’t even need to give face to the sect master. He had many direct disciples and had enough power to confront the sect master. However, he was very low-key, so the sect master had never asked about all the celestial jades and origin crystals he had gathered.

“50,000 origin crystals!” The youth in yellow stared at Master Ashen Pine and clenched his teeth.

Master Ashen Pine sneered. He didn’t care about exposing the fact that he had a large amount of origin crystals and catching the attention of the upper regions. After today, he will leave and will likely never return to Peng Lai. Not to mention his chance of success will be much greater this time. Once he succeeds, his cultivation level will increase greatly, and after that, he will have nothing to fear!

Master Ashen Pine had his hands behind his back as he calmly said, “60,000!”

“You!!” The youth in yellow took a deep breath. After thinking for a moment, he was about to offer.

“70,000!” Master Ashen Pine coldly looked at the youth in yellow and suddenly smiled. “Your Mi Luo Sect didn’t bring many people and the trip back to the rank 7 region is far. You should be careful on your way back.” 

The surroundings immediately became very quiet and their gazes fell on Master Ashen Pine. It was extremely rare for someone to threaten someone from the rank 7 sects!

“What backing does this Master Ashen Pine have to dare to be so bold?”

The youth in yellow looked at Master Ashen Pine. After a long time, he let out a cold snort and flew off into the horizon.

Master Ashen Pine’s expression was neutral as he clasped his hands at Wang Lin. He then threw out a bag and then reached out toward the suit of armor. The armor flew into his hand, and after taking a closer look, he revealed a smile.

“Fellow Cultivator Lu, the deposit is in the bag as well. A total of 80,000 origin crystals. Let us go?”

Wang Lin caught the bag and scanned it with his divine sense before quietly putting it away. Master Ashen Pine had a high cultivation level and was very cunning. He was also a ruthless person.

However, no matter how cunning he was, he couldn’t match the All-Seer. Wang Lin had even dared to fight against the All-Seer, so how could he be afraid of a mere Master Ashen Pine?

After nodding slightly, Wang Lin stepped forward and flew off into the sky. Master Ashen Pine smiled and flew off as well. He and Wang Lin disappeared into the horizon.

Due to this, no one else was in the mood to continue this auction and all left.

After leaving Peng Lai, Wang Lin and Master Ashen Pine moved at an extreme speed through the star fog. Just at this moment, the sound of a flute echoed in the fog.

The star fog in the distance churned and the blue-haired Li Qianmei slowly walked out and smiled.

Wang Lin stopped and pondered a bit. He turned toward Master Ashen Pine and slowly said, “Fellow Cultivator Ashen Pine, go first. I’ll catch up a bit later.”

Master Ashen Pine smiled and handed a jade to Wang Lin. He then laughed and said, “Fellow Cultivator Lu can go to the location marked on the map. A few old friends of mine will be waiting there.”

With that, he looked at Li Qianmei and clasped his hands before flying off into the fog. He wasn’t worried Wang Lin wouldn’t come.

Wang Lin looked at Li Qianmei, and after pondering for a bit, he calmly said, “Didn’t you leave? Why did you come back?”

Li Qianmei blinked and whispered, “I was going to leave, but I remember you said you were going to send me off.”

Wang Lin frowned and said, “I’ll send you off here… With your cultivation level, there shouldn’t be much danger for you there, but you should still be cautious.”

Li Qianmei shook her head and said, “Who knows? Perhaps we will never meet again after I leave… From Teacher’s tone, this outbreak seems somewhat grave.”

Wang Lin silently pondered.

Seeing that Wang Lin didn’t intend to speak, Li Qianmei frowned. She looked at Wang Lin and let out a sigh.

“That Master Ashen Pine is very secretive. I originally intended to go with you…” Li Qianmei gently bit her lower lip as she looked at Wang Lin and took off an emerald bracelet from her right hand.

“You answered my three question before and we agreed for me to give you one item per question. I haven’t given you the third item yet. This is a protective treasure. You should keep it to protect yourself.” Li Qianmei handed the bracelet to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looked at Li Qianmei with a somewhat complicated look. He took the bracelet and took one glance at. It was still warm from Li Qianmei’s body. He shook his head and returned it to Li Qianmei.

Li Qianmei looked at Wang Lin and quietly asked, “Why won’t you take it?”

“It is too expensive, I can’t afford it. If there is nothing else, I’ll be leaving.” With that, Wang Lin turned and was about to leave.

Li Qianmei calmly threw the jade bracelet to the side. It turned into a ray of light and disappeared among the star fog.

“Since you don’t want it, then I don’t want it either.”

Wang Lin silently looked at Li Qianmei.

“Since you don’t want my item, take back this painting.” Li Qianmei waved her hand. A painting appeared and she handed it to Wang Lin.

Li Qianmei calmly said, “The lake and river on the painting are beautiful, but it was lacking vitality, so I added a few things.”

After taking the painting, Wang Lin didn’t open it, but after silently pondering for a bit, his right hand reached out. A crack to this storage space opened and a ray of golden light flew out. 

The ray of light landed in Wang Lin’s hand. The golden light dissipated and turned into a pen.

Wang Lin waved his hand and began to draw a rune with the pen. His hand didn’t stop as he drew stroke after stroke. It wasn’t until the rune was extremely complex that he stopped.

“This pen is a celestial treasure, and when used with this rune, you should be able to display shocking strength with your cultivation level!” Wang Lin let the pen go. A golden light surrounded the pen as it floated in the void.

No longer looking at Li Qianmei, Wang Lin turned around and flew off into the distance.

“You answered my three questions. I won’t let you escape.” Li Qianmei smiled as she looked at where Wang Lin disappeared to. She picked up her flute, put it next to her mouth, and began to play. The sound of the flute echoed through the fog.

When Wang Lin heard the flute in the distance, he looked at the painting in his hand. He opened it up and saw that the river and lake were no longer there. They had dried up and there were two fishes laying next to each other, keeping each other alive.

Wang Lin frowned and revealed a wry smile. He put away the painting and flew away accompanied by the sound of the flute.

After a long time, Li Qianmei put down the flute and waved her hand. She put away the golden pen and walked off into the void...

Wang Lin moved like lightning according to the map Master Ashen Pine had given him and dashed through the fog. However, a moment later, he stopped and stared straight ahead.

In the fog not far from him there was a bright, emerald light, and there was a bracelet floating there. Not just Wang Lin, even Li Qianmei wouldn’t have expected the bracelet that she had randomly thrown to end up along the route Wang Lin would take.

Even if she had thrown it in the right direction, space was vast and filled with fog. Even though it had gone in the same direction, the chance of seeing it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Wang Lin silently looked at the jade bracelet for a long time before reaching out. The jade bracelet fell in his hand. He let out a sigh and flew away.

There was a very small wild continent not far away from Peng Lai in the rank 5 region. There were no beasts there and cultivators rarely came here. However, right now there were three cultivators sitting there.

“Master Ashen Pine, that place is the most secretive place between us. Why do you want that person named Lu to come?” The person who spoke was the old man with a face filled with scars. He was the same old man that Wang Lin had met at Master Ashen Pine’s auction.

Master Ashen Pine sat there with a calm expression and said, “That person can use the War Spirit Print. With him there, my chance of success will increase by 20%! In addition, I’ll have to trouble Fellow Cultivator Zhao’s spell to lead the way. After it’s over, according to our previous agreement, Fellow Cultivator Zhao will get to choose three materials first!”

Master Ashen Pine’s gaze fell on another person. This was also someone Wang Lin was familiar with. It was the old woman in green.

The old woman said with a hoarse voice, “I’ll do my best.”

Just at this moment, the fog above the wild continent churned and a shrill laugh echoed. The fog was pushed aside and an old man wearing a black and white daoist robe with a crown on his head appeared. With just a few steps, he arrived next to the three of them as if he had used spatial bending.

Just as this old man appeared, a dense smell of blood appeared. There were countless soul fragments hiding in the fog behind him. They would sometimes reveal their heads and let out bursts of silent yet mournful cries.

“Master Ashen Pine, I met some enemies along the way, so I was a bit late.” The old man’s face was pale, but his eyes gave off an eerie glow.

“Master Cloud Soul!” The eyes of the old man with the face covered in scars narrowed the moment he saw the crown.

The face of the old man with the crown twitched and he revealed a gloomy smile. “Fellow Cultivator Pang, we meet again.” After that, he looked at the old woman, and in the end his gaze fell on Master Ashen Pine.

“Master Ashen Pine, is it only the four of us?”

Master Ashen Pine licked his lips and slowly said, “There are three more! They should be here soon.” Just after he spoke, the star fog churned once more and a person walked out.

White robe, fluttering black hair, and an indifferent gaze. Wang Lin walked out from the fog and looked at the four of them.

“A Nirvana Cleanser junior? Master Ashen Pine, you want to a Nirvana Cleanser junior to be involved in this?” Master Cloud Soul frowned.

“He is not a Nirvana Cleanser junior!” Master Ashen Pine smiled.

“Oh?” Master Cloud Soul’s eyes lit up. When Wang Lin approached, he waved his right hand and the countless soul fragments charged at Wang Lin.

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