Chapter 1174 - You’re Late

Chapter 1174 - You’re Late

Powerful cultivators like this old woman were well aware of Wu Qing’s departure. Aside from Wu Qing’s fame, it was more related to his identity.

He was, after all, an elder of the rank 6 Devil Collection Sect.

His departure naturally caught the attention of many old monsters, especially those who guessed why he was leaving. In the eastern part of the main city of Peng Lai, Master Ashen Pine sat in the room where the trade happened. He held a jade in his hand and was filled with uncertainty. 

“If I go there again with this many celestial jades, I will definitely succeed!” He took a deep breath and was about to go over his plan once more when his head suddenly jerked up. It was as if his eyes could penetrate the room and see Wu Qing flying through the sky outside.

“Although Wu Qing is at the Nirvana Shatterer stage now, not only has his greed not decreased, it has actually increased. What’s even better is that while he thinks of himself as a schemer, he is actually just a very conceited man. I invited him to participate because I heard there was some friction between his Devil Collection Sect and Lu Zhihao and I wanted to see if I could cause a dispute. Since he is chasing Lu Zihao, this Lu Zihao will without a doubt die. Forget it. Since I did trade with him, I won’t let his origin crystals fall into someone else’s hands.” Master Ashen Pine revealed a grim smile as his divine sense shot out and closely followed Wu Qing.

In the fourth floor of a restaurant in the main city sat a man and a woman. The man wore white, and the woman opposite of him was a beautiful young woman. Her flower dress made her face even more beautiful.

The two of them looked at the distance at the same time. The beautiful young woman sighed and shook her head. “That little guy hasn’t cultivated for long enough. He easily revealed his treasure and caused a fatal calamity on himself. What a pity.”

The white-clothed scholar pondered a bit and revealed a strange look, then he smiled. “I don’t think so. Although that little guy’s cultivation level is below Wu Qing’s and he clearly knew that Wu Qing was after him,he still dared to exit the main city. He must have something planned.”

“Oh? This little woman doesn’t agree. It seems the little one was frightened and wanted to leave early. I didn’t think Wu Qing would disregard his own identity and pursue him.” The beautiful woman chuckled and looked at the scholar in white.

“We’ll know the result when we see it.” The scholar smiled as their divine senses spread out toward Wu Qing.

There was an old man with face filled with scars walking slowly through the street with his hand behind his back. He was looking around at the surrounding buildings and was filled with reminiscence. 

“If it wasn’t for Master Ashen Pine continuing to invite me, I fear I would have never stepped on Peng Lai again…” He let out a sigh as he looked into the distance and his eyes lit up.

“What a good example of the big bullying the strong and the strong preying on the weak. He’s blatantly trying to kill someone for their treasures!” The old man laughed as he appeared on a rooftop and sat down. His divine sense spread out and he looked lively.

In the inn of a smaller city away from the main city sat a skinny old man in black with two balls in his hands. He was standing next to the window as he looked at the bright sky. His divine sense had spread out far.

“I let that Wu Qing get ahead… Unfortunate…”

All the old monsters that participated in Master Ashen Pine’s auction thought Wang Lin would without a doubt die. All aside from the scholar in white! Even though the scholar was a bit skeptical, in his heart he knew that Nirvana Cleanser cultivators had no chance of surviving a battle against a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator!

Not only them, but some other Nirvana Shatterer cultivators in the city were alerted by Wu Qing’s departure, and their divine senses spread out. One of them was Tang Lihai!

Tang Lihai was sitting inside his room and suddenly opened his eyes from his cultivation. He frowned and hesitated a bit before letting out a sigh, but he didn’t try to stop Wu Qing.

“Sir once said not to provoke that person. Wu Qing, ah, Wu Qing, why must you be like this…”

A middle-aged man was sitting next to the table in the room beside Tang Lihai. He held a wine cup in his hand and had just swallowed a mouthful. However, he suddenly raised his head and coldly looked at the distance.

“Wu Qing, you’re reckless!” After hesitating for a bit, the middle-aged man charged off into the distance.

There were also powerful cultivators of various factions who didn’t spread out their divine senses. However, after noticing all these old monsters spreading out their divine senses, they were surprised and also began to observe.

At this moment, an undercurrent began to move because of Wu Qing’s departure! No one could predict what would happen next.  They would all be shocked and Wang Lin's name would become something they wouldn't be able to forget. He would climb higher and higher. The battle at Peng Lai would be where he displayed his power to the Cloud Sea!

Li Qianmei wasn’t in an inn in the city on the eastern part of Peng Lai and instead was at a towering peak. As she sat there, the powerful wind caused her hair to flutter. Her eyes shined brightly as she silently looked west.

Wang Lin moved like lightning. After he left the city, he charged straight for the plain to the west. Another shadow followed closely behind at him at an even faster speed.

The two of them were flying one after the other and got closer and closer.

At this moment, they arrived at the boundary between the western and eastern parts of Peng Lai. It was a plain filled with rocks, a very good place to kill.

Not only did Wang Lin need to win, he needed to win this fight clearly, fairly, and fast! Only then would this deter the other cultivators on Peng Lai and make them aware that he, Wang Lin, couldn’t be provoked!

If this was it, it wouldn’t display Wang Lin’s intent. Not only was he going to kill Wu Qing, he was going to make it so the people of the Devil Collection Sect wouldn’t dare to attack or get revenge! He had to make them fear and make them worry! Before he learned about the rank 9 region, he was a bit worried, but after learning about it from Li Qianmei, all his worries were gone.

Wang Lin’s feet suddenly stopped and he slowly turned around. He looked at Wu Qing’s figure that was charging at him like a violent gust of wind! Wu Qing’s eyes were filled with killing intent; he didn’t even try to hide it. Seeing that Wang Lin was no longer escaping, he waved his right hand and immediately attacked at full power without holding back.

He activated his early stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivation and a giant mountain appeared before him. As he waved his hand, this mountain smashed toward Wang Lin!

“Junior, don’t blame me for being cruel. You hurt a junior of my Devil Collection Sect, so you must be prepared to be killed! Today this old man will destroy your body and use your origin soul to refine a pill!”

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as he stared at the mountain closing in at him. When it was 5 feet away from him, he raised his right hand and threw a punch. This fist and the mountain collided with a heaven-shattering bang.

An earth-shattering crackling sound echoed and the mountain unexpectedly collapsed. Wang Lin withdrew his right hand and shook his head. “Too weak.”

Wu Qing was startled and his expression changed. Without hesitation, his hands formed a seal and a black wind and a white wind appeared around him. The two winds charged into the sky and collided to form a grey vortex.

“Power to uproot the heavens!” Wu Qing shouted, then he pushed his hand forward. The vortex suddenly began to swell and all the origin energy within 5,000 kilometers began to get sucked into it. The vortex seemed to cover the sky as it descended on Wang Lin.

Wu Qing’s mind trembled violently. The scene of Wang Lin shattering that mountain with a punch still echoed in his mind. His right hand reached at the void to open his storage space and was about to take out a treasure.

Just at this instant, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. They were filled with monstrous coldness and killing intent. He had been waiting for this moment!

“Wu Qing, your death has arrived!” Wang Lin’s voice was like the cold wind as it echoed around the area. When it landed in Wu Qing’s ears, it caused him to feel a chill.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin stepped forward and his right palm pushed forward. This strike caused all the origin energy with 5,000 kilometers to become chaotic, and at the same time, Wang Lin quickly pointed at the back of his right hand with two fingers from his left hand!

All the origin energy within tens of thousands of kilometers suddenly gathered under Wang Lin’s control! This majestic origin energy gathered at Wang Lin’s finger tips and went into his right hand. It turned into an unimaginable force that shot out toward the vortex.

The two spells quickly closed in and collided, causing a heaven-shaking sound that echoed across a portion of Peng Lai! Wang Lin’s left hand didn’t stop and once again pointed at the back of his right hand.

The second time it landed, all the origin energy from within 50,000 kilometers rushed in like crazy and entered the vortex Wu Qing’s spell had made.

This didn’t end here. Wang Lin casually withdrew his left hand. Then, as if he was reaching for the the sky, he formed the third finger!

This time, all the origin energy from Peng Lai seemed to have started boiling and gathered in Wang Lin’s right hand. It formed a destructive aura and charged at the vortex.

The vortex trembled and instantly collapsed. A powerful shockwave spread in all directions and kicked up dust everywhere. Countless rocks were sent flying, and they all exploded into dust under this shockwave. Endless dust covered the world.

Without his original body, Wang Lin could kill an early stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. Now he had his original body, and it was much stronger than before. The power of his body was unimaginable, and along with the power of an ancient god, his ability to kill had increased greatly!

After the three fingers landed, Wang Lin’s right hand slammed down and his origin energy crashed down toward Wu Qing. Wu Qing’s pupils contracted. At this moment of life and death, he didn’t even have time to feel regret. Treasures quickly flew out from Wu Qing’s storage space to stop this force.

However, Wang Lin had learned this spell from Master Lufu. Although he hadn’t learned its essence, with Master Lufu’s cultivation level, the power of this spell was something even the former celestial emperors had to be wary of. How could Wu Qing’s treasures stop a spell this powerful?

Wu Qing wasn’t qualified to have a treasure that could stop this spell! He was not worthy of having such qualifications!

A thunderous rumble echoed and all of Wu Qing’s treasures exploded, then the black palm landed on his chest. His clothes were torn to pieces and he coughed out blood. He then retreated with a pale face, completely shocked.

“You’re not a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!!” Wu Qing’s heretical voice could be heard.

“Wu Qing, I won’t send you off!” Wang Lin closed his eyes and lifted his right hand once more. The huge palm print from the Rain Celestial Realm appeared in his mind. The print grew until it replaced everything!

He first gained an understanding of this technique back in the Rain Celestial Realm. He had used it without truly understanding it and forced the genius Red Butterfly to retreat!

In the Demon Spirit Land, he comprehend the technique again and revealed its potential, shocking Demon General Mo Lihai!

The second time he went to the Demon Spirit Land, the palm print shook the heavens and destroyed the eighth floor of the celestial cave, shocking Ling Tianhou greatly!

In the Alliance System, in order to stop the members of the Purple Dao Sect from the Cloud Sea from escaping, he used this technique once more and killed everyone in sight! It was at that moment that Wang Lin learned the name of this spell!

War Spirit Print!

Rank 9 God Sect War Spirit Print!!

All these thoughts immediately appeared one after another in his mind, from his comprehension to the four times he had used it. All these things swirled in his mind until they all collapsed, leaving behind just the handprint.

This palm print was filled with unimaginable might that turned into a will that entered his right hand and was shot forward.

This palm caused the world to change colors and a rumble to echo. All the dust in the area was being pushed aside as if a storm was sweeping by.

The will contained within this palm was the aura of one that stood above even the heavens. A giant palm that covered the heavens and earth appeared before Wang Lin and pressed down with unimaginable pressure.

This palm was like the heavens! Beneath it, Wu Qing was like an ant! The moment this palm appeared, the divine sense of all the old monsters trembled and all of Peng Lai was terrified!

“War…. War Spirit Print!!! Rank 9 God Sect’s War Spirit Pring!!” Wu Qing was completely stunned, and a never-before-seen sense of despair filled his body. Even though he was a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, the pressure of the War Spirit Print still made him feel like the world was collapsing. What was even more shocking was that the legendary War Spirit Print from the God Sect had appeared before him.

In his mind, this wasn’t just the War Spirit Print, but the entire God Sect!

He let out a scream and began to retreat like crazy. The fear in his eyes drowned his mind. At this moment, he didn’t care about how his mind was seriously injured and his body was about to collapse, he only wanted to escape. However, he couldn’t escape as the palm continued to grow until it filled his vision.

In almost an instant, the palm hit Wu Qing, and the entire earth trembled. Wu Qing’s body exploded into a mist of blood!

His origin soul escaped and was swept by the palm before he could escape. Like a solitary boat in the violent ocean, his origin soul dissipated. The elder of the Devil Collection Sect, Wu Qing, died! Even at the moment of his death, he was filled with fear and confusion along with deep regret.

The moment Wu Qing died, Wang Lin stepped forward to where Wu Qing had opened his storage space. Only a short period of time had passed since Wu Qing had arrived and was killed. Although it wasn’t an instant kill, it was very clean.

Wu Qing’s storage space didn’t even have time to close. Now that he had died, his mark on the storage space was gone and it was rapidly closing. Right before it closed, Wang Lin’s right hand reached inside and mercilessly took everything away. This was a method he had thought of to take stuff from the storage space of cultivators above the Nirvana Cleanser stage!

Kill the other party the moment they open their storage space. This will give you a moment to take their things!

At this moment, the palm hadn’t dissipated. It was moving forward in an even more crazed manner. It moved forward with an irresistible force and caused earth-shattering rumbles as it scraped across the ground. All of Peng Lai trembled as if it was going to collapse as the palm swept across the surface.

As the palm continued to move forward, endless origin energy gathered. This palm that pierced the sky caused all the clouds to shatter and countless cracks appeared in the sky.

A thunderous rumble echoed over Peng Lai. It seemed to be welcoming the reappearance of the War Spirit Print!

The palm moved faster and faster and absorbed even more origin energy. Soon, it broke free from Wang Lin’s control. Wang Lin simply withdrew his divine sense and allowed it to move forward as it wished.

The ground trembled even more violently and the speed of the palm reached a peak. It was no slower than a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. In the blink of an eye, it flew toward the floating cities on the eastern side of Peng Lai.

This scene was simply too shocking, and all the cultivators on Peng Lai were startled. Seeing the palm charging at them from the distance, they all flew out from the cities.

In an instant, the palm closed in and collided with one of the floating stones. The stone immediately collapsed and the city on it completely was disintegrated. It wasn’t able to stop the palm from moving forward at all.

As the palm passed, endless rumbles echoed and more than 10 of the stones on the right side collapsed. The palm passed by the right side of the main city in the center, causing the entire stone to be pushed slightly to the left.

An earth-shaking sound replaced everything in the world. The palm penetrated the eastern part of the main city and shot off into the void. It was as if something was battling the heavens!

One palm to pierce the heavens! It broke through the protective barrier of Peng Lai and went into space. Large amounts of fog entered the palm, causing its power to increase greatly.

There was a wild continent not far from Peng Lai. It was a forbidden land of the Treasured Jade Sect, and they didn’t allow any outside cultivators to step on it. The palm was heading straight for it.

In just a moment, the palm absorbed endless fog and turned into a huge palm with no end in sight. It looked like a palm from an ancient god when it landed on the wild continent.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

Unimaginable fluctuations came from the starry sky. The wild continent trembled violently as it fragmented into countless large pieces and collapsed!

The palm dissipated!

Wang Lin was shocked. He didn’t think the palm would have such power once it was out of his control. He vaguely guessed that the palm print in the Rain Celestial Realm had appeared like this as well.

In the distance, the middle-aged man from the Devil Collection Sect stared at all of this and gasped. His eyes were filled with disbelief, and Wang Lin had caused a terrifying storm to set off in his heart.

“This… This is the War Spirit Print!! This person’s identity…” His face was pale and he was in shock. The fear in his mind made it so it was impossible to even think of getting revenge for Wu Qing.

At the same time, all the cultivators on Peng Lai were shocked, especially the old monsters that had their divine senses around the area and saw this. They were all stunned.

Master Ashen Pine’s eyes widened and he crushed the jade in his hand as he stared straight ahead. His mind trembled and his face was pale as he subconsciously licked his lips.

“He… He… Who the hell is he…”

The scholar in white and the beautiful woman also left the restaurant when the giant palm print swept by. Half of the city was destroyed.

The beautiful woman was completely pale and her pupils shrank. Her mind was shaken and she was completely speechless. She had just called Wang Lin a “little cultivator,” but her heart was now filled with endless disbelief and a deep chill.

“Killing Wu Qing and using the War Spirit Print. This person… This person can’t be provoked!”

The scholar in white gasped, but his eyes shined brightly. However, the light wasn’t able to cover up the shock in his mind.

Not far away, the old man filled with scars was frozen in place. He still couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“I didn’t think he was someone from the God Sect… The War Spirit Print is too scary!”

The withered elder in black was the most fortunate. At this moment, the two balls in his hand had stopped turning. His face was pale as cold sweat dripped from his forehead and he took a deep breath.

“Fortunately, Wu Qing attacked first; otherwise, I would be the one to die! The Devil Collection Sect will soon be wiped out for daring to provoke someone from the God Sect!”

There was also the old woman in green that had sold Wang Lin the star map. Her eyes lit up and she frowned as she suppressed the shock in her heart. She looked at the ruins left by the palm print, but no one knew what she was thinking.

The one that was most shocked was Tang Lihai. His lips were dry and he was completely frightened. If he were to face Wang Lin again, he wouldn’t be as calm as he was before. Every single early stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator would feel extreme fear toward someone that could kill an early stage Nirvana Shatterer so quickly.

In addition to them, the cultivators from various sects and old monsters that were here for the auction, especially those that saw the battle, all looked toward the west with complicated gazes.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he patted the dust off his clothes. He walked forward, and not far before him was the pale, middle-aged man that was hiding at the inn.

“You’re late.”

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