Chapter 1159 - Might

Chapter 1159 - Might

All the origin energy within 50 kilometers was rushing in, but it still wasn’t enough!

Wang Lin’s upper body had reformed and his lower half was still reforming. The origin energy continued to surge in, being pulled from the surrounding 500 kilometer area.

This giant vortex stirred all the origin energy and star fog in the area, but its expansion didn’t stop. After all, compared to the continent of Mo Luo, 500 kilometers was truely insignificant!

1,500 kilometer, 2,500 kilometers, 5,000 kilometers, 15,000 kilometers.... 50,000 kilometers, 150,000 kilometers… 500,000 kilometers!!

The fog and origin energy within 500,000 kilometers of the continent of Mo Luo went crazy and rushed into the continent!

Very few people in the Cloud Sea knew where the star fog came from. It was as if this star fog had always been here. If one looked back, one would find that before the Celestial Realm collapsed and the Ancient Celestial Realm was still there, this fog existed as well.

What exactly the star fog was was a difficult question for the cultivators in the Cloud Sea to explain. They only knew that it was because of this star fog that the Cloud Sea was filled with fierce beasts!

Wang Lin didn’t know what the star fog was, but as the fog merged into his reforming bones, he had a strange feeling. However, he wasn’t able to figure out why.

As the origin energy from within 500,000 kilometers of the continent of Mo Luo rushed in, Wang Lin’s legs began to reform. The explosive growth speed was stronger than the bone calamity, and a moment later, his left leg formed!

His right leg soon reformed as well. After all the bones in his body had reformed, the bone calamity disappeared!

However, the calamity wasn’t over yet. After his bones were restored, tendons began appearing and flesh reformed around his bones.

However, the moment this flesh reappeared, it immediately collapsed. The flesh calamity arrived and thus achieved the goal of grinding away his vitality.

Wang Lin had already prepared for this phenomenon. The moment the flesh calamity appeared, the avatar wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and opened up his storage space.

Fist-sized blood crystals he had gotten from the Land of the Ancient God flew out. He had used some of them to help the original body keep a trace of vitality, and he was going to use the rest here.

At this moment, these blood crystals flew out and fell on Wang Lin’s bones. The moment they landed, they invaded his bones.

The moment Wang Lin took out the blood crystals, all of the retreating fierce beasts stopped, looked at the continent, and began to roar. There was a  hint of madness in their eyes, as if the blood crystals were the best nourishment for them. As long as they caught a scent, they were willing to do anything for it.

As the roars continued, these fierce beasts immediately changed direction and charged at the continent of Mo Luo. There were rank 5, 6, and 7 beasts among them. They all seemed to have gone crazy as they rushed down.

The Origin Sect cultivators were shocked by these events. They were awakened by the fierce beasts rushing down.

After Wang Lin’s original body had absorbed the blood crystals, lines of blood apepared over the bones. As the origin energy and star fog surged in, flesh began to form along the lines of blood.

At this moment, the roars of the fierce beasts entered the ground. Killing intent appeared in the eyes of the avatar, and the original body’s eyes also gave off a ghostly glow.

Crackling sounds echoed as the original body shrank from 3,000 feet to the size of a normal person. The avatar charged out and fused with the original body once more!

After fusing with his original body, Wang Lin looked up and rushed out. Popping sounds echoed as he charged out from underground!

The moment he charged out from underground, all of the fierce beasts rushed at him like crazy. Coldness flash across Wang Lin’s eyes as he appeared before an octopus-like beast and threw a punch with his right hand.

With a bang, the fierce beast’s body trembled and blood sprayed out everywhere, created a mist of blood. Even its soul had shattered, but a invisible energy appeared and entered Wang Lin’s body.

This invisible energy was the fierce beast’s vitality and the thing Wang Lin needed the most!

He clearly felt that his original body started reforming a bit faster when that vitality entered his body. Wang Lin quickly rushed to the side of another beast and punched. He almost left behind afterimages as he moved around punching. He caused blood to rain down on the continent of Mo Luo!

Those fierce beasts wanted to devour the blood crystals Wang Lin had absorbed, but before they could succeed, they all exploded one by one. A thunderous rumble echoed across the sky.

Wang Lin took one step and appeared next to a giant python. As it opened its mouth to devour Wang Lin, Wang Lin’s fist landed on its mouth. Popping sounds echoed, then the vitality of the python entered Wang Lin’s body and its mouth exploded.

In a short period of time, more than 100 fierce beasts died. After absorbing their vitality, Wang Lin felt an extremely comfortable feeling in his body. His eyes lit up and he rushed out once more.

The fierce beasts exploded one by one. When the surrounding cultivators that were hiding saw this, they were completely shocked. This was especially true for Li Xiangdong and company. Lu Yanfei was slighlty better as she was somewhat prepared.

However, Li Xiangdong stared dumbfoundedly at all of this, and the two elders beside him gasped.

“Grand Uncle-Master… He… He is Grand Uncle-Master… That was a rank 6 beast, but it was killed by one punch spell from Grand Uncle-Master!”

Just at this moment, the roar of a beast came from the distance. At the edge of the horizon, a  2,000-feet-tall lion-shaped beast that was covered in thorns rushed over.

The moment it appeared, all the surrounding fierce beasts scattered as if they weren’t willing to get close to it.

“Rank 8 Sword Lion Beast!!” Li Xiangdong’s pupils contracted and the two elders beside him exclaimed. Even Lu Yanfei sucked in a deep breath and revealed a nervous expression.

Wang Lin suddenly raised his head, and his eyes shined. Before the eyes of every cultivator, he charged like a meteor into the sky toward the mighty rank 8 fierce beast.

He moved faster than lightning. When he got close to the lion, Wang Lin mercilessly kicked with his left foot.

A heaven-shaking roar echoed as the mighty beast’s body trembled and exploded into a mist of blood. A large amount of vitality entered Wang Lin’s body. He was like a god standing there, enjoying the large amount of vitality from the rank 8 beast!

The surroundings suddenly became silent, and the greed from the surrounding fierce beasts disappeared and was replaced with fear. All the cultivators stared at this scene, almost unable to believe their own eyes.

“Rank 8…” Li Xiangdong was startled and his mind was blank. The two elders behind him were also in a daze. They were completely shocked.

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