Chapter 1139 - Ceng Niu

Chapter 1139 - Ceng Niu

As Wang Lin slowly walked through the jungle, there were small snakes moving within the mud. He also saw some fist-sized toads jumping in the mud and water. They seemed to enjoy the rain.

Wang Lin felt like everything was very strange after entering the Cloud Sea. He didn’t know where he was and began to ponder as he walked in the mud.

He had come here to avoid Tuo Sen, but with Tuo Sen’s power, he could easily break the barrier between the two star systems. It seemed when that time comes, there would be no place for him to hide.

“Rather than constantly escaping, I should establish a foothold in the Cloud Sea as soon as possible. Once my original body has passed the Three Trials Seven Calamities, I’ll think about a path for the future…” Wang Lin looked at his waist and below. There was a hint of worry in his eyes. 

“The most important thing is to blend into the Cloud Sea with the identity of a cultivator from the Cloud Sea…” Wang Lin looked up at the falling rain. Like the snow from the Alliance that merged with the rain, he had to do this as well.

While moving forward, his body gradually became smaller and his hair slowly turned black. His appearance changed slightly and he looked like an ordinary, poor scholar. He walked out from the raining jungle.

The rainy season on the continent of Mo Luo would continue for several months. It wasn’t until the earth was completely moist, people’s bones began to ache, and everyone smelled slightly of rust that the rain would finally stop.

Whether it was the cultivators or mortals, everyone on the continent Mo Luo was used to this. For cultivators, they would either go into closed door cultivation during the rainy season or leave the continent to hunt for fierce beasts. Except, during this rainy season, almost all the members of the only sect on the continent of Mo Luo came out into the rain and headed to the northern area of the continent.

Rays of light filled the sky and seemed to open up a path in the rain. If one looked from the ground, they would see a meteor shower-like scene.

As for the mortals, they were mostly beside their fireplaces, enjoying the warmth of their homes. They would sometimes look outside their windows. It was dull but warm.

The North Water Village was just like its name. It was located in the northern part of the continent of Mo Luo and was within 500 kilometers of the jungle. The people of the village mostly survived by farming, but there were teams of hunters in the village that hunted in the nearby valley.

The people of the North Water Village would organize a group of experienced people every rainy season to go to the jungle to capture water toads. During these months of rain, these villagers would go four or five times. Every time they returned, they would be carrying large sacks filled with living water toads.

When these villagers returned, their families would all come greet them in raincoats. Even the children would excitedly look at their fathers, brothers, uncles, or even grandfathers when they brought back bags of water toad. They would always be in a joyous mood.

However, when the villagers of the North Water Village returned from the jungle this time, aside from bags of water toads, they also brought back a person. This was a very ordinary youth, and he looked very thin. He seemed to be unable to withstand the chill and was wearing a raincoat a villager had gifted him. He silently stood there with a strange expression. There was a hint of melancholy and reminiscence as he silently looked at the village before him.

“Little Brother Ceng, this is our North Water Village. You can live here for a period of time until the rainy season passes. Then you can follow along the mountain path to Spring City.” A burly man in a raincoat passed the sack of water toads to someone else and smiled at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin revealed a smile as he clasped his hands and said his thanks.

The burly man waved his hand and smiled. “I have never gone to school and have never learned any manners. Since we’ve met on the road, we are friends, so there’s no need for Brother to be polite. This rain is heavy, so quickly go inside the house. Mother of my child, quickly tidy up the back room and let Brother Ceng live there.”

The woman wearing a raincoat next to the man looked at Wang Lin and smiled. She didn’t ask her husband who this person was and quickly returned home. After tidying up the back room, she also brought over a clean set of bedding.

This burly man had a lot of prestige in the village, so a lot of neighbors came during the night. They naturally drank a lot of wine. Wang Lin sat at the side and held a bowl of wine. He looked at the mortals with a smile as he drank, and his heart was calm.

After drinking, the burly men all laughed loudly. One of the men who was more than 40 years old took a bowl of wine to Wang Lin and said, “Brother Ceng, our family’s third brother said that if not for you, he wouldn’t have survived that snake bite. This old man won’t forget your life-saving grace!” After he spoke, he drank the entire bowl of wine.

Wang Lin smiled, then he picked up the jug of wine on the table and took a big gulp before wiping his mouth and saying, “This wine isn’t strong enough.”

The surrounding burly men all applauded when they saw this. The host that allowed Wang Lin to live in the back room laughed. “Woman, go bring the three jugs of North Water Village wine. I want to let Brother Ceng know we have some strong wine!”

The burly man’s wife shook her head and went into the house. Two more juniors followed, and soon, three jugs of wine were brought out.

Time slowly passed like this, and in a flash, one month passed. The rainy season wasn’t over, but the rain had lessened. There were even days where the sun would appear briefly and the rain would stop.

Wang Lin was very popular in the village. Everyone seemed to accept this very quiet neighbor who was very good at drinking. The villagers also accepted him as a doctor. Many elders and villagers with stubborn disease witnessed Wang Lin’s medical skills.

They also accepted his exquisite wood carvings. Wang Lin was a carpenter on top of being a doctor.

If time continued to pass and he could forget the crisis with Tuo Sen, forget the life and death of a cultivator, forget the schemes of life, then this was a life Wang Lin was looking forward to.

He liked this peaceful life and enjoyed the village’s joyous life. However, Wang Lin knew that this kind of life was like the brief sun during this rainy season--it would soon disappear.

The cultivators of the Origin Sect arrived at the north part of the continent of Mo Luo. They searched and searched again for mortals who were qualified to cultivate. Some were young and some were middle-aged. As for white-haired elders, they also looked at them, but most were not qualified. Even those that were would not be able to achieve any result before their death.

On this day, a cultivator arrived on the North Water Village. This cultivator looked no more than 20 years old, but he was at the Foundation Establishment stage. At his age, with his cultivation level, he could be considered a leader among the younger generation.

This cultivator’s expression was cold, so he immediately frightened the people of the village. They all came out from their houses and trembled in the rain. The people of the continent of Mo Luo all knew of cultivators. They also understood that if this cultivator became angry, it would only take a moment for this person to slaughter them all.

Zhao Yu frowned as he looked at all the mortals in the village. The rain bounded off three inches from him, keeping his clothes clean.

The villagers were being soaked by the rain as the piercing cold invaded their bodies. The adults were fine, but the children were trembling due to the cold and hugged their parents.

They had already been standing here for almost 15 minutes, but the cultivator still hadn’t spoke.

“Im…  Immortal, the rain is cold and the children are weak. They can’t stand this much more. How about…” The burly man that had taken Wang Lin in began to speak. His little daughter was already frozen pale.

However, before he could finish speaking, Zhao Yu’s cold gaze flash over and forced the burly man to swallow his words.

Zhao Yu let out a cold snort and coldly said, “If they can’t even withstand the rain, how can they become cultivators?” His cold snort contained a trace of his cultivation, and as it echoed in the ears of the villagers, the villagers’ faces became pale.

As Wang Lin stood within the crowd, his expression became gloomy. He walked out from the crowd and walked toward Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu was startled and was about to shout, but then his eyes filled with confusion. His gaze move from Wang Lin and onto the villagers, then he calmly said, “All of you, go back.”

The villagers were startled. They quickly took their children and rushed back inside. They didn’t notice that as they scattered, Wang Lin waved his right hand. An invisible heat wave flowed into all the villagers’ bodies and dispelled the cold.

In the rainy night, Wang Lin walked ahead and Zhao Yu walked behind. He was no longer confused, but it was as if he had lost his soul.

The actions of the Origin Sect lasted nearly a month, and they gathered 31 mortals from the northern part of the continent of Mo Luo. Among them, 17 were were teenagers and the rest were youths. All of them were sent to the Origin Sect and settled down in the giant basin.

The four great elders of the Origin Sect placed great importance on the 31 people, and they were split among the four elders. Among the seven people picked by the only female elder, Lu Yanfei, there was a youth named Ceng Niu from the North Water Village.

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