Chapter 1129 - Exalted One

Chapter 1129 - Exalted One

“Earth Trial!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he charged in the vortex without hesitation. A world of sand appeared before him, and this familiar scene made him let out a breath of relief.

Wang Lin dreaded the Ji Qiong a lot. If he encountered it again, he would have no choice but to give up on checking Tuo Sen’s power, give up this avatar, and quickly escape with his original body.

Although Wang Lin was familiar with the Earth Trial, he was still cautious. He avoided all the dangerous spots he had found before and used a day to find the entrance to the next level, then he stepped inside.

Along the way, Wang Lin adhered to the principle of being cautious. He passed a lot of familiar ground as he entered the depths of the ancient god. He also met a lot of cultivators on the way. 

On the fifth day, Wang Lin entered the last trial of the Land of the Ancient God, which was the void. The moment he entered, Wang Lin immediately felt the fluctuations of spells echoing and also the sounds of treasures colliding. He retreated without any hesitation.

There was a large amount of cultivators in the void. There were dozens of cultivators not far away from Wang Lin, fighting with a old man in red!

The old man looked very old, and he didn’t even need to use seals; he just waved his hands to create spells. All his spells were never seen before and contained a sense of time.

The moment he saw this old man, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He vaguely remembered that it was one of the ancient qi refiner cultivators that was in Tuo Sen’s sea of blood. This old man was as powerful as a late stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator.

The cultivators fighting this old man all had a coffins with them. The coffins were all opened, and corpse puppets were the main force attacking this old man.

Although the old man was alone, the battle was extremely fierce. There were more than 10 dead bodies floating around.

There were seven or eight cultivators standing around the battle; they were Corpse Sect disciples as well. There was a youth in black leading the way, and he was staring at the old man. He would often point with his finger and the corpse puppets attacking the elder would change formation.

Wang Lin’s appearance immediately caught the attention of both sides. When the old man saw Wang Lin, his eyes shined bright red.

The people of the Corpse Sect also spotted Wang Lin, but they didn’t know Wang Lin’s identity. The youth in black coldly looked at Wang Lin and waved his hand. Two Corpse Sect disciples immediately flew toward Wang Lin.

One of the Corpse Sect disciples clasped their hands and said, “Fellow Cultivator, my Corpse Sect was the first one to battle this ancient qi refiner. Please go somewhere else!”

Although his words were polite, his gaze was hostile. The people next to him were the same; they had cold gazes.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he nodded and flew along the side. When the people of the Corpse Sect saw Wang Lin leave, they didn’t pay attention to him anymore. The youth in black didn’t even look at Wang Lin; he only looked at the old man in red, and his eyes were filled with greed.

“I must have the body and origin soul of this ancient cultivator!”

Wang Lin flew through the void and saw simply too many cultivators. These cultivators were all in small groups of three to five. Some were by themselves, as if they were looking for something.

Wang Lin also saw some of the ancient cultivators from Tuo Sen’s blood sea, and they were all surrounded by large amounts of cultivators. Every time Wang Lin got close, he would be stopped just like with the Corpse Sect. Although they sounded polite, if Wang Lin took one more step, there would have been conflict.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but there was disdain in his eyes. Every time he encountered such a situation, he chose to leave.

“The temptation of ancient qi refiners is enough to fill some people with greed. There is a price to pay to obtain the cultivation methods and spells of these ancient cultivators!”

Although all these ancient cultivators had varying cultivation levels, they all had powerful spells. Often, just one of them had enough power to kill several of the cultivators fighting them.

All the ancient cultivators Wang Lin saw were the weak ones from the sea of blood. Wang Lin hadn’t seen a single of the strong ancient cultivators yet.

“I wonder where Master Flamespark and those Corpse Sect powerful cultivators went!” Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and looked. This void was too large for him to cover with his divine sense. On the eighth day, Wang Lin suddenly stopped and looked ahead.

He saw a blood red light suddenly appear in the void in the distance. There was also a thunderous rumble when the blood light spread. It had spread for an unknown amount of time before appearing before Wang Lin’s eyes.

Looking back, the blood light had already pushed even further away. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he charged out and teleported to were the ripple came from.

This blood ripple caused a powerful origin energy fluctuation. Only a very powerful cultivator could cause a shockwave this powerful.

Master Flamespark’s face was pale as he stared at an old man in red. This old man was completely red; even his eyes were crimson. However, there was no sense of madness, only a cold calmness.

Spell fluctuations rippled around the two of them and they both retreated, but they didn’t say a word. The old man in red waved his sleeves and a sea of blood appeared. The sea of blood turned into a dragon and charged at Master Flamespark with a roar.

The moment the dragon appeared, it created eight more heads, turning into a nine-headed blood dragon. It let out a heaven-shaking roar and closed in on Master Flamespark.

“This trick again!” Master Flamespark quickly retreated as his hands formed a seal and he hit his forehead. A burning bead appeared from between his eyebrows. With a point of his finger, the bead turned into a sea of flames that flew toward the nine-headed dragon.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the old man in red moved forward. He moved like lightning through the blood dragon and sea of flames to arrive before Master Flamespark. He then raised his right hand and mercilessly slammed down!

Master Flamespark was already on guard. He retreated once more and he spat something out. It was a small fragment that quickly grew. It was a Celestial Realm fragment.

There was a loud bang when the old man in red’s hand landed on the fragment, and he was pushed back. He then coldly looked at Master Flamespark and his hands formed a seal. He waved his hand and revealed a painful expression. Countless blood bubbles swelled up on his face. This sight was so shocking that it would make your heart go cold.

Master Flamespark had been battling against this ancient cultivator for a day already, but they were still at a stalemate. Seeing the other’s skin suddenly change like that, Master Flamespark was a bit shocked and immediately went on guard. His right hand reached at the void, and a crack appeared and a fan flew out. 

This fan was completely white, as if it was made of jade.

The moment the fan appeared, all the blood bubbles on the old man broke and he was covered in blood. He released a beast-like roar and his body immediately swelled up. The veins on his body swelled and the old man no longer looked human.

His body flickered and immediately charged at Master Flamespark. Master Flamespark retreated and was about to use the fan when he suddenly stopped. He revealed a respectful expression and then put away the fan.

An old hand silently appeared before the charging old man. The hand’s index finger gently pointed forward.

This casual point made it seem like the old man in red had collided with it on his own. The finger landed between the old man’s eyebrows.

The old man’s body trembled. The finger pierced through the old man’s skull as if poking through a piece of paper.

The old man in red’s head exploded into a blood light that spread like crazy in all directions. Even his body collapsed.

An old man in black walked out from the void. His expression was calm as he walked out and revealed a hint of melancholy.

“I didn’t think he was really hiding here…”

Master Flamespark had an respectful expression and said, “Greetings, Exalted One.”

The old man in black frowned and muttered to himself, “Such a big movement can’t even make him appear. What exactly is his goal…”

“Exalted One… Outside planet Suzaku before, that treasure… those words…” Master Flamespark didn’t agree with coming here, but it was this person’s order, so he had no power to refuse. At this moment, he vaguely pointed out that terrifying existence.

The old man silently pondered. After a long time, he shook his head and let out a sigh.

“Master Wuji, what exactly are you trying to do…”

At the same time, inside the blood sea on the large, stone pillar, Tuo Sen stood up. He looked at the blood red sky and revealed a ferocious smile.

“I can kill enough this time!!” With a mad laugh, Tuo Sen took a step and his right hand reached out to tear the sky. A large rift appeared in the blood sea, and what was on the outside was the void where most of the cultivators were located!

There were hundreds of cultivators sitting at the bottom of the blood sea. All of them opened their eyes and flew into the air!

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