Chapter 1107 - Battling Against Heaven

Chapter 1107 - Battling Against Heaven

All the Cloud Sea cultivators had been disintegrated. Only the last elder in purple who coughed out blood after the second crumble desperately tried to escape.

He was scared, totally terrified!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he waved his right hand and the burning river shot toward the old man. Wang Lin stopped paying attention to the old man and looked up. The divine retribution flames had descended from the divine retribution clouds.

“Fire…” Wang Lin’s expression was calm and he revealed a smile. As the flames descended, Wang Lin pointed at them with his right hand!

In an instant, a flame appeared in his left eye and a fiery red armor appeared around him. From a distance, it looked like Wang Lin was wearing fire.

The white cloak flowed behind him along with his white hair, and there was also the white Vermillion Bird on the armor. Wang Lin charged straight at the heavenly flames.

He rushed into the heavenly flame instantly, and the flames that got near him were immediately absorbed by the armor. The Vermillion Bird came out from his armor and let out a cry.

The Vermillion Bird seemed to be dancing within the heavenly flames.

This heavenly flame divine retribution was something Wang Lin could withstand!

He raised his head to look at the sky and revealed a challenging gaze. Wang Lin had experienced many divine retributions and had always ended up in an sorry state afterward. He was almost killed many times, but he had never yielded. Today, he controlled both fire and thunder, and the suppressed defying nature inside him erupted once more.

This divine retribution was an expression of the heavenly dao. If you wanted to defy the heavens, you first had to defy the heavens’ divine retribution!

Intense rumblings came from the divine retribution cloud as Wang Lin stared at it with a challenging gaze. As if the might of the heavens had been insulted, the clouds churned violently and the heavens’ might descend from the clouds!

This wasn’t the first time Wang Lin had experienced the heavens’ might; he had encountered it twice before. Anyone that dared to rebel before the heavens’ might would be destroyed.

However, not only did Wang Lin not retreat, he began to laugh.

“Fire divine retribution, lightning divine retribution, illusion divine retribution, might divine retribution, is there nothing other than these four?” Wang Lin faced the sky and didn’t move at all under the pressure from the heavens’ might!

After he spoke, the heavens responded, and the pressure increased over 100 fold. The space around Wang Lin began to distort as if there was an indescribable power tearing it.

Wang Lin’s body immediately descended a few dozen feet under this pressure. Crackling sounds came from his armor, but his head was held high!

He waved his right hand. In the distance, the burning river wrapped around the old man’s burning corpse and pulled it back along with the origin soul.

The elder from the Cloud Sea had been gravely injured. The ball of divine retribution lightning was enough to cause his body to collapse, but he was able to suppress it. Then Mountain Crumbles injured him even more, causing his cultivation level to fall greatly. He now only had the power of an early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator.

Due to being surrounded by the burning river, the elder’s origin soul had weakened, but when the burning river returned to Wang Lin, his eyes suddenly jerked open. Then his origin soul expanded like crazy, allowing him to escape the river, and he charged at Wang Lin!

“Die for me!!” This was the old man’s last roar in life. He closed in on Wang Lin filled with killing intent.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort, then his right hand formed a palm and slapped down on the origin soul. The origin energy within the starfield gathered like crazy to form a giant handprint, and it smashed down on the old man’s origin soul.

The old man’s expression changed greatly and he cried, “This is… Rank 9 God Sect’s War Spirit Print!!”  Just as the old man said this, the print smashed into his origin soul and pushed him back into the burning river.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the old man’s origin soul immediately collapsed!

Without any time to ponder the old man’s words, Wang Lin’s right hand formed a seal and pointed at the burning river. The burning river quickly rushed above Wang Lin and reformed into a mountain. However, this mountain was filled with cracks, and the red light coming from the cracks lit up the area.

At this moment, the heavens’ might became even stronger and pressed down. Wang Lin face turned slightly red, but he laughed, pushed his hands up, and roared, “Mountain Crumbles, destroy the heavens!”

The large mountain above Wang Lin suddenly charged up, creating a sharp whistle. Wang Lin flew up and followed closely after the mountain. His hand was pushing against the bottom of the mountain as if he was pushing it straight into the divine retribution cloud!

As the whistling sounds echoed, the pressure from the heavens’ might became hundreds of times stronger. As Wang Lin pushed the mountain up, it began to collapse. The shattered pieces couldn’t withstand the might of the heavens and were crushed to dust.

However, Wang Lin didn’t stop moving forward but moved even faster. He let out a roar as he pushed the mountain up and got closer to the divine retribution clouds.

He got closer and closer!

Wang Lin’s hair moved and the armor on his body continued to crackle as if it couldn’t bear it anymore. There were sounds of bones rubbing coming from inside Wang Lin’s body, and the veins on his face were swelling.

However, Wang Lin didn’t care about any of this. What he wanted was a defying intent. He had confronted divine retribution many times, and he was in a passive position during every one of those times. This time Wang Lin wanted to fight back!

As he got closer, a large portion of the mountain collapsed into dust. In the end, the entire mountain disintegrated into dust.

Although the mountain had collapsed, the mountain’s soul was still there!

After all the rocks disintegrated, Wang Lin was holding a flaming mountain. Although rather than a mountain, it was more of a mountain-shaped flame.

At this moment, Wang Lin was within 100,000 feet of the divine retribution cloud. The heavens’ might suddenly increased. Cracks appeared in the space below it, and endless chilly energy came out from the spatial cracks.

Even the flame mountain Wang Lin was pushing became dim, as if it was going to extinguish under the heavens’ might.

Wang Lin let out a roar, then he waved his right hand and the origin energy inside his body pushed the flame mountain toward the divine retribution cloud above!

100,000 feet… 90,000 feet… 80,000 feet… 50,000 feet!

The moment the flame mountain came within 50,000 feet of the divine retribution clouds, a thunderous rumble came out from the clouds. In the end, the mountain wasn’t able to make it into the divine retribution clouds and extinguished under the shock.

Without the flame mountain, there was nothing between it and Wang Lin. Wang Lin was filled with unwillingness. Only 50,000 feet more... if he could get past these 50,000 feet, he could attack the divine retribution cloud!

As the pressure descended, a raging flame appeared in his left eye and monstrous thunder appeared in his right. The thunder from his right hand moved along his right hand and formed a ball of lightning above his right palm.

At the same time, the flame from his left eye went along his left arm and a white fire ball appeared above his left hand!

“Thunder of the heavens, listen to my command as an ancient thunder dragon and gather!” Wang Lin floated in the air and roared. A giant ancient thunder dragon appeared behind Wang Lin. Its eyes were filled with heaven-defying intent and it let out a roar! All the thunder suddenly transformed and began to gather in his hand.

The area within 10,000 feet of Wang Lin was covered in thunder, as if it was a thunder hell. Endless lightning moved around like snakes.

What was even more alarming was that when Wang Lin used his right to command thunder, countless bolts of lightning unexpectedly came from the divine retribution clouds toward his right hand.

At this moment, it was as if Wang Lin was competing with the heavens for the control of thunder!

He was fighting against the heavens for the right to control thunder! As the thunderous rumbles echoed, more lightning from the divine retribution cloud was pulled out. Another thunderous rumble came from the divine retribution cloud, and the descending lightning bolts paused. They seemed like they were going to return to the clouds.

“Heaven’s dao, divine retribution! If there really is a heaven, and if heaven wants to destroy me, I’ll destroy heaven! I, Wang Lin, don’t believe in heaven’s dao or divine retribution. The so-called heaven’s dao is merely a self-appointed heaven’s dao, and the so-called divine retribution is merely a self-appointed divine retribution!!” Seeing the lightning returning to the divine retribution clouds, Wang Lin’s grasped with his left hand.

“Fire of the heavens, listen to the command of my Vermillion Bird: gather!” In that instant, a large amount of white flames appeared next to the ancient thunder dragon and turned into a giant Vermillion Bird. This Vermillion Bird opened its wings and let out a cry!

A sea of flames suddenly appeared out of nowhere and gathered toward Wang Lin’s left hand. At the same time, a large amount of flames came out from the divine retribution clouds and went toward the fireball in Wang Lin’s left hand.

Not only was he going to compete with the heavens for thunder, he was also going to compete with the heavens for fire!

If any other cultivator saw this, they would be greatly shocked. Right now Wang Lin had a ball of thunder in his right hand and ball of fire in his left hand. Aside from absorbing origin energy, he was competing with the divine retribution clouds for power.

The roar from the divine retribution clouds became even more clear, then a blood mist came out from inside them. This was the fifth type of divine retribution: blood divine retribution!

The moment the blood mist appeared, Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and shot out like an arrow. He charged at the divine retribution clouds with a ball of thunder 1,000 feet wide and a ball of fire of similar size!

50,000 feet… 40,000 feet… 30,000 feet…. 10,000 feet!! Wang Lin got closer and closer to the divine retribution cloud. The moment he was within 10,000 feet, the blood mist arrived.

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