Chapter 1106 - One Mountain Two Crumbles

Chapter 1106 - One Mountain Two Crumbles

Celestial spell Mountain Crumbles!

The moment Wang Lin said those words, the countless illusory volcanoes that appeared around Wang Lin suddenly began to overlap.

The countless illusory volcanoes overlapped and, in the blink of an eye, fused into one. A majestic mountain suddenly appeared before Wang Lin! This mountain was no different from a real one!

This mountain was more than 10,000 feet tall. Although it wasn’t large in space, it was a giant before everyone here. A powerful pressure diffused across the area.

The moment the mountain appeared, violent ripples appeared in space. A lot of the rubble in the formation collapsed.

The mountain began to shake, then its top exploded and countless rocks scattered everywhere. At the same time, black smoke rushed out and filled the air. Dark red flames sprayed out from the peak.

The temperature of the flames could erase all life. As they sprayed out, the flames turned into giant burning rocks and mercilessly smashed down.

The cultivators from Cloud Sea screamed when the stones smashed into them. Their bodies were immediately crushed and the flames went inside their bodies, directly refining their origin souls.

The black smoke from the volcano contained a large amount of fire poison, and it spread everywhere. It was like the apocalypse was happening in this starfield, and it was terrifyingly real.

A cultivator who was already half a step inside the formation was about to leave turned around with a terrifying expression and the black smoke immediately surrounded him. Before he could leave, he let out a mournful cry as his body turned into black gas and collapsed. Even his origin soul was burned to dust, and he disappeared in an instant.

Even the seven-colored lightning exploded early due to the black smoke and flames. This caused a heaven-shaking thunderous rumble.

Some of the weaker cultivators that escaped the flaming boulders and the fire poison had their origin souls shatter by this thunderous rumble. They coughed out blood and their eyes dimmed before they died.

Miserable cries echoed across the starfield! 

However, this wasn’t over yet. The mountain that sprayed out the black smoke and flames trembled once more. Waves of lava began to surge out to the top of the mountain and intense heat filled the area. Then an aura that could destroy everything in the world appeared.

When the lava spread out, seven cultivators were too close and were about to flee when two of them were surrounded by the black smoke. They died painful deaths.

There was another person who was smashed by a flaming boulder the moment he flew up. His body was splattered into a pool of blood, but due to the intense heat, the blood quickly turned to mist and dissipated.

They were the lucky ones. Although they didn’t escape death, the pain they suffered couldn’t be compared to what the four remaining ones experienced. These last four were a bit slow and didn’t even have time to fly away before the lava smashed into them. The moment the lava got close, their bodies began to burn, leaving behind nothing but black skeletons that maintained the posture of what they were doing before death.

The skeletons only lasted for half a breath of time before they collapsed into piles of ashes… As for their origin souls, they were burned into nothing by the lava.

The most painful were those with higher cultivation levels. They didn’t die in the first wave of lava but couldn’t escape the lava. They could only struggle inside. Even though they used various spells and treasures, it was difficult to escape this calamity!

The mosquito beast in the distance used its fast speed quickly returned. Its eyes were filled with coldness as it flew into the Mountain Crumbles, where its companions were. Wang Lin’s Mountain Crumble had destroyed all sealing forces, and there were no flames around the mosquito beasts.

Seeing the mosquito king arriving, the mosquito beasts let out a cries and immediately followed after their king. This group of mosquito beasts charged left and right inside Wang Lin’s Mountain Crumbles. They were very vengeful as the charged at a terrified cultivator in yellow.

This person was one of the three people that had lured the mosquito beasts away; he was the one with the injured leg. He had just avoided a flaming boulder when he felt a gust of wind behind him. Seeing the mosquito beasts, his expression changed, but he was too late. The group of mosquito beasts surrounded him and tore his body apart.

This group of mosquito beasts had tasted blood, which made them even more crazy. Under the leadership of their king, they searched for the other two for revenge.

All of this happened in an instant. Under the power of Mountain Crumbles, there were no injuries, only death. The origin soul of the elder in purple that had lost his body was terrified. He dodged the burning boulders and black smoke as he clenched his teeth and charged at the formation.

The other elder in purple was also pale as he dodged the black smoke and charged at the formation, completely disregarding the lives of the disciples. He was terrified, and his heart was filled with regret and hatred. He regretted his greed, and he hated the three disciples under him that brought the giant mosquito beasts that caused this calamity.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm, but he didn’t show any mercy toward these people. They dared to think about stealing the mosquito beasts, so they deserved to pay the price! He opened his arms and shouted, “Mountain, first crumble!”

After Wang Lin shouted, the mountain trembled once more and a large amount of rocks fell off into the lava. The surrounding lava suddenly soared into the air, and at the same time, it filled the starfield with an unimaginable force. Some of the remaining cultivators were touched by this lava and were turned into black ashes while screaming.

The fastest elder in purple’s origin soul got near the center of the formation. Thanks to the first crumble, countless cracks had appeared on the already broken formation, and it released a harsh glow.

As the lava charged into the air, the formation couldn’t withstand the destructive force, and the formation collapsed. The intense, flashing light suddenly penetrated anything nearby.

The formation rumbled as it shattered inch by inch before it collapsed completely.

“No!!!” The elder in purple’s origin soul was filled with despair and he couldn’t help but tremble as he floated there. However, due to this pause, a burning boulder smashed into his origin soul from above.

The elder coughed out a mouthful of essence origin energy as he retreated, and his origin soul began to burn. However, the crisis wasn’t over yet. The poisonous black smoke formed a storm around him. As miserable screams echoed, the elder used some unknown method to charged out of his storm.

He was covered in flames and his origin soul was bleak, as if it would dissipate at any time. His origin soul looked like the skin of a toad and was covered in pustules. These pustules were filled with fire poison!

Even the inside of his origin soul had a fire burning. The elder roared in anguish as he retreated. He jerked his head up to look at Wang Lin, and there was madness in his eyes.

“If I die, you will die with me!!” The old man let out a roar and charged at Wang Lin. At this moment, he was prepared to self-destruct.

Waves of origin energy came from the elder’s origin soul, forming a violent force that charged at Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s expression was neutral, and as the elder got close, Wang Lin pointed with his right hand. Celestial origin energy moved along his body and went into his right hand.

“Stop!” Wang Lin’s voice was cold, but the moment he spoke, the old man’s origin soul paused for a moment.

The old man’s cultivation level was higher than Wang Lin’s, so Wang Lin activated his fire origin energy to suppress the rebound from the Stop spell. He waved his right hand, and with a thought, the Karma Whip appeared like a dragon and shot toward the elder. There was a snap, and the destructive aura coming from the elder’s origin soul was shattered by the Karma Whip.

As the snapping sound echoed, the elder’s origin soul let out miserable screams. The madness in his eyes was gone and was replaced with fear. Just as he was about to retreat, the Karma Whip pulled him to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin grabbed the origin soul and threw into the crack leading to Wang Lin’s storage space. It looked as if the origin soul was devoured.

All of this happened in an instant without a single pause. This caused the remaining elder to tremble, and he turned to escape.

But how could Wang Lin let him escape? His right hand pointed at the sky and he shouted, “Second crumble!”

One mountain two crumbles was the limit of Wang Lin’s current understanding of Mountain Crumbles. Compared to Qing Shui’s six mountains and 12 crumbles, it was still very lacking. Qing Shui’s Mountain Crumbles could destroy a realm, and although Wang Lin couldn’t do the same, it was enough to destroy these cultivators!

If there was no divine retribution, Wang Lin wouldn’t have come on his own. But with divine retribution, forget the fact that these two elders were only at the late stage of Nirvana Cleanser, Wang Lin would dare to battle with Nirvana Shatterer cultivators!

The entire space began to tremble under the second crumble, and the huge mountain trembled while rumbling loudly. The mountain finally collapsed. Not just the mountain, but mountain soul formed by Wang Lin’s will and celestial origin energy also collapsed. Countless burning rocks scattered and endless lava and poisonous black smoke sprayed out, covering the starfield.

If this was it, it wouldn’t be much, but under Wang Lin’s control, all the shattered burning rocks, lava, and poisonous black smoke formed a flowing river around him. At this moment, Wang Lin was like a god as his white hair flowed and his cold gaze was filled with killing intent.

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