Chapter 1087 - First Transformation of the Nine Mysterious Transformations

Chapter 1087 - First Transformation of the Nine Mysterious Transformations

Wang Lin silently pondered and was very worried. No one could stop what Qing Shui was going to do. He let out a sigh before closing his eyes and becoming immersed in cultivation.

“I know about your relationship with Qing Shui. After you master the first transformation, when I go take the Rain Celestial Realm Crystal, I may find some news of Qing Shui…” The old man looked at Wang Lin with a kind gaze.

This junior was his hope, the hope of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

For this child, he was willing to do whatever it took!

“During the moment of crisis at the Demon Spirit Land, he didn’t forget his friends. Now that he is safe, he still didn’t forget about Qing Shui. This is enough to put my mind at ease when I leave the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect to him and impart all my spells…”

The old man secretly nodded as he raised his right hand and pointed at Wang Lin’s back. His origin energy poured unceasingly into Wang Lin. This origin energy surrounded Wang Lin’s origin soul and entered the fire seed within.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, another year passed. During this year, the situation in the Alliance didn’t change much; there was still strife and war.

The eastern region of the Four Divine Sect didn’t get too involved in this. However, due to the Alliance headquarters’ kill order on Wang Lin, there were many who were bold enough to enter the Four Divine Sect.

However, these people weren’t able to set off much of a wave and were killed by the guards of the Four Divine Sect. Even those with powerful cultivation that managed to avoid the guards were wiped out by the Four Divine Sect’s elders once they entered deeper.

The war between Allheaven and the Alliance continued, and the Corpse Sect remained relatively calm. However, there were always people of the Corpse Sect on the battlefield.

They appeared to collect the damaged and intact bodies. On the other hand, they began contacting both sides and started their original business of selling bodies.

The continuation of the war caused everyone to welcome the Corpse Sect. Large amounts of bodies were sold to both Allheaven and Alliance forces by the Corpse Sect.

Similarly, celestial jades, treasures, materials, and all things used to exchange for bodies flooded into the Corpse Sect.

Only the Brilliant Void Realm and the Four Divine Sect were at peace, as if they were cut off from the rest of the world.

During this year of time, Wang Lin’s cultivation level was advancing faster and faster. The roaring thunder from his body came out more often and echoed across the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. Although not everyone had seen him, they all knew about him.

All the clan members knew that this Wang Lin, who was releasing this roaring thunder, was their future Divine Emperor, the hope of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. However, as long as there are people, there will be disputes and fights for power.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Sect was the same. Not everyone recognized Wang Lin; as a matter of fact, a lot of people who rejected Wang Lin appeared.

In particular, there were three that were selected from a large amount of people who were being raised to become the next Divine Emperor. Their hearts were filled with unwillingness. There were even some older cultivators that were dissatisfied with the Divine Emperor’s arrangement.

However, the Divine Emperor’s might was too great, so these people didn’t dare to disobey.

For three years of time, over 1,000 days and nights, Wang Lin never stopped cultivating. The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor never stopped giving Wang Lin his own fire origin energy, and there was also the heat within the stone the two of them were on.

This caused Wang Lin’s cultivation to become even more refined. His origin soul had already recovered. The fire seed within him had absorbed all this fire and seemed ready to melt. It released a powerful wave of fire origin energy across Wang Lin’s body, and seven fire tattoos flickered on Wang Lin’s right arm.

The movement of this powerful origin energy was the source of the roaring thunder coming from his body. On this day, the fire origin energy inside Wang Lin reached a limit. If he absorbed any more, he would explode.

The feeling of tearing filled his entire body. At this moment, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. His hands quickly formed seals and pointed all over his body. Whenever his fingers landed, the powerful origin energy in his body would dissipate a little.

He pointed at himself seven times in a row. The origin energy that was about to explode inside Wang Lin subsided and the pain disappeared along with it. However, he was soaked in sweat that quickly turned into white gas and rose into the air.

Wang Lin let out a long breath and slowly said, “This is the eighth time…”

During these these three years, Wang Lin had experienced that eight times. Each time the origin energy in his body reached a peak and he was ready to explode, he would quickly compress the fire origin energy, allowing him to bear even more.

The initial four times, the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor helped Wang Lin seal the origin energy. The remaining times were all done by Wang Lin himself.

The moment his origin energy was suppressed, an extra fire tattoo appeared next the seven that were already on his right arm.

The eight tattoos formed a circle. He only needed one more to complete this circle.

“The first transformation of the Nine Mysterious Transformations is nine lifetimes of cultivation. It requires you to continue to absorb fire origin energy until nine fire tattoos have formed. These nine fire tattoos represent nine lifetimes of cultivation. You borrow the power of these nine lifetimes of cultivation to reverse the heavens and then absorb all that power back into one to complete the first transformation!

“The transformation won’t change you, it’ll make you stronger. It will allow you to explode with extreme power once you complete the transformation. Only when you do this will I feel at ease enough to allow you to become the Divine Emperor and take my trip to the Cultivation Alliance.” The old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor’s voice came from behind Wang Lin.

“However, this old man doesn’t have much time left; I feel the shadow of death closing in. I must accelerate your ninth absorption. This process will be very painful, but you must bear it. Do you agree?”

Wang Lin silently pondered. After a long time, he nodded and revealed a determined gaze.

“Good!” The admiration in the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor became even stronger, but soon there was regret. He softly said, “If only my avatar had gifted you the Vermillion Bird mark back then and your Vermillion Bird awakening had been a bit earlier… Alas.”

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor shook his head and didn’t say more. He took a deep breath and then his hand hit the stone below them. With a thud, his whole body flew into the air and he hung upside with his head lined up with Wang Lin’s head. Then both his hands formed a seal and suddenly moved.

In an instant, the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor’s fire origin energy rushed into Wang Lin’s body through his head like crazy. At the same time, the white stone released large amounts of heat that surged into Wang Lin as well.

As a result, the amount of origin energy inside Wang Lin’s body increased rapidly. However, the pain that came with then origin energy being forced in like this was not something ordinary people could withstand.

Even Wang Lin immediately released a large amount of white gas from his body, and this white gas was formed from his sweat!

As the origin energy rushed in, the pain of his body being torn apart made Wang Lin’s face become twisted. He let out a roar and felt as if he was bitterly struggling inside a raging storm.

Time passed by and Wang Lin’s roar became even louder. The veins on his body swelled up like they were ready to burst. The origin energy inside his body became more violent, and the rumbling from inside his body seemed to fuse with this roar.

At this moment, everyone inside the burning starfield could hear this painful roar.

Wang Lin couldn’t escape from this pain or cut off his feeling of pain. He had to constantly control the swelling origin energy inside his body to continue to cycle; otherwise, his body would immediately explode.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor only did this because he was helpless. He could clearly feel death closing in on him. He knew that he only had about three months of life left.

In three months, the third Heaven’s Blight would erupt and he would without a doubt die!

This intense pain made Wang Lin’s roar heaven-shattering. On the seventh day, the origin energy in Wang Lin’s body reached a peak once more. The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor looked even older and death aura filled his body as he fell behind Wang Lin.

“What does death count as?” The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor’s face was ashen, but his eyes were filled with anticipation as he looked at Wang Lin.

He wasn’t afraid of death; he was afraid of dying for no reason! He was afraid that the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect would have no successor and he feared the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect would die! He would had failed his ancestors, failed the entire Vermillion Bird Divine Sect!

“It must succeed!” At this moment, Wang Lin was all of his hope and something that could allow him to laugh merrily even in death.

Wang Lin let out an angry roar and the origin energy inside his body erupted. The thunderous rumble echoed, and the powerful origin energy caused Wang Lin unimaginable pain. He raised his right hand to his chest and was about to seal the origin energy.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor revealed a trace of disappointment, but he didn’t stop Wang Lin. He knew that not many people could endure the pain and borrow this force to directly attempt the first transformation even though the success rate would be higher and the time it took would be greatly reduced.

“Perhaps my requirement for him was a bit too high… After all, he is only a child that has cultivated for a little more than 1,000 years… If anything is to blame, it is that I don’t have much time left…” The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor’s eyes became bleak as he let out a sigh and closed his eyes.

However, the moment he closed his eyes, Wang Lin’s right hand stopped. His eyes became firm and resolute determination.

“Eighth fire tattoo, open!” Wang Lin struggled to let out a roar!

The eighth fire tattoo on his right hand began to burn and flew up. It was like a blooming fire flower had appear in this burning starfield.

Wang Lin’s body jumped into the air, and along with an earth-shattering roar, the burning flower shot toward him. It entered his body like crazy and seemed to move all the fire within the star system.

At this moment, the burning starfield the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect was in began to churn!

At this moment, all creatures within this burning starfield were shaken and looked up...

“The first transformation of the Nine Mysterious Transformations!” The shock on the faces of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect elders was greater than when they found out about the Vermillion Bird awakening!

Vermillion Bird awaken doesn’t mean that that person will be the next Divine Emperor but the first transformation of the Nine Mysterious Transformation means that person will be the next Divine Emperor! It was the symbol the title of Divine Emperor being passed down to the next generation!

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