Chapter 1074 - The Supreme’s Power

Chapter 1074 - The Supreme’s Power

Just as the three All-Seers attacked, a figure appeared in the sun. It was Wang Lin! Wang Lin was the sun, and bursts of golden light came from his body!

The sea below revealed the Demon Spirit Land as if everything before them was trapped between real and unreal.

As Wang Lin coldly looked at the arrival of those three, he raised his hand and waved. He then calmly said one thing.

“Sundered Night!”

The moment “Sundered Night” came from Wang Lin’s mouth, a rumble echoed across the world and the sun rose completely above the ocean. A force that could tear the night surged out without reservation. The endless sunlight swept forward like crazy!

The law of origin moved with it and flooded the world!

The sundered night was born from the sea!

The rapidly moving purple-robed All-Seer that had thousands of shadows fused with it came crashing into the Sundered Night. The endless sunlight and intense heat would destroy everything before it as if it was the dark night. There were no exceptions!

Unimaginable pain came from the purple-robed All-Seer’s body. His arms turned into a mist of blood and dissipated, followed by his legs and a large part of this body. In just a moment, the purple-robed All-Seer collapsed!

As he collapsed, countless shadows came out of his body. Those shadows all hissed and pounced at Wang Lin inside the sun. However, they were like snowflakes under the sun; they all melted without a trace!

The giant palm formed by the yellow-robed All-Seer came crashing down. Not even the sun could penetrate the palm, and it came reaching for Wang Lin inside the sun. Wang Lin was still calm, and he sneered even though the palm grabbed a hold of the sun that surrounded his body.

However, the moment the palm grabbed the sun, a miserable scream came from the palm. The Yang fire that could burn anything swept across the palm, causing it to tremble, and the palm immediately transformed back into the yellow-robed All-Seer!

The yellow-robed All-Seer looked like he was hugging the sun, but in just a few breaths of time, he was on fire, and the only thing left was the remains...

The blood sword released by the grey-robed All-Seer charged forward, breaking through everything in an act of desperation. It immediately stabbed into the blazing sun.

At this instant, a monstrous slaughter energy came out from the blood sword and collided with the intense heat and sunlight from the sun. The grey-robed All-Seer let out a roar and his right eye suddenly collapsed.

The moment his right eye collapsed, the blood sword’s power increased several fold. The flames wrapped around it were all force back, and even the sunlight around it was shattered. The impact from the blood sword immediately broke through a majority of the sun and was only 10 feet away from Wang Lin!

The grey-robed All-Seer let out another roar and then his left eye shattered as well. The blood sword became even more powerful and was able to pierce through the sun. It headed straight for Wang Lin!

With the grey-robed All-Seer’s desperate attack, the night that was torn apart seemed to unexpectedly condense once more. It seemed like it wanted to devour the sun.

The blood sword charged through the sun and directly pierced into Wang Lin’s chest. However, when it was halfway through his chest, Wang Lin caught the sword with his right hand. He was force back several steps and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. Then his head jerked up and he revealed a ferocious expression.

“Old thing, you almost killed me by making me cultivate the Celestial Slaughter Art. Today, die for me!!” As Wang Lin roared, the sun around his body unexpectedly exploded and quickly spread out with him as the center.

This was the self-destruction of the sun, and the power contained within was unimaginable. It was as if the sky was cracked open and pushed back!

The sea began to rage and the ground collapsed. The destructive force in the world reached a terrifying degree when the sun exploded.

The grey-robed All-Seer was the closest, so he took the brunt of the force. He only had time to form a seal and place his hand before him. He huddled together like a baby before he was swept by this insane power.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

The remnant night that was beginning to reform collapsed completely. At this moment, the sky and earth disappeared; the only thing that remained was the chaos from the collapse of the blazing sun!

However, in just a moment, the world disappeared. The sea disappeared, the sun disappeared, and even the shattered sky disappeared. Everything disappeared without a trace, and what appeared before them was the Demon Spirit Land!

It was as if everything that had just happened was just a dream. The sky was still red and filled with fire. The Vermillion Bird cry pierced through the flames and came closer and closer!

However, the shocking gazes of everyone on the ground were enough to explain that everything that had just happened was real!

The grey-robed All-Seer continued to dissipate until he was only a sliver of will. In a flash, he returned back to the All-Seer’s original body.

Sundered Night had killed three people!

These three people were not ordinary people; they were Master Void and two of the All-Seer’s avatars! Even the grey-robed was seriously injured, and only a sliver of his will remained!

Ling Tianhou trembled. Before, he only dreaded Wang Lin. Even though that giant palm had brought him some fear, it didn’t leave him terrified like he was now. He would’ve never guessed that Wang Lin’s spell would become this powerful!

“He… What is his cultivation level… This kind of spell is unheard of!”

The All-Seer’s face turned pale, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He was forced back several steps and his head jerked up to look at Wang Lin. Out of his three avatars, two were destroyed, and the grey-robed one was now only a sliver of will. This was a rare blow that he hadn’t suffered in countless years, and now he was also injured.

However, the injuries to his body and origin soul were insignificant compared to his calculations. He had been wrong multiple times with Wang Lin, and it was a serious blow to his confidence. No one noticed, but his body was trembling.

He was trembling, trembling because of that spell!

The All-Seer was immediately able to see that it was the law of origin, the origin of all laws. It was not something a cultivator could master, and its power was unimaginable!

“He destroyed three of my avatars. Wang Lin, the biggest mistake I made was accepting you as my disciple and giving you the chance to leave planet Suzaku!!!” The All-Seer was gnashing his teeth. He took deep breath before he suppressed the shock in his mind and forced himself to calm down.

He wasn’t the only one. Situ Nan, Big Head, Master Hollow Wind, and everyone else was also stunned. Master Hollow Wind was slightly less shocked as he had experienced Sundered Night before. His scalp felt numb and fear lingered in his heart.

Even Wang Wei and Hu Juan gasped. They looked each other and could see the shock and terror in each other’s eyes. Just now, they were also pulled into that illusion, only it was as if they were placed in a separate space. They could only watch but not help.

They weren’t even the ones that were most shocked by this. It was Ancient Devil Ta Jia, who was charging into the sky with his blade, and the Flower Imperial Concubine!

The Flower Imperial Concubine looked at Wang Lin with eyes filled with reminiscence and fear. What made her reminisce was how her husband said he would be saved by someone named “Wang.” What made her feel fear was the law of origin spell Wang Lin had displayed!

No one understood the law of origin more than her. Back then, Celestial Emperor Qing Lin almost died to the law of origin. In the sealed realm, it was called the law of origin, but outside, it was called the law of absolute beginning!

Ancient Devil Ta Jia’s calm mind was shaken for the first time. He felt a terrifying power within that spell. Although it was still weak, once it grows, it will be something even he would have to retreat in fear from!

“This… This is the power of the Supreme!!”

Ta Jia’s gaze locked onto Wang Lin, and his pupils shrank. He had a feeling that this person was the last trick Qing Lin had prepared for his awakening!

In the Cultivation Alliance headquarters, where the life tokens of the important people were kept, one of the three purple jade tokens at the top shelf shattered the moment Wang Lin’s Sundered Night disappeared.

Also, at this moment, the chime of a bell echoed across the Cultivation Alliance headquarters. A portion of the cultivators within the headquarters looked up at where the life tokens were stored.

Ever since the war with Allheaven started, people died every day, but they weren’t important enough to have their life tokens stored at headquarters. The bell that signalled someone’s death had only rung a few times; at most only five times in a row.

With the arrogance of the Cultivation Alliance, they wouldn’t care anything about morals; they would launch a large scale revenge battle. Anyone who dared to kill an important member of the Cultivation Alliance would become the enemy of the entire Alliance!

The bell echoed one time, two times, three times… When the bell rang five times, another portion of the people at the headquarters looked up toward where the life tokens were stored.

However, the expressions of all those people changed as the bell didn’t stop and continued. Six times, seven times… until it rang eight times!

At this instant, all the cultivators inside headquarters stopped what they were doing and looked at where the tokens of the powerful cultivators were stored.

Dong… When the bell rang for the ninth time, it caused everyone to gasp and then become filled with terror!

The middle-aged man that was still sitting inside the secret room raised his head, and his eyes filled with indignation. His body flickered and surged out like a storm across the headquarters. At this instant, he arrived at where the life tokens were placed, and he looked at Master Void’s token before letting out a heaven-shaking roar!!

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