Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069

Bei Lou clenched his teeth and moved, but Ta Jia was even faster. Seeing that he couldn’t escape, Bei Lou clenched his teeth and a third ancient demon star collapsed. Borrowing the force of the star’s collapse, Bei Lou charged into the sixth floor and immediately locked onto the two escaping women.

His body flickered and closed in on the two women. His demonic claw reached out toward the girl in pink.

The girl in pink’s face became pale without blood, but she didn’t panic. The moment the ancient demon’s claw closed in, the snowflake mark between her eyebrows shined. There was a loud whistling sound and then a snowstorm appeared before the girl in pink.

The moment the ancient demon’s right hand reached over, it collided with the snowstorm, and the claw was knocked back. The girl in pink coughed out blood all over the the snowstorm and then was thrown backwards.

The ancient demon was surprised, but he didn’t hesitate. His right hand swept by and grabbed the beautiful middle-aged woman’s head.

Thanks to the ancient demon’s cultivation level and spell, the injured beautiful middle-aged woman who had just recovered couldn’t resist at all. Demonic energy surged into her body and completely sealed all her meridians.

At this moment, Ancient Devil Ta Jia arrived. Bei Lou didn’t have time to think. As he held the beautiful woman, a demonic glow appeared in his eyes. Then his left hand formed a seal and he pointed at her body. Every time he pointed, a strand of demonic energy entered her body.

In the blink of an eye, the beautiful woman’s body trembled, and the blood vessels in her body crossed, forming a large, strange rune.

The moment Ancient Devil Ta Jia closed in, Ancient Demon Bei Lou threw the beautiful woman, then his eyes lit up and he shouted, “Demon Spirit Transformation!”

After he spoke, all the blood vessels in her body exploded, her body turned into a blood mist, and she died! However, a rune appeared in her collapsed body and quickly absorbed her flesh. It even’t even spare her shattered origin soul.

After absorbing everything, the rune released a demonic glow and flew toward the fifth floor.

After the ancient demon did all of this, he felt as if he had consumed a lot of demonic energy, and the four remaining stars in his right eye were dim. However, he no longer tried to run. Instead, he turned around and he stared at Ancient Devil Ta Jia with madness in his eyes.

“Forget it! I’ll try to buy more time so the demon spirit can escape!”

Demon Spirit Transformation was the ancient demons’ life-saving spell, and they wouldn’t use it unless they had no choice. This spell had one great weakness, which was that they had to use a member of the opposite sex as a furnace for it to succeed.

And even if it succeeded, one would lose most of their cultivation and just become a broken spirit. Bei Lou had been forced to the brink, and he only used this spell because he saw the two women.

At this moment, madness appeared in his eyes, and the ancient demon stars in his right eye rotated rapidly and then collapsed. One, two, three, four ancient demon stars shined brightly and all collapsed!

The collapse of the four ancient demon stars caused Bei Lou’s body to grow like crazy, and the madness in his eyes became even stronger. He let out a ferocious roar. “Ta Jia, even if I can’t kill you, I’ll make it so your possession will never truly succeed. This is all because you’ve forced me!”

Ancient Demon Bei Lou charged out while letting out a roar. Then his body flickered and turned from one to two, then to four, then to eight...

In the blink of an eye, the entire world was filled with Ancient Demon Bei Lou’s figure. When he got near Ancient Devil Ta Jia, a thunderous rumble echoed. He had chosen to self-destruct!

He’d die just to hurt Ta Jia!

The thunderous rumble echoed across the sky. All the avatars of the ancient demon collapsed, forming a destructive shockwave that spread across the fifth floor. The entire seventh floor immediately collapsed!

The girl in pink revealed anger, but she didn’t have time to think. The moment the ancient demon charged at the ancient devil and exploded, she immediately rushed toward the sixth floor. However, before she could get far, she felt the unimaginable impact behind her.

As for Wang Lin, he was at the first floor of the cave, and the Vermillion Bird cry echoed behind him. An invisible fire surrounded him as he looked down at the tunnel that pierced through the entire Celestial Emperor Cave. His hands were moving and countless restrictions were appearing.

The restrictions continued to land on the pit, and each restriction caused a large amount of rocks to fall. Wang Wei and Hu Juan came out, and the moment they saw Wang Lin, they understood his intention. They didn’t hesitate and began launching spells at the ground as well.

This earth began to tremble as if the entire Demon Spirit Land was being affected. At this moment, it was as if earthquakes were occurring across the Demon Spirit Land.

Situ Nan charged out from the deep bit and cursed non-stop.

“Damn it, what is this damn place? After I leave here and get rid of this poison, I’ll have to enter closed door cultivation!!”

After Situ Nan charged out and saw Wang Lin, he gasped, but he immediately knew Wang Lin’s plan. Without hesitation, he flew into the air and began bombarding the ground with spells.

The ground began to tremble even more violently. It felt like the entire Celestial Emperor Cave was going to collapse. At this moment, the people hiding inside the second floor all flew out. Among them were Big Head, the three Chen brothers, Lei Ji, the beautiful middle-aged woman’s two disciples, and even Master Hollow Wind.

After these people charged out, when they saw Wang Lin, they were terrified and quickly scattered. Master Hollow Wind seemed to have guessed Wang Lin’s intention, but he didn’t understand. After all, he hadn’t experienced the horror of the ancient devil; none of them even knew the ancient devil existed.

Just as the trembling became even more violent, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. Then his hands formed a seal and he suddenly pointed at the ground while letting out a roar. The huge Vermillion Bird behind him let out a cry and rushed into the pit.

The endless flames suddenly surrounded the Vermillion Bird and charged straight into the pit. At this moment, Wang Wei’s eyes were bloodshot, and his hand formed a seal and a monstrous sea appeared. The sea charged into the pit right after the Vermillion Bird.

Hu Juan and Situ Nan also used their most powerful spells that followed the Vermillion Bird down into the pit.

Just at this instant, waves of cold energy came from the pit. It was the girl in pink with countless snowflakes around her, and she was struggling to get out. As the various spells descended, the snowflakes rapidly rotated and she barely made it out through all the danger.

The Vermillion Bird landed into the pit that penetrated the entire Celestial Emperor Cave. A loud rumble came from the second floor, and when the rest of the spells landed, the Celestial Emperor Cave began to truly collapse!

The endless rumbles filled the sky, and as they echoed, the ground sunk in, sealing off the exit. It was also shrouded within everyone’s spells.

Muffled sounds came from below, and there were roars of the ancient devil!

After using the spells, Wang Lin’s hands continued to move, and countless restrictions landed. Hu Juan didn’t stop either; she and Wang Wei also placed restrictions. The three of them were extremely fast, so a large amount of restrictions fell on the collapsed ruin.

The dense restrictions landed as if they were forming a large net!

At this moment, muffled roars came out, and they were even more crazy than before. As the roars echoed, the earth trembled even more violently. It was as if a force wanted to rush out, as if a person wanted to break out from inside and slaughter all life.

The expressions of the surrounding cultivators that didn’t know about the ancient devil changed. Master Hollow Wind could clearly feel the endless fierce energy coming from below, which made him tremble. He didn’t hesitate and quickly placed the restrictions he knew.

Everyone else who knew restrictions all sent out restrictions in an attempt to help.

The roars from the ground came closer and closer, and the vibrations became stronger and stronger, causing the rocks that buried the hole to begin to collapse.

“Not enough time!” Wang Lin clenched his teeth as he slapped his bag of holding and took out Qing Shuang’s body. He had no time to worry about Wang Wei or Hu Juan’s feelings. His right hand hit the back of Qing Shuang. This wasn’t to hurt her, but to force out all the blood he could from her body without her dissipating!

When his palm landed, Qing Shuang immediately coughed out a large amount of blood. The moment the blood appeared, Wang Lin took it and turned it into blood mist that covered the ground.

Origin energy continued to surge out from his hand, and Qing Shuang continued to cough out blood. Wang Lin scattered blood on all the restrictions here!

Just at this instant, a shocking rumbling sound came from underground. Then a monstrous surge of devilish energy shattered all the rocks that were blocking the way, and Ancient Devil Ta Jia slowly flew upward.

However, the devilish energy that rushed up dissipated like melting snow the moment it touched the restrictions.

The strange part was that there were four people behind Ancient Devil Ta Jia! The All-Seer, Ling Tianhou, Master Void, and the strange humanoid thing from the collapsed Celestial Burial Pool!

The human-like thing looked very gentle and calm as it floated next to Ta Jia. It was as if Ta Jia was its owner! The moment Wang Lin saw this ,it was like a bolt of lightning had struck him. Before, he didn’t link it with the ancient devil, but after seeing this, he had a guess!

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