Chapter 1050 - The Sixth Floor

Chapter 1050 - The Sixth Floor

Although Void treasures were rare, there were still some left. Every single Nirvana Shatterer old monster would treasure a Void treasure greatly. After all, the method of producing them was lost, and they couldn’t be repaired. Once they were broken, they would lose a lot of their power.

In truth, some Pseudo Nirvana Void treasures weren’t really Pseudo Nirvana Void; they were merely just Void treasures. They were just a bit stronger, and the “Pseudo Nirvana Void” name was just for vanity’s sake.

For normal Nirvana Shatterer old monsters, Void treasures were already the peak, and they would do anything for them. However, for those that stood at the top, although Void treasures were still precious, they weren’t lacking these kinds of treasures. 

In truth, none of the treasures in this world would catch their attention. What they pursued was how to transcend the second step toward the legendary third step they all dreamed of.

However, this third step was too too ethereal, and the path was to vague. One could only wait...

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