Chapter 1049 - If You Want My Treasure, Then Feel Free to Come at Me!

Chapter 1049 - If You Want My Treasure, Then Feel Free to Come at Me!

Almost all the gazes in the hall were focused on Master Void’s avatar. The continuous strike from the treasure shocked everyone’s hearts greatly.

All of this happened too quickly. The silver light became faster and faster, then came the 19th strike, the 22nd strike!

Wang Lin’s skin withered on a large scale and his eyes became dim. Not even his ancient god body could withstand this kind of absorption.

After the 17th strike, each strike took several times more than the last, and 23 strikes was Wang Lin’s limit. After the 23rd strike, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes!

Like a ray of lightning flashing across the sky, the silver light attacking Master Void’s avatar suddenly stopped. The moment it stopped, the silver shined like it had never shined before and lit up the entire hall.

Under the flash of the silver light, 23 large silver swords appeared next to Master Void’s avatar. The moment they appeared, they all pierced through the avatar.

The 23 large swords were like 23 silver meteors that fell at an unimaginable speed. A series of rumbles echoed when all 23 swords pierced through Master Void’s avatar.

The avatar didn’t even have the chance to dodge. When the 23 large swords penetrated the avatar, the purple ice cube inside cracked and began to collapse.

Along with the ice cube, Master Void’s avatar was split into countless pieces when the 23 swords penetrated it.

This didn’t end here. The 23 large swords seemed to form a net, and they charged at Master Void. Master Void was still comprehending the source origin when his face turned pale and he coughed out blood. He was aghast at the situation.

“This… This isn’t an ordinary Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure!!” He didn’t expect Wang Lin to have such a powerful treasure and be so difficult to kill. Now that his origin soul avatar was destroyed, he sustained serious injuries.

His scalp went numb when he saw the 23 swords that destroyed his origin soul avatar and his own Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure charge at him. However, he only needed a few more breaths of time to fully comprehend the mysteries of the source origin. If you wanted to make him dodge, then you might as well just kill him instead.

“Screw it!” Master Void had cultivated for countless years and had naturally guessed that Wang Lin had used the source origin as bait and forced him into a situation where he couldn’t use his full power. This forced him to place most of his effort into comprehending the source origin and thus created a killing formation that made it hard him to advance or retreat!

He didn’t retreat and instead slapped his bag of holding. A black tortoise shell the size of his fist appeared in his hand. It was completely black and released a powerful pressure. It was unknown where the shell was removed from.

This tortoise shell was also a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure. As an important member of the Cultivation Alliance, he was naturally not short on treasures! After throwing the tortoise shell, Master Void clenched his teeth and no longer paid any attention to any of this. His divine sense spread out like crazy as he comprehend the source origin. He could feel that he was only a sliver away from finding the path to the third step that he had been dreaming of for countless years!

The tortoise shell flew out and floated before Master Void. It released a large amount of black light, but just when the black light started shining, the 23 large swords came crashing down on the tortoise shell. A thunderous rumble echoed, and while the tortoise shell was pushed back, it was able to resist the attack.

However, this attack didn’t stop. After the third sword dissipated, the fourth and fifth swords quickly followed… This went on until the 21st sword smashed down as a ray of silver light.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!!

The black tortoise shell continued to retreat, and countless cracks had appeared on it. It only lasted three breaths of time before it shattered into countless pieces and scattered in all directions!

When it collapsed and lost the power to block, the 22nd and 23rd swords shot directly at Master Void.

These last two large swords contained the most destructive power. In the blink of an eye, they shot toward Master Void’s chest.

He didn’t have time to use any spell at this distance, and it was impossible for him to give up this chance to comprehend the source origin. Although this sounds slow, it all happened in an instant. At this moment of crisis, Master Void waved his hand and his clothes began to move as if they were being blown by the wind. A purple wind suddenly appeared and formed a whirlwind around him.

However, the moment the whirlwind appeared, it collided with the 22nd sword. There was a loud bang and the whirlwind collapsed!

The moment it collapsed, the last sword directly went through and landed on Master Void’s chest!

At the same time, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. He was waiting for this moment, which was the final moment of this killing formation!

He raised his sore left hand and rubbed the rust marks on the iron sword. Once his left hand had rust on it, he flicked his finger!

When Master Void was hit by the 23rd sword, he coughed out a mouthful of blood. His face was pale, his clothes were in tatters, and his chest was a bloody mess.

“Almost there!!!” Master Void seemed to have gone crazy. He completely ignored his body’s injuries and focused on comprehending the source origin. He had a feeling that he was very close to the path to the third step and was about to be completely enlightened!

However, at this moment, the strange power from the rust entered the void when Wang Lin flicked his finger. Just as Master Void was about to comprehend the path to the third step, the rust flew by like a gentle breeze.

Master Void’s body trembled and a large amount of blood sprayed out from his chest. Blood came out of all his orifices, forcing him to retreat. This made him leave the red light the source origin was in, and everything he worked for was ruined!

“No!!!” Master Void’s eyes were red like a beast’s, but his body was thrown back away from the source origin, and there was nothing he could do about it. At the same time, a large amount of blood gushed out from his body.

Wang Lin’s third eye flashed and the red light returned. Almost all the source origin was gone, only a sliver remained.

Wang Lin held the iron sword as his cold gaze shifted toward the beautiful woman. The beautiful woman’s mind trembled at the gaze. Wang Lin’s spell and treasure had shocked her greatly. She unexpectedly didn’t dare to meet his gaze and lowered her head.

As for the man in black, when Wang Lin looked over, the man in black’s eyes revealed shock and fear. He unexpectedly also didn’t dare to face Wang Lin. The aura Wang Lin currently had was the strongest it had ever been in his life!

Whether it was through a scheme or deception, he was able to beat a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. No one was willing to provoke someone like this!

“If you want my source origin, if you want my treasure, then quickly come and take them!” Killing intent flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes and he revealed a sneer. His body gradually disappeared into the purple vortex formed by the two statues.

Although he disappeared, the shock he left the beautiful woman, the man in black, and Master Void lingered for a long time.

The fear in the man in black’s eyes couldn’t dissipate. Just thinking about the 23 swords Wang Lin had summoned made his heart feel a chill. Although he knew that Wang Lin had probably spent all his power summoning those 23 swords and was just putting up a front, he didn’t dare to gamble.

That 23 sword attack made him lose some confidence.

“The Vermillion Bird Divine Sect will revive once more because of this person. Not only will they return to their former glory, they will reach a new height! This person… has source origin! Who gave him the source origin…” The man in black trembled and the fear in his eyes became even stronger.

Master Void’s body landed on the ground. His face was pale and he was in a miserable state. His eyes were filled with frustration!

“Only a sliver more! Only sliver more, ah!” Master Void clenched his fist. The pain from his body and having half of his origin soul destroyed caused his cultivation level to fall greatly. The hope he had when he was about to comprehend the source origin followed by the irreconcilable disappointment caused him to let out a roar.

However, he was someone who had cultivated for countless years. After letting out a roar, he calmed down and even more intense killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“That child is far too cunning; he is also bold and decisive. I must not allow him to become the future Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor! In order to kill him, I’m willing to risk having my first Heaven’s Blight arrive 3,000 years early to use this chance to kill him and seize the source origin!”

The shock in the beautiful woman’s heart was no less intense than that of the man in black or Master Void. In fact, because she knew more, she was even more shocked than the other two.

What shocked her beside Wang Lin’s source origin was that iron sword! She had only heard of powerful treasures like this once in her life.

She remembered back in the Brilliant Void Realm, when the elders were talking about treasures in the world, they once said this one thing. Although the treasures in the world were split into Spirit, Mysterious, Celestial, Void, and Nirvana, they weren’t the only five types. There were treasures even above those five ranks, but the even the elder talking about it had only encountered Nirvana level treasures.

There were many Spirit and Mysterious treasures; most treasures used by first step cultivators were within these two ranks. There were also some first step cultivators with Celestial treasures.

However, for second step cultivators, Celestial treasures weren’t strong enough to meet their requirements. For Nirvana Shatterer old monsters, unless the celestial treasure was of top quality, then it was often not as useful as celestial spells.

At this time, these Nirvana Shatterer old monsters would search for a higher rank of treasure. Ignoring the commonly used Celestial treasures of the ancient refiners, they looked for treasures that dated back to even older times. The relics from those ancient times were Void treasures!

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