Chapter 1046 - Master Void’s Killing Intent

Chapter 1046 - Master Void’s Killing Intent

Wang Lin moved forward like a meteor, and along the way, he passed countless restrictions. He moved toward the black fog at the center according to the map.

The man in black wasn’t any slower than Wang Lin. He stared at Wang Lin’s feet and moved in the exact same path closely behind Wang Lin.

Behind them was the beautiful woman. She was a powerful cultivator, so she soon made a choice. Seeing Wang Lin and the man in black leaving in such haste, she clenched her teeth and quickly followed.

However, although the beautiful woman understood restrictions, she wasn’t as good as Wang Lin. Adding the fact that she was lagging behind, she was soon blocked by some restrictions.

The angry roar from the distance came closer and closer. There were also popping sounds that were obviously from restrictions being broken. Wang Lin moved even faster and jumped into the air before a pavilion. Flashes of restriction came from the pavilion, and the light filled the area as if it wanted to stop Wang Lin from advancing.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his body took seven steps to the right at an unimaginable angle. After these seven steps, his body had already sunk into the restrictions in the pavilion and then he penetrated through them in a flash.

Behind him, the man in black followed closely. The man in black stepped exactly as Wang Lin did and unexpectedly got through the restrictions as well.

As for the beautiful woman, when she broke through the restrictions and got here, she could only helplessly look at Wang Lin and the man in black move far away. She could not break the restrictions before in a short period of time.

Just at this moment, the angry roar echoed violently behind her and entered her ears. At the same time, the restrictions behind her trembled and all collapsed as a red shadow rushed out.

The beautiful woman sucked in a breath of cold air. She had never seen this human figure before, but she felt a powerful sense of crisis shroud her body.

That human figure’s cold gaze was filled with anger. It let out a roar and charged straight at the beautiful woman. It lifted its right hand and was about to claw at her.

However, just at this moment, a roar echoed.

“You damn beast, you dare!?” As the roar came, a ripple appeared before the beautiful woman and spread out. The beautiful woman was pushed back and the human figure was also knocked back by the impact.

A blue figure came from the distance. He looked old, but his eyes shined brightly. It was Master Void!

Master Void was also shocked greatly. He had long since broken out from the restriction he was sent into from the collapse of the Celestial Burial Pool. He had circled around the first floor for a long time and had quite a good harvest. However, when that angry roar echoed, his mind trembled.

He quickly followed the roar and saw the beautiful woman in danger.

He was related to the power the beautiful woman belonged to, so he couldn’t just stand by and not help. After using a spell to knock the human figure away, he took the beautiful woman and charged into the restrictions in the pavilion with his powerful cultivation.

The restrictions flashed violently above the pavilion, but as Master Void crashed through, they immediately collapsed. Master Void took the beautiful woman and charged ahead.

The human figure looked at Master Void, then it let out a roar and chased after him.

Along the way, Wang Lin quickly rushed through several restrictions without touching any of them. Soon, he closed in on the black fog in the center of the floor.

This black fog was very strange; it was filled with devilish energy. However, with the roar closing in behind him, Wang Lin didn’t have time to think before he stepped into the black fog.

The man in black’s pupils shrank, but he also entered without hesitation after Wang Lin.

The man in black followed Wang Lin while maintaining a certain distance and slowly said, “The devilish energy here is strong; it is best for Fellow Cultivator Wang to be careful.

“Also, can Fellow Cultivator Wang give me an explanation on the thing chasing us?”

“That is a beast from the Celestial Burial Pool!” Wang Lin said one line as he moved like lightning within the black fog toward the palace.

This palace was very large, far larger than any of the pavilions. Looking at it from the outside, it was filled pressure, and the dark fog gave off an eerie feeling. It was like a fierce beast coldly staring at the small cultivator at its feet.

When standing inside the hall, if one looked up, they would see just how large the palace was. There was a gap in the gate to the palace. Although the gap was small, it was enough for 10 people to go in at once.

Wang Lin moved like lightning. When he got close, he directly entered the door and stepped into the palace on the first floor of the Celestial Emperor Cave!

The moment Wang Lin entered the palace, he was startled for a moment.

There were two huge statues inside the hall. Both were forming a seal and seemed to be pointing at the void with glaring eyes. The statues gave off a powerful pressure, as if the heavens’ might filled the hall. This sight would shock the mind of anyone who saw it.

Staring at the statues, Wang Lin took a deep breath and quickly recovered. He had a similar experience with the Flower Imperial Concubine, so although he was shocked, it wasn’t too much.

Wang Lin’s gaze quickly swept the hall, but he didn’t find the entrance to the second floor.

At this moment, the man in black also entered. When he saw the two large statues, he was startled, and the black dragon mark between his eyebrows instantly appeared.

Wang Lin’s pupils suddenly shrank as he stared at the dragon mark between the man in black’s eyebrows. However, he quickly withdrew his gaze and didn’t reveal anything in his expression.

The man in black recovered in an instant. The moment he recovered, his expression became gloomy and he looked at Wang Lin. When he saw that Wang Lin wasn’t looking toward him, he couldn’t help but frown.

He knew that his secret had appeared for an instant; he just wasn’t sure if Wang Lin had noticed it.

Just at this moment, a rumbling sound came from the hall. It was obvious the restrictions were being forced open by someone. Master Void brought the beautiful woman and entered the hall.

The moment he entered, even he was startled by the two statues, but quickly he recovered. Unless you were carefully observing, it would be impossible to see that pause from Master Void.

As for the beautiful woman next to him, confusion filled her eyes. However, with the help of Master Void, she quickly returned to normal.

As soon as Master Void saw Wang Lin, killing intent filled his eyes. Just as he was about to step forward, the roar from outside the hall got closer.

The beautiful woman’s face was a bit pale. When she saw Wang Lin, she quickly said, “Wang Lin, what did you do to cause that human-shaped thing to pursue you all the way here?”

After experiencing the danger from before, the beautiful woman broke down all pretense with Wang Lin. She no longer called him “fellow cultivator” and instead directly called his name.

Wang Lin had already searched the entire hall. Although he had not found the entrance to the second floor, his eyes fell on the two statues, and he had some guesses. After hearing the beautiful woman’s words, his eyes lit up and he calmly said, “How do you know it was me who attracted that human-like thing?” As Wang Lin spoke, he retreated back a few steps toward the statues as if he was afraid of the beautiful woman suddenly attacking him.

The beautiful woman angrily said, “If it wasn’t because of you, then why did you head straight for this place the moment you heard that roar?!”

“That human-like thing is a beast that was buried under the Celestial Burial Pool. When I left the restriction, I encountered it. After I fought it and found I was no match, I ran. Should I have not escaped and allowed it kill me?” As Wang Lin spoke, he retreated a few more steps, and he was almost next to the statues. His hand was on his bag, but his gaze was not on the beautiful woman. Instead, it was on Master Void.

Master Void’s power was too much pressure on Wang Lin!

Even though he had reached the peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage and had an ancient god body, he was no match for Master Void. After all, Master Void was a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator!

The beautiful woman let out a cold snort. She was about to speak, but Master Void interrupted as he stepped toward Wang Lin and slowly said, “Junior, I don’t care if it is your fault or not; there is no need to explain. I will give you one chance. Go outside and lure away the human-like thing!”

Although Master Void’s words sounded calm, but they contained a spell. Along with that step, a ripple spread between him and Wang Lin. However, it wasn’t just one invisible ripple, countless invisible ripples had appeared.

The ripples appeared very quickly. The moment they appeared, they released the power of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. They moved at an unimaginable speed toward Wang Lin’s chest.

Just at this instant, a flash of blue light came from Wang Lin’s right eye and the azure light shield appeared before him. The ripples collided with the shield, and there was an earth-shattering explosion before him.

The azure light shield wasn’t able to resist at all and was pushed back into Wang Lin’s chest. Crackling sounds came from Wang Lin’s body as he coughed out blood and flew back like a kite with a broken string.

As the azure light shield was being pushed back, a ripple entered his body. The ripple was extremely powerful, and it frantically tried to tear Wang Lin’s meridians apart. This unimaginable force charged directly through Wang Lin’s body in an attempt to destroy his body and origin soul.

All of this happened too fast and finished in an instant. So fast that even the beautiful woman was startled and the man in black’s pupils shrank.

The moment Wang Lin’s body was mercilessly pushed back, Master Void was surprised. Although that attack just now wasn’t his full power, it could have easily killed a Nirvana Scryer cultivator!

He thought that with that attack, the possible future Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor would surely die and the Vermillion Bird would die with it.

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