Chapter 1038 - Peak of Nirvana Scryer

Chapter 1038 - Peak of Nirvana Scryer

The ancient Vermillion Bird Divine Sect seemed to have become a myth. These four words didn’t even exist in the minds of some cultivators.

The Four Divine Sect had faded away for far too long. Their former glory had become a memory of the past, and even that gradually disappeared with the passage of time.

Only a few powerful cultivators still retained respect for the Four Divine Sect in their memories. They would tremble from the bottom of their hearts when they hear the name “Four Divine Sect.”

The Four Divine Sect was even more powerful and mysterious than the current Cultivation Alliance. Even the Brilliant Void Realm dreaded the Four Divine Sect.

As a result, they teamed up with the Cultivation Alliance. After many conspiracies, they were able to bring the Four Divine Sect to their weakest point.

The most powerful Azure Dragon Divine Emperor went missing and the news of the most feared Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor entering his third Heaven’s Blight was leaked. This opened the Four Divine Sect for an unprecedented crisis!

Nevertheless, the Four Divine Sect was still strong enough to fight against the Cultivation Alliance, and they didn’t fear the Brilliant Void Realm. After all, for various reasons, the Brilliant Void Realm could only help in secret. Even if they stepped out, the Four Divine Sect could activated the Four Divine Treasures and put up a fight.

However, at the most critical moment of the Four Divine Sect’s battle against the Alliance, a heaven-shaking event occurred that eventually caused the Four Divine Sect to finally decline!

The Black Tortoise Divine Emperor, his three major disciples, and a majority of his sect betrayed the Four Divine Sect! Not only this, but during the betrayal, he sneak-attacked the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. Although he ultimately failed, he caused the third Heaven’s Blight, which the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor was suppressing to erupt.

This kind of thing was completely unbelievable for the Four Divine Sect, who relied on bloodline inheritances. The betrayal of the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor and a majority of his sect caused an unimaginable change to this war.

Originally, with the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor missing, the ancient Four Divine Treasures lost a lot of their power. Now that the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor had betrayed the Four Divine Sect, the power of the Four Divine Treasures weakened even more.

Even until now, no one knew why the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor, who was one of the four divine emperors, betrayed the Four Divine Sect. This whole thing was an unsolved mystery.

The betrayal of the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor strengthened the Cultivation Alliance. That battle shook the entire star system and left bloody corpses everywhere.

However, the Cultivation Alliance still underestimated the Four Divine Sect. After the betrayal, the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor risked failing his third Heaven’s Blight and filled the stars with a sea of flames. He then split into 10 avatars and launched a crazy counter attack.

This battle was a tragedy. The few cultivators that survived would shiver every time they remembered it.

In the end, the Four Divine Sect was defeated. The Brilliant Void Realm broke the promise they had made countless years ago to not get involved in the battle and openly joined the fight. The original intention was to completely wipe out the Four Divine Sect.

However, even they underestimated the Four Divine Sect. The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor lost eight avatars and his original body almost collapsed, leaving behind only a trace of will.

The Azure Dragon Divine Sect suffered heavy casualties; only one or two out of every 10 members survived! The Black Tortoise Divine Sect almost collapsed!

The White Tiger Divine Emperor killed many of the Alliance’s first group of elders and many people from the Brilliant Void Realm. Even in the end, when he died, his body didn’t collapse but stood there, blocking the Cultivation Alliance’s army. The monstrous killing intent he released shocked countless people and made it so none of them dared to move forward.

This tragic war ended here, and it cOULD be said that both sides suffered greatly. The Four Divine Sect lost, but the Cultivation Alliance’s strength also suffered greatly. Even the Brilliant Void Realm had to stop their plans to completely wipe out the Four Divine Sect. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but if they continued, then the price for winning was not something the Alliance or the Brilliant Void Realm could withstand.

After all, there was still the rumor Four Divine Treasures that could split the heavens. If they really forced the Four Divine Sect into a desperate situation, the Four Divine Sect could easily sacrifice the entire sect to take them down with them.

From then on, the Four Divine Sect disappeared without a trace. In these tens of thousands of years, they almost never appeared, and even when they did, they only occupied a small number of planets.  In such a way, they also integrated into the Alliance; planet Suzaku was a good example.

However, the appearance of a Vermillion bird hundreds of thousands of kilometers large among the stars clearly signalled that the Four Divine Sect would surge within the star system once more!

Along the way, even the meteors that flew by were burned to ashes by the Vermillion Bird. This shocked many Alliance cultivators, and they began to speculate.

Even Allheaven immediately obtained information about the appearance of the Vermillion Bird. When Master Flamespark heard the news, he immediately began to laugh.

The war that Allheaven had put on hold had begun once more on a large scale. They used the northern region as a base and swept forward.

Even more Allheaven cultivators came from Allheaven. Almost all of cultivators in Allheaven were pulled out to attack the Alliance in full force!

Wang Lin didn’t know about any of this. At this moment, he was sitting in the hole, cultivating with his eyes closed. Every now and then, he would take out an origin soul to devour. Fortunately, he had enough origin souls inside his bag for him to devour.

The origin energy inside his body cycled faster and faster. A powerful aura surrounded his body and swept the area like a storm.

The cave he was in wasn’t big, and countless cracks appeared within the storm and large amounts of gravel fell off the walls. But Wang Lin wasn’t aware of any of this. He had reached a critical moment in his breakthrough.

Before any gravel could land on him, there would a flash of silver light. It was the silver female corpse shattering all of them.

Endless origin energy came from the origin souls Wang Lin devoured, and the origin energy gathered inside Wang Lin’s origin soul like crazy. If it was before the Vermillion Bird awakening and his origin energy didn’t contain the holy flame, then he would have already broken through.

However, Wang Lin’s origin energy contained flames, so the origin energy he devoured had to be altered. It was refined inside his origin soul.

Although it was more troublesome, once it succeeds, Wang Lin’s strength will increase several fold.

Large amounts of origin energy changed to contain powerful flames, causing Wang Lin’s body to release large amounts of heat as the origin energy cycled through his body. The sides of the cave turned red and collapsed. It was as if these rocks had been buried inside a volcano for a long time and contained extreme heat.

The silver female corpse frowned, but she didn’t move even half a step.

As his aura grew stronger and stronger, the origin energy storm from his body also became stronger. A loud rumble shook the cave and caused a widespread collapse.

The ground Wang Lin was sitting on suddenly cracked. As the floor gave out, Wang Lin fell down. The storm around him kicked away all the fallen gravel. Right now, Wang Lin’s storm was like a drill digging down.

The silver female corpse followed Wang Lin as a ray of silver light. The high heat flowed into her face, causing her pale face to turn slightly more red. She didn’t blink and always kept her eyes on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s body continued to sink, then he suddenly opened his eyes. Two beams of flames came out from his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, the storm around him reached a peak and swept the area. Then the aura of a late stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator spread out.

This powerful feeling made him feel as if he controlled the world. At this moment, he felt as if he could destroy the world with one spell. Everything he saw changed; everything before him seemed to be made of strings.

This was the law within his eyes!

After reaching the second step, one had to scry the laws. Once one had reached a certain point, they would be able to reach the peak of Nirvana Scryer.

“I’ve broken through!” Wang Lin took a deep breath. Just reaching the late state of Nirvana Scryer was not enough for him. After his domain evolved and he reached the late stage Nirvana Scryer, he felt like there was still some room. He only needed enough origin energy to reach the peak of the late stage of Nirvana Scryer!

Wang Lin’s eyes shined. He had no time to check himself, so he just devoured all the origin souls inside his body. At this moment, his late stage Nirvana Scryer energy was altered to contain flames and became much stronger.

The origin energy inside Wang Lin’s body continued to transform, and Wang Lin’s body temperature gradually rose. The Vermillion Bird Tattoo charged out of his body and circled around him.

The cries of the Vermillion Bird echoed. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he began to frown.

“Just a bit more…”

While pondering, Wang Lin’s body flickered and his avatar walked out. Now there were two Wang Lins. The original body sat down and, due to being separated from the avatar, his monstrous killing intent filled the area.

The avatar had a calm face. After he left the original body, he stepped out from the cave. He floated in the air and the Vermillion Bird quickly hovered over him. Wang Lin took a deep breath and the origin energy inside his body reached a peak. A ball of flames lit up in his left eye, and his right eye contained a blue ball of thunder.

Then his origin soul flew out from between his eyebrows. The ancient thunder dragon’s roar that could control all thunder echoed inside the pit.

At this moment, the way Wang Lin saw the world changed drastically.

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