Chapter 1026 - Qing Lin, You Lied to Me

Chapter 1026 - Qing Lin, You Lied to Me

Ta Shan closed in on the woman, but his eyes were still cold. Although as a Celestial Guard he still had his consciousness, all his emotions were gone, leaving him with only indifference.

The woman raised her hand and gently placed it between Ta Shan’s eyebrows. A powerful surge of energy entered and shattered the Celestial Guard seal.

In addition, as Ta Shan trembled, large amounts of golden liquid came out of Ta Shan’s body. This golden liquid contained all the refined magical treasures that were used to refine Ta Shan’s body.

In just a moment, all traces of the Celestial Guard seal on Ta Shan were gone. This kind of forceful removal of the Celestial Guard seal made Wang Lin’s scalp tingle. Luckily, he only controlled the Celestial Guard seal through force, so even if it was destroyed, he wouldn’t be affected.

After losing the Celestial Guard seal, Ta Shan’s eyes began to gradually fade. He was already on the verge of death back then, and if it wasn’t for Wang Lin refining him, he would have already died.

Now that the Celestial Guard seal was gone, Ta Shan was filled with death aura. However, how could this woman allow Ta Shan to die? She raised her right hand and began drawing between Ta Shan’s eyebrows with the tip of her finger. One stroke, one stroke, one stroke!

A complex tattoo was gradually formed by her fingertip and was engraved deeply between Ta Shan’s eyebrows.

“As your Tattoo clan’s Holy Ancestor, I activate your clan spirit and gift you the Tattoo clan’s Holy Tattoo…” The woman’s voice sounded tired. The moment she drew the last stroke, the rune flashed and Ta Shan’s eyes lit up. His body no longer trembled and he had calmed down. He looked at the woman before him with eyes filled with confusion.

When the woman was carving the new tattoo on Ta Shan, she looked through his memories without reservation. She saw how Ta Shan’s clan had lived inside the Nether Beast and were sacrificed to the celestials. How the celestials had branded them with a slave imprint. How Wang Lin had appeared and taken them out of the Nether Beast to find a new place to live.

She had seen all of this.

When she saw the slave imprint affecting generations of the Tattoo clan, even more black blood flowed out from her empty eye sockets!

“Qing Lin… You lied to me!!!” The woman raised her head and let out a sharp scream filled with anger. This sound was extremely venomous, and the Celestial Burial Vortex below her suddenly became even more intense. The howling of countless souls could be heard from within the vortex.

As the vortex rotated rapidly, endless evil aura rushed out of vortex until it was about to collapse. The woman had an ugly expression and was filled with unimaginable resentment. It was as if all the years of resentment that had been suppressed within her were going to erupt.

As her scream echoed, the vortex seemed like it was about to be pulled up. However, just at this moment, the red tendon wrapped around her leg shined bright red. The red light seemed to cover her body and locked her in place.

However, the unimaginable resentment that had been sealed for countless years and the anger from after realizing Qing Lin had lied to her caused the light restricting her to immediately collapse!

She raised her right and mercilessly clawed at the vortex below her!

With one claw, the earth trembled and even the vortex trembled. Even the Celestial Emperor Cave trembled as if it was about to collapse!

The vortex formed by the Celestial Burial Pool began to tremble and disintegrate after her claw. It was as if the vortex was torn apart, and it began gathering in the woman’s right hand.

It was as if the woman was going to pull the vortex out from the ground! 

This drastic change caused the surroundings to change greatly. The All-Seer silently looked at everything, and his expression became slightly gloomy. Master Void revealed a wry smile and shook his head. He had seen the records from the Celestial Realm and knew a few things about the past. Rumors stated that she had died, but after seeing that she was still alive, he made some connections and guessed what had happened back then.

“You lied to me. You promised me you wouldn’t harm my clan and would open up a new star system for them to live in. Then your celestials and my clan could live together. Those were things you promised me. Qing Lin, why did you lie to me!?!”

Her mournful voice echoed and was filled with resentment. As her right hand continued to claw, the vortex continued to collapse. As it shrank, it revealed the abyss below, and the vortex gathered in the woman’s right hand.

Countless souls flew out. A majority of those souls were celestials Qing Lin had killed. Now they filled the area, and it was a shocking sight to behold.

The red tendon shinned even brighter and layers of red light surrounded her. However, just as the light surrounded her, it would collapse!

Just at this moment, countless runes appeared on the red tendon. Just as the runes appeared, it released a crystal light that floated off from the red tendon. The countless specks of crystal light gathered before the woman and formed an ethereal figure!

This person’s body was half-transparent, but he was a middle-aged man. He wore a golden robe and his long hair was tied with a yellow ribbon. He looked very handsome and gave off the aura of a celestial.

His eyes revealed a ruthless and cold gaze, but there was no spirit in his eyes at all.

The moment his shadow appeared, an aura that made it feel like only he could rule the world appeared. At this moment, even the expressions of powerful people like the All-Seer changed! Countless avatars of himself began to appear around him. He didn’t do this of his own will, it was due to the the shock caused by this aura!

“He was even stronger than that person!!” The All-Seer sucked in a breath of cold air and fear filled his eyes. He was only ever shocked like this once, and it was before that person back then!

When Wang Lin saw this person, he immediately gasped and his pupils shrank. He immediately recognized that this person looked exactly the same as the carving of Qing Lin back with the Flower Celestial!

“Qing Lin!”

“This isn’t the real Qing Lin, just a divine sense avatar he left when he sealed the Tattoo clan’s Holy Ancestor. It has no intelligence, no memories, and no spells like his original body. He only has the instinct to stop this Tattoo clan Holy ancestor from escaping!” Master Void’s mind was shaken. At his cultivation level, he could affect the law of the world to a certain degree. However, when he saw this figure, he felt like he was a mortal again; so weak, he could perish to a mere breath.

At this moment, far away from the Demon Spirit Land and outside of the Alliance controlled area was a burning star system. The moment Wang Lin walked out of the bottle world after his awakening, a shocking event occurred in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect!

Everything was because of the Vermillion Bird awakening!

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