Chapter 1012 - Celestial Cave Opens

Chapter 1012 - Celestial Cave Opens

“Qing Lin planned this well… I didn’t expect such a big change to occur when the cave was opened… If I hadn’t absorbed the other ancient demon spirit, I would’ve been completely suppressed right now!

“However, none of this matters now. Even if the Demon Spirit Land returns back to what it was, it doesn’t matter! Now that the cave is open, I’ll succeed this time!

“Ancient Devil, Celestial Emperor, I, Bei Lou am coming!” The ancient demon revealed a ferocious expression as he rushed out of the pool of water in a ray of demonic light.

The celestial spiritual energy swept by him, but when it got close to him, it was absorbed by the demonic light around him and increased his demonic energy.

In the underground cavern under a demon country in the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm, Yao Xixue raised her head the moment the celestial spiritual energy swept by. The moment she felt the celestial spiritual energy, her body trembled. Then her eyes released a ghostly glow and a powerful demonic energy surrounded her.

The demonic energy formed a large vortex that absorbed all the celestial spiritual energy around her. The celestial spiritual energy was crushed and absorbed.

Yao Xixue’s body flickered and disappeared. When she reappeared, she was floating in the air. Her entire body gave off a powerful demonic aura that covered up her appearance, but her cold aura was still strong.

After pausing for a moment, she turned into a ray of demonic light and charged ahead.

There was another place that was spared from the celestial spiritual energy. That was the Fire Demon Country, where the Soul Refining Sect was!

The celestial spiritual energy flew by the statue of Wang Lin within the depths of the Soul Refining Sect. The celestial spiritual energy tried to dissipate the demonic energy inside, but a sharp cry came out from within the statue.

The moment the celestial spiritual energy arrived, the millions of Soul Refining Sect disciples felt the anxiety within the cry. Without anyone taking charge, almost all of the disciples took out their soul flags. Countless soul fragments appeared and formed a protective layer around the stone statue.

The entire capital of the Soul Refining Sect was surrounded by countless soul fragments that whistled to confront the celestial spiritual energy. However, the celestial spiritual energy was too powerful, and the Soul Refining Sect was like a lonely boat floating among angry waves.

The millions of Soul Refining Sect disciples were filled with fear, but they clenched their teeth and held on!

Just at this moment, a portion of the celestial spiritual energy changed as if it had its own will. Not only did it not attack, it formed a vortex to help the Soul Refining Sect resist the other three portions of celestial spiritual energy.

The three portions of celestial spiritual energy didn’t attack by force and instead went around.

The vortex around the Soul Refining Sect quickly stopped and fused back with the other three to sweep across the world.

When the celestial spiritual energy filled the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm, the four pillars shined brightly, causing the land to be enveloped in light.

The four pillars of light were connected by the light as if a layer of protection was woven above the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm.

The Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm of the past activated its own protection formation once more!

At this instant, as the light filled the sky and the protection formation was reactivated, a big change occurred in the center of the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm. There was an endless mountain range in the center of the four pillars.

The earth shook, large amounts of the mountain fell off, and dust flew into the air. From a distance, everything was covered by dust.

Purple light came from one of the mountains that were collapsing, revealing a purple dragon. The purple dragon let out a roar and the remaining mountains crumbled.

The purple dragon rose into the air and let out a heaven-shaking dragon roar! This dragon was extremely dignified and revealed an extremely cold gaze.

After it appeared, another mountain ranged collapsed and a second purple dragon appeared. Then more mountains collapsed and other purple dragons appeared one by one. In the end, there were nine purple dragons in the sky, and they let out a dragon roar that seemed to last forever.

These nine purple dragons intersected with each other, and as the purple light flashed, they formed a formation. The moment this formation was formed, the celestial spiritual energy within the area exploded greatly.

The Nine Dragon Formation floated in the air and flashed a violet glow. It could even be seen from a distance, and it gave off a purple glow.

The sky outside the formation twisted and then three people walked out. They were Ling Tianhou, the middle-aged man in purple, and between them was Master Void. He opened his eyes and they shined brightly.

Shortly after the three of them appeared, the space before them twisted and another person walked out.

The moment this person appeared, Ling Tianhou’s eyes became fierce. Master Void also raised his head to look at the All-Seer.

The All-Seer’s expression was normal as he looked at Master Void and calmly said, “All-Seer greets Fellow Cultivator Void.”

Master Void faintly smiled and nodded. “Ling Tianhou invited me, so this old man came to see.”

The All-Seer looked at the Nine Dragon Formation and calmly said, “I wasn’t confident with just my strength, but since Fellow Cultivator Void is here, there should be no problem with this trip!”

As the two spoke, two different distortions in space appeared on the opposite sides of the formation. It was the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple and Wang Lin.

An illusionary figure followed the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple. Behind Wang Lin was Situ Nan, Master Hollow Wind, and company. When the two sides appeared, they began to gauge the other.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, the figure behind Wang Wei trembled as he carefully looked at Wang Lin. His eyes revealed regret and gratification.

Wang Lin’s gaze landed on the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple. He had seen them before, but he didn’t know them. However, he immediately recognized the shadow behind them as Zhou Yi!

Wang Wei looked at Wang Lin with interest and smiled. “You’re Wang Lin, the one who took the key to the fourth cave?”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but his eyes were filled with caution. He couldn’t see through the cultivation of his man before him, and the woman beside this man also had a cultivation he couldn’t see through.

“Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple!” Wang Lin once heard about this cultivation couple form Yao Xixue. After they took control of a cave, they never left. These two had to be that cultivation couple.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I am.”

Hu Juan, who was next to Wang Wei, smiled at Wang Wei. “You lost our bet from back then.”

Wang Wei smiled and nodded, then he smiled at Wang Lin. “Was the restriction at the entrance to the Tide Abyss at the Fire Demon Country placed by you?” As Wang Wei spoke, he waved his hand and a blade of grass appeared.

The moment Wang Lin saw the grass, he recognized it as a restriction he had placed back then. His expression didn’t change and he nodded.

“The younger generation will surpass us in time. When I was your age, I wasn’t able to place such intricate restrictions.” Wang Wei let out a sigh and his eyes filled with admiration.

“Senior is exaggerating.” As Wang Lin spoke, his gaze seemed to casually sweep by the shadow behind Wang Wei.

The moment Wang Lin’s gaze swept by, Zhou Yi’s eyes flashed faintly.

Wang Lin immediately understood.

Just at this moment, several rays of light came from the distance. The one in front was the beautiful middle-aged woman. Behind her were her four disciples, including Qian Qin and the one that could be the next Brilliant Void Saintress.

The beautiful woman arrived and looked around. First she greeted the All-Seer, then she carefully looked at the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple, and then gave a friendly nod toward Wang Lin. Finally, she arrived next to Master Void.

The All-Seer’s expression was normal, but he frowned.

Two old men arrived after the beautiful woman. It was the old man sitting on the gourd and the man in black. The old man on the gourd looked at everyone. When he saw the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple, his pupils shrank, and after pondering for a moment, he arrived next to the All-Seer.

As for the man in black, he didn’t speak and stood next to Wang Lin and company.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he looked at the man in black. Wang Lin hadn’t even talked to this person once, but he vaguely felt that this person had a cold and arrogant personality and that he didn’t like to be close to people.

The man in black looked at Wang Lin and spoke for the first time. “Take me in.”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and nodded.

The Nine Dragon Formation slowly rotated under the purple light. However, at this moment, a powerful demonic flame charged toward here.

In an instant, the demonic flame arrived and turned into a human figure. However, it was surrounded by demonic energy, making it impossible to clearly see the person’s face. It was even impossible to tell if they were male or female.

However, the moment this figure appeared Wang Lin suddenly looked over. At this moment, the demonic figure also looked at Wang Lin. Its eyes revealed a powerful sense of hatred, and this person gazed straight at Wang Lin like a sword.

However, this person suddenly withdrew their gaze and stood next to the All-Seer.

The All-Seer was neutral as he nodded. However, his gaze fell in the distance, and this time there was a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

A bold young man in red slowly walked in from the distance. He was very handsome and revealed a demonic sense of beauty.

His head was completely smooth without a strand of hair. There was celestial spiritual energy surrounding him. He first looked at Wang Lin and smiled. “Little Brother Wang, I came late.”

“Bei Lou…” Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he nodded. “You’re not late, this is a good time.”

The appearance of the the bald-headed young man caused Master Void’s pupils to shrink. There was a flash of coldness in the eyes of the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple.

Only the All-Seer gradually revealed a smile.

The Nine Dragon Formation activated and celestial spiritual energy filled the area. As the nine purple dragons moved and roared, there was an intense flash of purple light that covered the surrounding 50 kilometer area.

The light quickly passed, and everyone’s figures disappeared.

The fifth cave had opened!

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