Chapter 1011 - Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm

Chapter 1011 - Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm

There was a vast plain in the northern part of the Demon Spirit Land. At this moment, a mysterious change occurred in the sky above the plain.

The clouds began to gather from all directions, covered the sky in a sea of clouds. There were whistling sounds coming from the sky in the distance. Then a pillar of light came out from the plain.

This pillar seemed to support the sky of the Demon Spirit Land, and a thunderous rumble came from it. As it continued to rise, a large amount of ripples carrying powerful impacts spread out and caused the clouds to retreat.

As a result, this pillar of light pierced through the heavens. It turned into rings of light that slowly spread across the sky.

The moment the pillar of light appeared, rich celestial spiritual energy spread out and covered almost 30% of the Demon Spirit Land.

There were a few ugly, black birds that flew by and were swept by the celestial spiritual energy by coincidence. The black birds’ bodies trembled and then large amounts of black gas came out from their bodies and dissipated.

After the black gas was gone, the black birds suddenly changed into white cranes. They let out joyful cries and their eyes filled with intelligence as they flew away in a beautiful arc.

The Demon Spirit Land was filled with demonic energy, which was the source of energy for the inhabitants to cultivate. At this moment, a shocking scene unfolded in the sky.

The demonic energy that filled the Demon Spirit Land collided with the celestial spiritual energy that appeared. There were fierce collisions as, like fire and water, the two wouldn’t mix, causing a strange change to occur.

However, the demonic energy here was too strong and the celestial spiritual energy from one pillar wasn’t enough. It was soon suppressed by the surrounding demonic energy.

However, as even more celestial spiritual energy came out from the pillar, it was finally able to cover the surrounding 50 kilometers. There was enough celestial spiritual energy to prevent the demonic energy from suppressing it completely.

Everything in the 50 kilometers space was filled with celestial spiritual energy, while the outside was full of demonic energy. A balance was reached where celestial spiritual energy couldn’t expand but demonic energy couldn’t invade.

Just at this moment, Ling Tianhou, the middle-aged man in purple, and the famous Master Void were sitting in the center of the formation in the third cave.

Ling Tianhou’s eyes opened and shined brightly. Without hesitation, his right hand reached out and a crack appeared. Large amounts of green smoke came out of the crack and the key to the cave slowly appeared.

“It only took him seven days to open the forth cave. I had already overestimated Wang Lin, but it seems I was still still looking down on him… I spent nearly one month opening the third cave…” Ling Tianhou pondered as his right pointed at the black stone at the center of the formation below him.

The smoke immediately surrounded the black stone and went inside it.

Then the black stone trembled and the formation activated!

In western part of the Demon Spirit Land, the land that belonged to the Spirit Demon Country.  At this moment, the sky changed colors and a pillar of light shot up into the air! As the pillar of light shot up, waves of impacts began to spread outwards endlessly.

The pillar shot into the sky along with a loud rumble. Dense celestial spiritual energy spread out and began another collision with the demonic energy in the Demon Spirit Land.

At this moment, the pillars from the north and west seemed to resonate with each other as they flashed violently. Their power increased as they attempted to break the 50 kilometer barrier and expand outward!

At the same time, another pillar of light shot into the sky in the south. Even more celestial spiritual energy erupted, and another battle between celestial and demonic energy began!

The All-Seer was sitting inside the second cave, looking at the formation with a calm gaze. However, there was an strange, almost indiscernible light that flashed across his eyes.

“Seven days…” The All-Seer silently pondered. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking or feeling.

Three pillars of light appeared one after another in the Demon Spirit Land, attracting the attention of the powerhouses in the Demon Spirit Land. The drastic change in demonic energy caused them to panic.

The Demon Spirit Land that hadn’t changed for countless years was undergoing an unimaginable change when the three pillars of light appeared!

The celestial spiritual energy that spread out from the three pillars seem to begin three battles against the demonic energy. Aside from the east, the rest of the sky above the Demon Spirit Land was filled with colorful lights.

However, there was simply too much demonic energy that had gathered over the countless years. As a result, the celestial spiritual energy of the three pillars wasn’t enough to shake the Demon Spirit Land.

Inside the first cave, the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Pair quietly stood within the large formation. Although Wang Wei looked calm, there was a hint of unsuppressable excitement in his eyes.

He took a deep breath and muttered, “This day… The day we waited for has finally arrived…”

Hu Juan stood beside him, holding Wang Wei’s hand, and softly said, “We will succeed this time.”

“We planned for so long; we must succeed this time!” Wang Wei nodded.

There was a purple shadow behind them. It gave off a fierce aura and vaguely revealed an aura Wang Lin would be very familiar with.

“The Demon Spirit Land… Who knew that this place used to be called the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm…” Wang Wei let out a sigh and pointed his right hand toward the black stone in the formation. The black stone flashed and the formation activated.

“The demonic energy is like a poison. Today, let its true form reappear!” Wang Wei’s eyes shined brightly.

A pillar of light shot up straight into the sky in the eastern part of the Demon Spirit Land. Along with it, endless celestial spiritual energy spread out.

At this instant the four pillars of light from the east, south, west, and north changed. It was as if they had linked together to form a giant formation!

Large amounts of celestial spiritual energy rushed out, and now it was several times stronger than before. It created a storm of celestial spiritual energy that swept across the Demon Spirit Land.

As the celestial spiritual energy swept across the dark red land it was as if a layer of dust was wiped off revealing the healthy black earth. The various plants sprout new life as the storm swept by.

The celestial storm swept through the dense jungle. The monstrous trees in the demonic jungle trembled and all returned to their original forms as towering trees.

Even some of the monsters inside the jungle trembled when the celestial spiritual energy storm swept by. At this moment, there was a black tiger with a single horn on its head laying low, and its eyes were shining. It was staring ahead with slobber in the corner of its mouth. Before it stood a group of demonic deer. The deer were purple and were tearing each other apart within any hint of being docile.

Just as the black tiger was about to pounce, the celestial spiritual energy storm swept by.

It was as if a storm had swept away all the demonic energy. Without the demonic energy, the ground was no longer red and became green once more. The deer that were biting each other all tembled on the ground. The purple of their bodies faded, revealing their original colors, and they gave off a celestial feeling.

The black tiger that was going to pounce trembled and let out a roar. The horn on its head shattered and its black fur turned white. It was filled with celestial spiritual energy, and then the fierceness was gone and was replaced with intelligence.

As the celestial spiritual energy storm swept by, the demonic jungle changed completely. From a distance, it looked like the Celestial Realm.

Although the river outside the jungle looked clear, it was filled with demonic energy. If one drank it for too long, demonic energy would gather and change their physique.

Even the fishes in the river became strange with the invasion of demonic energy. A fish the size of your palm had sharp teeth that could easily tear mortals to pieces.

However, the moment the celestial spiritual energy swept by, it was as if a layer of fog had swept by. The river became even more clear and gave off a refreshing feeling. Even the water itself contained a hint of dry sweetness.

The fishes inside trembled and changed from their hideous appearances into very colorful appearances. Then the fishes began playing inside the river

If you looked from above, you would clearly see that the entire Demon Spirit Land was changing as the celestial spiritual energy swept by.

It was as if the world should be like this, but something that happened countless years ago caused this place to become a demonic land. Now the four pillars of light were releasing celestial spiritual energy that quickly cleansed the demonic energy from this land.

The darkness on the ground melted like snow as light replaced it. The demonic energy that filled the place was quickly pushed away. It was as if the Demon Spirit Land had been covered in a veil of demonic energy and now it was mercilessly removed, exposing its true form!

All the cities and tribes of the Demon Spirit Land were swept by this demonic energy. Every single person’s face was filled with pain as they fell down, unable to stand still.

Demonic energy came out of their bodies and was dissipated by the celestial spiritual energy. All the demonic energy that had been stored up for years was now all gone. Now that they had regained consciousness, there was no longer any demonic energy left inside their bodies. Instead, it was replaced with a refreshing feeling and confusion.

As the four pillars continued to release celestial spiritual energy, it slowly filled the world. As it swept across the land, even the sky brightened up.

All the demonic energy seemed to dissipate under this rich celestial spiritual energy!

From a distance, it was filled with green mountains and clear rives. The cranes flew in the air and the cries of spirit beasts were heard. There were no longer any demonic beasts left!

Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm!

However, there were still a few places where the demonic energy lingered in the restored Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm. No matter how much celestial spiritual energy rushed into the area, the demonic energy wouldn’t move!

In a valley in the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm, there was a pool of water. A demonic face appeared in the pool. He looked at the celestial spiritual energy that had swept by, and his eyes released a demonic glow.

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